WordPress: Perhaps you have heard a lot about WordPress and are curious to know what is WordPress? If you follow us.


The ways to earn money in all periods differ according to the needs of that period. Nowadays, every person and in order to reach financial independence and earn profit through the Internet has to obtain information about earning via the Internet, and therefore also the business and traditional earning must develop to become earning through the Internet.

All traditional companies need to adapt to people's lives, and change the traditional ways of earning into advanced ones.

Nowadays, in order for all of us to earn a profit online, we need to read on a daily basis about what is new in this field.

Everything about WordPress

WordPress: Having an income earning without the need for experience and capital is an ideal idea for all people, knowing the needs of community members and

Well, if your goal is to start with free lessons, read the article's continuation and learn about the basic premises for building a website
To start creating a website, there are many systems that can manage content, some of which have an advantage over the rest. WordPress is a content management system that consists of a wide range of templates and various layouts that are available to users for free. You can start creating your site online without having experience in Programming by utilizing this system.

WordPress - How do we create a website?

WordPress: In this article, we will explain to you how you can create a website from scratch. So if you go through the stages that we will mention here, you can start creating your site easily.

In fact, you can benefit from three ways to build a website:

 Building the site by building a blog and then installing a domain on it

 Use of site builders (website builders): You need to sign up for these sites and then create your own website

 Take advantage of a CMS content management system such as WordPress, which is actually programs that have many possibilities that they provide you to create different websites with different applications such as (stores, companies,….) If you want to create your own website on the Internet without the help of a programmer, you must use cms

We need some basic components to create a website, which we will explain one by one, and then we will teach you how to create a site from scratch to the end in a practical way and how to manage this system through the WordPress content management system


WordPress: Almost on a daily basis in the internet world, you use the so-called domain domain. Your website must have its own address on the Internet that no one else owns so that your customers (your clients) can access this website by entering its address in the browser. Differentiate between the site and access to each site through its own domain.

So you should strive to choose a name for your website so that it is easy for users to understand, they can remember it quickly and they can search for it easily without a headache.

The name that you will choose for your site will have a prefix (www) and will have a suffix (such as ( , com, org), so the first section for each domain is www and the second section is the domain name (the name that is chosen for the site) and the third section is the domain suffix (com, org……)

Best domain plugin for creating a website (Wordpress)


WordPress: It is interesting to know that most domains are actually two letters abbreviated from the names of countries (such as the abbreviation ¬ United States). In fact, the domain suffix indicates the type of activity of your site, for example, the suffix com, which is an abbreviation of commerce, meaning a commercial site.

For example: If you have a website for a company, it is better to take advantage of the suffix dot com, of course, dot com (.com) in the sense of Commercial and not in the sense of Company! You should note that the domains must be extended on a monthly or yearly basis or purchased.

But pay attention to this point: the domain that you want to vote for must better match the content of your site, because this topic affects the site’s seo. Choosing a field that is proportional to the site can make the site go up, and this will be an incentive to raise the site’s consideration on Google site

Select the appropriate DOMAIN

In order to start creating a good website, first of all, you must register (buy or rent) a suitable domain for your website.

The note that you should pay attention to is that the domains are owned by that, before you register your domain, you must make sure that it is empty (vacant) and they are purchased annually. Title Example You buy a domain for a year or several years after the end of this period. If you do not extend it again, others can buy this domain.

Host or web hosting

The hosting section can be likened to the exact store space, the store space includes space for all the goods and services that you display to the store buyer, the host also contains precisely the content that you can display to site visitors, this content may include the text you are currently reading, the form or image that you have seen At the beginning of this topic or the video clip that you will watch on our website

This information is located on the hard disk of a powerful computer that is always connected to the Internet, and this computer is always working, and we can access this information through the use of the domain.

Now we must put the domain that we purchased on the host or (web host) The host is a specific area on the Internet, where all your site information is placed on this space

Of course, these hosts are also classified into several categories: Shared host. Dedicated host, local hosts, express host, figurative host, free host, cloud host, unlimited strait and aggregation host.

Host types

Hosts are divided into two groups according to the operating system: Windows and Linux. You must use the Control Panel to manage your host (eg file transfer, template installation).

Choosing the right host

WordPress: So, to create a website, you definitely need two things:

 Domain ( domain ) or site name

 host or site space

After you have finished preparing these two things, you must connect the domain to your host through the DNS given to you by the host company.

Hast means the host and a specific area of ​​one of the servers that are always in working condition and are provided for the site. In fact, if you want to own a website, you must be able to keep your site information in a safe space on the Internet, in this way, your site information will be available all over the world.

The web host you choose is very important because it is the space in which your site information is placed, and you have to choose according to the amount and amount of information that you will put on the site, the cost of web hosting services varies according to the features available to you

Hosting cost depends on the space you need

WordPress: For example, the more data storage you want, the higher the cost. There are also free web hosting services that can be used, but given that they are restricted and do not meet the appropriate standards, it is not recommended to take advantage of the host of these sites.
Therefore, when choosing the company you want to buy the host from, you should pay attention carefully, as mentioned above, you must either buy or renew your domain (domain) monthly or annually, and the host is also like the domain you have to extend or buy on a monthly or yearly basis.

WordPress - Host Windows or Linux?
WordPress: The most well-known and popular control panels in Windows are Website Panel, Plesk, and the most well-known and popular control panels in Linux are Cpanel, DirectAdmin.
Sites that are created in php and MYSQL database are also used to create Linux web hosts.
Note that WordPress is developed and expanded in php, so we recommend taking advantage of Linux hosts

Static or mobile (dynamic) website?!
First of all, you have to get acquainted with the types of sites and know which one is better by getting to know their characteristics better so that you can choose what suits your needs well, for this follow with us the following to learn about the types of these sites and their characteristics:
Static (static) sites are more secure than moving (dynamic) sites, of course if dynamic sites are created in terms of thoughtful ways in terms of design and programming, their wish can be high.

But since dynamic sites have a admin panel or content management programs such as WordPress, any changes can be made to them without the need for programming knowledge, and since there is no need to refer to a web designer, part of the cost of updating and making changes is cancelled.
As a result, if your site needs to make a lot of changes, then your site should be of the dynamic type so that you do not lose the cost of paying the web designer and so that you can make these changes yourself easily, but if you create a small site so that it does not need a lot of change actions it is better to Choose the location of the fixed type
There are two ways to create a site that you can use as you like: the first method is content management systems (cms) and the second is the designer and programmer.

Create a website using a content management system
A website that you create using CMS is actually the same as a dynamic or mobile website. If you are a beginner in the field of website creation and want to create a website, we advise you to use content management systems such as WordPress, because the design and development of the website takes a lot of time and is very expensive.

Exactly what is a content management system?

Content management system or what is known as content management system (CMS) is a web content management system, through the use of this system, you can manage your site (text, videos, images and everything else)
By taking advantage of the CMS, you can create your site from scratch to the end without the need to learn programming, as well as without the need to change the programming codes of your site, you can add content to your site and you can easily manage this content on your site.

It should be noted that the features of the CMS include: quick and easy editing of content, powerful editing of website pages, division of content into categories (classification into categories), time savings, reliable and specialized support, it can be noted that WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are popular content management systems and desirable.

WordPress - Content Management System or CMS

As mentioned previously, sites are divided in terms of their management into two types: the first is static or static sites, and the second is dynamic or moving sites. Static (static) websites are generally created in HTML and CSS languages, and their cost is lower than the cost of creating dynamic (moving) websites.

But given that these sites do not have a admin panel or management software like WordPress, so you need a web programmer for the smallest changes you want to make to your website and this topic in addition to it is a waste of time that it is also a waste of money
You can take advantage of different programs to create your website, in the science of designing and building websites, you must write codes in order to create a website, for example: in the html language to put an image on a web page, the img src code must be placed on that page.

This work is done through different programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Frontpage, but for a company manager or agent, this is not attractive at all, as to deal with these codes and programs or worse, it is not possible to design or write code separately from In order to add new content, product or news, this is how the CMS or so-called content management systems entered the world of the web.


How much does a CMS cost? WordPress
The high cost of web design is one of the problems that have caused few people to go towards owning their own websites online, today with access to content management systems this problem no longer exists.

Content management systems are web-based programs with the help of which you can manage, update, retrieve and market the content of your site. By taking advantage of the content management system, you can build your site easily and by paying attention to your needs and the context of your site activities, you can also add various features in the least time and at the lowest possible cost. In fact, one of the most important characteristics of Content production is its flexibility to meet audience needs.

HTML codes
In the CMS, information is read (taken) from the database by executing codes and analyzing the information in a few hundredths of a second and this information will be put to be viewed by visitors

Why would you recommend content management systems like WordPress?
Because using this system, you can without writing code and without any specific specialization create your own site, and in this way you can in a short time learn to work on this system, as well as using WordPress you no longer need to appoint someone to support your site and you can manage your site yourself (if necessary) You can take advantage of the profit training courses collected in this regard)
Knowing that you will need to spend a lot of time and money to learn programming and web design
Therefore, by utilizing content management systems, you are able to create dynamic websites.

But why WordPress? WordPress is the best and most desirable content management system in the world, and of course the most important thing is that WordPress is free. Huge sites like Facebook and CNN are taking advantage of this content management system.

WordPress is a free and open source content management system. With this content management program, you can easily manage the content and theme of your site.

With WordPress, you can build different types of websites. WordPress contains a large number of templates and themes related to WordPress, as well as WordPress plugins help you add different sections to your site.
With WordPress, you can start creating a website without the need for programming skills or the help of a software developer.

WordPress is a multi-use web content management system (CMS) that has been programmed in PHP. Through this system, you can create forum, personal, store, company, and any other type of websites.

WordPress is a program that has the ability to display content openly and it focuses on simplicity, speed and great user experience
WordPress has started as a currency with an active community and can help you to create a great website..

Building a website with wordpress
There are many content management systems that can be accessed and used in order to create a website where some are more distinguished than others. WordPress is a content management system formed from a set of various templates and layouts that are free in the hands of users. This system and without having the skill in programming
Programming skills are some of the things that people think they wouldn't be able to do online without this skill, but CMS has allowed people to easily run their own internet companies without the need for a programming background.

Of course, this system is also suitable for people who have the ability to program and users can take advantage of special programming on their website to have a professional website.

WordPress features also include open source, this means that this system provides you with free materials, and in fact you can take full advantage of WordPress resources without any cost. In this course, we will explain to you how to create a website using WordPress, but let's learn more about WordPress

With WordPress, build any type of website!

WordPress was made by the automattic group and for the first few years it was only used to build blog sites
But the design and programming of plugins and literal templates for WordPress changed the story
Ps Wordpress Amroz Mitwand Prai Shamma Har type Saiti Rahandazy Canada.

Nowadays, you can get any type of WordPress template more generally from blog, news magazine, company, real estate consultant, download, personal, medical, educational… for WordPress. So today, WordPress can create any site for you.

Well, here we will explain the concept of WordPress in a very easy way
WordPress is a free and open source software. Open source, or open source, is a program meaning that anyone has the opportunity to modify these programs after revision to make changes to the method. The designer of these types of open source programs put the program code in the hands of the applicants.
But why WordPress? WordPress is one of the best and most desirable content management systems in the world, and of course the most important thing is that this system is free, and huge sites such as Facebook and CNN also use this content management system

WordPress open source

In websites, WordPress, because of its open source, is a content management system that has great flexibility. This means that with the help of this content management system, you can build any website such as: a company website, a store, my news, and…… If you know a little programming, you can easily modify anything on WordPress and this feature is one of the reasons why WordPress is so desirable among Web designers.

The good features and characteristics of WordPress can be summarized as follows:
Very safe. powerful seo. Have a site response rate (this means your site is displayed correctly on all different screens and in different dimensions and is fully compatible with all smartphones) Arabic compatibility, consistent updates to fix bugs and security issues, backup ability (the ability to take a backup copy of the site) Choice The required template due to the large size of the templates.
Open source is a program in the sense that anyone can edit these programs after reviewing and making changes to the method and developing them. Find bugs and fix them further

WordPress - Score among the websites of interest (highly ranked in the rankings)
Most sites in the world use WordPress. According to the latest statistics, more than 30% of the world's websites use WordPress.

This is a good statistic and shows the popularity of this CMS all over the world. Among the sites that use WordPress, we can mention the Facebook platform, AngryBirds site, Google Ventures, Coca-Cola and the NY Times.
WordPress has been around for more than thirteen years and today more than five million websites use WordPress.

How is WordPress security?

When thinking about designing a website and using it in order to earn our profit online, the security of the site is the most important thing and we give great importance to this. So whenever we look for a specific content management system to design and operate our site, we choose one that can improve the security of our site.

When you want, you can discuss WordPress security
You must build a solid base for monitoring from critical insights. In this WordPress tutorial and security tutorial, we have tried to help you keep your WordPress secure.

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