Reasons for closing YouTube channels without warning

Reasons for closing YouTube channels without warning

  Reasons for closing the YouTube channel

In the recent period, the phenomenon of closing YouTube channel has spread without prior warning and without even alerting the owner of the channel YouTube or you already have a YouTube channel, you must be aware of the most important reasons that lead to the closure of the channel so that you are not surprised by the closure of your channel.  


  The reasons that lead to the closure of the channel on YouTube immediately.

If you turn off YouTube policies, you can get this policy, as well as if you get the policy in this article 2002 also, identifying all violations of the forum guidelines


1- Posting hateful and bullying content.

You may find some channels that were created specifically to spread hatred and sectarianism or insult some people or institutions, and you also find another type of channel, which is widely spread, which is bullying content, which is that the owner of the channel bullies and insults people who are present, for example, on Tik Tok or in society in general (published Pictures of them or small clips of these people and criticize them strongly and bully them) This content is of course contrary to the guidelines of the YouTube Forum and leads to the deletion of your channel without warning.


 2- Impersonating a person or channel.

Surely you have seen before that channels that impersonate famous people and publish their clips on these channels, and you may also find some people creating a channel with the same name as a famous channel and using the same profile picture and the same cover, and this is of course one of the most common reasons that lead to the closure of the channel on YouTube, Therefore, if you want to create a YouTube channel, you must use a unique and different name and use your personal photo or a photo of your design.


 3- Publish summaries of series and movies.

 Channels that publish clips of films or series, or even publish summaries with the voice of the owner of the channel, but use images of the heroes of the series, the penalty was to obtain a warning of copyright infringement, and the channel is not closed until after receiving the third warning. A warning, so do not prank such content and do not make a channel with the same name as a series or movie and do not use the image of the heroes as a symbol for the channel and do not make such summaries because this is misleading content because you are not the producer of this work, and you have no right to use any Content shown in this series or movie.


 4- Routine porn channels.

Recently, women’s channels have spread, their first goal is to spread nudity and make movements that arouse sexual desires, on the pretext that they are doing a malevolent routine, this of course violates the forum’s guidelines and leads to the permanent deletion of the channel. By clicking on the channel overview section, clicking on the report icon, and selecting the option that prompted you to accurately report this channel.


 5- Violation of copyrights.

One of the most common reasons for closing YouTube channels and adjoining banners with copyright claims is more than three warnings, but in this case you can contact an opponent Know the difference between copyright claims and copyright alerts, and what is the solution in both cases.  


 6- Posting deceptive, misleading or unwanted content.

You find a lot of channels relying on misleading titles and deceptive thumbnails, using deceptive keywords, directing viewers to deceptive external sites, spreading malware, spreading account hacking methods, or spreading paid software activation methods, all of this falls under the category of deception, deceptive practices and content unwanted.


 Why are there illegal channels that have not been closed

 It is normal that there are some channels that violate YouTube policies and have not yet been discovered by YouTube systems, but this does not mean that these channels are safe, the channel may continue for a while, but if some viewers reported that the channel publishes content that violates the guidelines of the YouTube forum Or for AdSense policies, the channel will be manually reviewed by the YouTube team, and the channel will be closed immediately if it is confirmed that the policies have been violated. 


Why is the channel closed during the review period

When you meet the conditions for profit from YouTube and submit the channel for review, a specialized team from YouTube reviews the channel in detail and surely a violation of the policies we referred to will be discovered because they are human beings that it is easy for them to discover these violations, and they are not programmed systems that can be deceived, if the review team finds that the channel If you repeatedly violate the forum guidelines, they will close the channel immediately, but if they find that there are some minor problems such as the presence of some duplicate or reused videos or some unwanted content, they give you a 30-day period to correct your mistakes and submit again for review.


 How to restore the YouTube channel after closing it

 If your channel has been removed during review or at any time due to repeated violations of YouTube policies and you believe that you are not doing any violations and that this closure came in error, in this case you can submit a petition to YouTube, and a specialized team will review your request and make sure that the channel deserves to be closed Whether or not you can submit the petition through this form


 Note it will be very helpful.

In the question mark channel forum section, we posted a question (Has anyone submitted their channel for review and was surprised that it was permanently deleted)

1- This post was interacted with from 520 channels until writing this article in only 24 hours from writing the question and while checking the comments I found more than 30 channels already. They confirmed that their channel was permanently deleted during the review, and it is noted that most of these channels publish content that violates the guidelines YouTube forum or content that violates copyright, and I also noticed that some channels reported that they submitted a petition, and the closure of the channel was reversed by YouTube, and these channels were restored, and this means that if your channel was closed by mistake, YouTube will return it to you, do not worry.

2- All channels that adhere to the YouTube forum policies, copyright and YouTube laws in general, they do not have any problems, and the channel was profitable and approved during the review in periods ranging from 24 hours to a week, and this means that if you adhere to the YouTube laws, your channel will not be closed and will not be closed. There will be problems in the channel, God willing.



If you want to work anywhere, you must adhere to its policy and apply it fully and not circumvent this policy, this is how you work on YouTube, if you want to succeed and continue, you must know the laws and policies of YouTube, you must read terms of service, policies of the forum guidelines, and policies of Google Adsense, and you have to understand and know the copyright, if Stick to all of these policies, you are on the right track, and if you don't want to read all of this, just subscribe to hosting frichi pro and watch the videos for everything we have mentioned.







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