How to profit from Facebook 2022 _ 3 rules for profit from Facebook

How to profit from Facebook 2022 _ 3 rules for profit from Facebook

Terms and rules of profit from Facebook

Profiting from Facebook through pages is now available in many countries, and it was clarified on the frichi pro website What are the countries in which the profit-sharing program with Facebook is now available and the conditions that must be available on your page in order to be able to place ad breaks on the videos of your Facebook page so that you can make money from Facebook and you can view these articles at the bottom of this article.

Rules for profit from Facebook "criteria for profit from Facebook"

And in order to make profits from Facebook, you must abide by the rules of profit from Facebook, and Facebook has set 3 rules for profit from Facebook that your page must adhere to. 

Commitment to community standards "Rule One" 

In order to be able to profit from the content of your page, your content must comply with the community standards. Your content must be completely free from graphic violence, nudity and hate speech, because Facebook is keen to be a place where anyone feels safe while preserving freedom of opinion and expression, but Within limits, and your content must also be credible and not provide false information and also respect the privacy of others and not display their personal information There are many other criteria you can see "Facebook Community Standards"

 Profit-making policy for partners "the second rule"

In order for content creators on Facebook to make profit, they must adhere to very important policies called profit-making policies for partners, and we will review them quickly for you.

1- Your content must be published on the public page, not the personal account.

2- Residency in a country eligible for profit from Facebook "List of Eligible Countries".

3- Sharing original content that is not reused even if this is your content (republishing your videos on YouTube on Facebook is considered non-original content, as Facebook wants content specific to Facebook only and there is no third party.

4 - Not to use any sites or services to provide views and followers, the interaction must be the result of a real natural audience.

5- You must follow the community standards and not make fake pages.

 6- Your page must have been created for more than 90 days.

Content Monetization Policy "The Third Rule"

You must follow the content guidelines related to making profit on Facebook, you must stay away from all the prohibited formats announced by Facebook, and the most important of these content that you cannot profit from: 

1- Video clips in a still image, which is the content that depends on a single still image or a group of moving images.

2- Content that was specifically created to request interaction on the video.

3- Rotating content, which depends on repetition and display of the same video, including GIF images. 

4- Content that depends on writing only, such as a video that displays pictures with writing on it.

5- Content that actually contains misleading ads.

All of these content you will not be able to make profit from, and you can also find out more from the Facebook Help Center.

These are in short the three rules for making profit from Facebook. You can also watch the video at the bottom of the article in order to learn how to test your page and find out whether it is eligible for profit or not, as well as how to submit appeals and explain more about the policy of making profit from Facebook, and you can view the previous lessons in the course through Playlist of the profit course from Facebook in the Frichi pro channel.

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