How to profit from Facebook 2022 - What are the conditions for profit from Facebook

How to profit from Facebook 2022 - What are the conditions for profit from Facebook

How to earn from Facebook and what are the conditions for profit from Facebook

If you are a content creator, especially video content, now you can profit from Facebook and increase your source of income With simple steps, you can activate the feature to make profit on Facebook videos.

On the Hosting website, we talked a lot about profit from YouTube, and how to make profit from YouTube, and there are endless lessons and explanations on the Frichi Pro channel, an inquiry to explain the ways to profit from YouTube, but let us now in this interesting article learn how to make profit from Facebook, and what  Are the conditions for profit from Facebook?

Although the emergence of Facebook was in 2004, the concept of profit from Facebook began mainly in 2014, which is the date of the launch of Audience Network and since then everything changed, where you can earn money from Facebook directly.

Facebook is the third largest site in the world, meaning that the advertising platform that Facebook provides you with is one of the most powerful advertising platforms as well, where you can create many profitable opportunities But today we will focus on profit by placing ad breaks on Facebook videos.

Where video publishers on the Facebook platform can participate in the Ad Breaks program and place ad breaks on the videos that are published on their pages, as is the case in profit from YouTube and through Google Adsense ads.

How to make money from ad breaks on Facebook

 If you have a public likes page on Facebook and you have followers, you can simply subscribe to the Ad Breaks program, through which ad breaks and video ads are placed before playing the videos and during them, and this is of course if the videos are exclusive and your page is eligible for profit, of course Facebook profits from these breaks Advertising and share part of these profits with the owners of the videos.

But it is not that simple 😊 There are conditions for profit from Facebook.

 Terms of profit from Facebook?

 1- You must have a public Facebook page and not a personal account.

 2- Your page must comply with Facebook monetization policies, which must respect community standards, and not infringe copyright.

 3- You must be residing in one of the eligible countries to make profit and publish the content in one of the eligible languages.

 4 - You must have at least 10,000 followers on your page.

 5- You must have achieved at least 30,000 views for 1 minute for videos of at least 3 minutes duration in the last 60 days.

 6- You must be at least 18 years old.

 7- Your videos must be exclusive to your production.

Test your Facebook page is it eligible for profit or not?

 In the event that you are qualified to profit from Facebook and your page applies to the criteria for profit from Facebook, or even if you want to know whether your page is eligible to profit from Facebook or not, you can check the Facebook content creator studio from here and then go to the content creator studio to submit your page to the ED program Break Ad Breaks.

How to submit a Facebook page to the monetization program 

You can easily set up and manage ad breaks for your Facebook page by going to Creator Studio

Then choose the eligible page on which you want to activate the profit feature.
Then click on the Monetization tab in the right sidebar and then review and accept the Monetization Terms and Conditions.

Then choose the method by which you receive the profit and select the payment account You can also select the automatic placement of ads in videos posted for the last 30 days.

After completing all these settings, you will be approved quickly because you have passed the eligibility requirements to make profit from Facebook.

You can then choose the places for ad breaks on your video, and you can also allow Facebook to automatically place the ad when there is a pause or natural silence in the video for a period of 1: 2 seconds, which is the recommended mode because it achieves an ideal experience for the viewer.

Important information after making a profit from Facebook

And for the record, if you choose the option to monetize at the level of the page as a whole, all the videos that you will publish will be subject to automatic review, until it is confirmed that the clips are eligible to appear on them This is similar to the self-certification system recently issued by YouTube, where the video is subject to review first before ads appear on it to ensure that the video content is suitable for advertisers the beginning .

And you should keep in mind that all your videos follow the Facebook monetization policies

most important links to the official sources for profit from Facebook

new terms of profit from Facebook after the latest update 2021

- Your page must have at least 10,000 followers.

- Your page has achieved 600,000 minutes viewed in the last 60 days.

- number of video minutes, whether a minute or more, does not matter You can monetize it.

- You must be at least 18 years old.

- Minutes of views from advertising campaigns such as YouTube are not accepted.

- Views that come from live broadcasts and regular videos are accepted.

- You must publish at least 5 videos per page and be active.

- You must collect 60,000 live broadcast views in a total of 600,000 minutes.  Meaning, you must collect in 600 thousand minutes the number of 60 thousand minutes of live broadcast videos, and the minutes of watching are calculated after the end of the broadcast.

- Your page must speak the languages ​​supported by Ad Breaks.

- Your page must follow the policies of the Facebook company and the Ad Breaks program.

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