Profit from Amazon 2022 (a comprehensive guide to earning thousands of dollars per month)

Profit from Amazon 2022 (a comprehensive guide to earning thousands of dollars per month)

profit from amazon

Profit from Amazon does not depend on just one service, but there are many ways to earn money from Amazon in a legitimate and legal way, but in order to achieve this success you need basics and skills that you must learn in order to win thousands of dollars per month, so I will share with you what I have about All about the giant Amazon.

What will we learn about this topic

  • How to profit from Amazon 2022.
  • What is Amazon?
  • Who is the founder of Amazon?
  • How to earn money from amazon.
  • Profit from Amazon through affiliate marketing.
  • Profit from Amazon T-shirt design.
  • Profit from amazon kindle amazon kdp.

How to profit from Amazon 2022

Many people search for the word “How to profit from Amazon 2022”, “What are the best ways to profit from Amazon?”, and many similar questions in Google search engines, of course, new novice marketers in the world of profit from the Internet are the most searching for these profitable services For this reason, I will share with you a comprehensive guide about Amazon from A to Z, so that you know what ways Amazon offers to make money from the Internet.

This topic about profit from Amazon is not limited to beginners in this field, but even professionals and those who have an average experience in this field as well, and do not think, my follower brother, that everyone who works in the Amazon service, this means that he understands in all branches linked to the same network, Because there are those who know how to sell products, but you find that they do not understand how to design an Amazon T-shirt, and so on... .

Also, there are many professionals who are absent from many ideas and ways to profit from the Internet. That is why you must always search for new ones, even if it is from the beginners, because it may support you with ideas that you may be unaware of, and for this we always try to share with you a set of ideas that I may find simple and you I found it an idea that opens many doors for you to profit from the Internet.

Profit from the Internet is a very large sea and is not limited to Amazon only, Amazon is only the tip of the iceberg, compared to the giant services on the Internet, but Amazon services are among the strongest and best ways to profit from the Internet and earn very large sums from it in the future, and there is no It is easy now, but with continuity, work, initiative and trust in God, you will succeed in achieving the dream.

That is why if you are interested in profit from the Internet, especially the services of the giant Amazon company, I will share with you a comprehensive topic about this company and all the ways to profit from it with the sharing of links to topics that have the same specialization and the same methodology in profit.

What is Amazon?

What is amazon? Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world known to sell products on the Internet, and this company was founded in 1994 in the United States of America by Jeff Bezos, and this company specializes in electronic commerce and is headquartered in Washington.

Amazon is the largest online retail company in the world, with very large sales annually.

Amazon has the most important retail product branches in each of the following countries: the United States of America, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, China, Japan, India.

Also, one of the advantages of Amazon is that it permeates a very large number of languages ​​around the world, including international languages ​​such as Arabic, English and French, and in 2016 Amazon began supporting the Turkish, Dutch and Polish languages.

story of Amazon began to sell electronic books, but turned from a bookseller to other products different from books, as you are now watching on the Amazon website, such as video discs, clothes, computers, and accessories in various fields, everything that comes to your mind in our time.

profits of the Amazon company in 2017 amounted to about 3.03 billion US dollars, but in the year 2020, the return is 386,064 billion US dollars, and the net profit is 21,300 billion US dollars. For more information and the history of Amazon profits (

Amazon did not stop on itself, but rather it bought a large number of companies that are in the same specialty to include them, including, which announced the completion of the sale in 2017, without specifying the sale value.

Who is the founder of Amazon?

The founder of Amazon and its CEO and director of its board of directors is Jeffrey Preston Bezos, who was born in 1964 January 12 in the United States of America.

beginning of Jeffrey Preston Bezos was in 1990 as vice president and he was the youngest deputy in the history of Bankers Trust, of course before the idea of selling books on the Internet and having a free job came, the strange thing is he has a great position but I feel bored and want what he loves, which is electronic commerce And self-employment, and in fact this is what he made for himself. He started selling books on the Internet, and it was in great demand.

It was also said that he was working as a financial analyst at D.E SHAW, then he founded Amazon and had significant experience before he started.

It is not long before the founder of Amazon will be the richest man in the world in the year 2040, according to reports issued by magazines interested in rich personalities in the United States of America, and it was said (Bezos will become a “trillionaire” within the next few years).

ways to earn money from amazon

Profit from Amazon does not depend on selling products from the Amazon site and the idea is over, but Amazon has several ways to profit from the Internet, most of which earn you a thousand dollars in two months if you improve the behavior of your business, for this we will introduce you to all the ways that you can make money from Amazon and of course I will It will be a useful lesson for beginners who want to profit from the Internet.

1 . Profit from Amazon through affiliate marketing

Profiting through commission marketing, or what is called profit through affiliate marketing, is one of the most powerful ways that you can make very large profits in Amazon and other electronic markets.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable ways for most professionals to profit from the Internet, even me personally. There is no doubt that the word affiliate marketing is a complex and incomprehensible terminology that requires capital or something like that, but in fact it is easier than you imagine, This difficulty is what made a large number of youth do not know much about it.

Quite simply, profit from commission marketing, which is the promotion of products on social sites and the website. You invite people to buy the product from the referral link, which takes them to an Amazon product. If anyone buys that product, you earn a percentage of these profits.

As you can see, simply, this is what is called affiliate marketing on Amazon, only the name “affiliate marketing” is what made the story difficult and complex in the minds of beginners, but if you enter the world of affiliate marketing, you will find that the process is easy and you only need to build a republican platform interested in one specialty whether In (Youtube, website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest..) there are many ways to promote products over the Internet.

2 . Profit from Amazon T-Shirt Design

Amazon has provided a method among the ways to profit from the Internet by designing t-shirts and selling them on the Merch by Amazon platform, and this method is one of the easiest and best ways to profit from the Internet because it does not cost you anything, only (Photoshop program for designing t-shirts, creating an account in Merch by Amazon) .

Merch by Amazon is complicated in only two ways, which is the difficulty of opening an account because it monitors your movements from all sides, and secondly, it is very strict to the point of suspending the account when you install three copyright violations.

idea of ​​profit from Merch by Amazon is that you are designing a new logo and installing it in a T-shirt via the Internet only and in many colors, but the design must be considered according to the time and place because people buy logos in different forms and rare in a particular field, and for this You should know what people are looking for in Amazon and what their requirements are in that year.

selling price of one T-shirt may reach between $13.99 and $25.99, and this difference between the price of the T-shirt is due to the quality of its manufacture and shape and according to its requirements in that year, and in the case of selling the T-shirt, you get 11% or 13% of the percentage of the T-shirt you designed .

3 . Profit from Amazon Kindle Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is simply the abbreviation of Kindle Direct Publishing, this service was launched in 2007 in November, and the idea of ​​this platform is to offer books by authors and publishers for sale, through two basic formats: either ebook or paperback.

ebook: They are books that you can read in PDF format. You can also buy them with the possibility of buying them in paper form. This type of books contains story books, novels, scientific, cultural, historical, philosophical books....etc.

These books are not relied upon by professionals to profit from Amazon Kindle because it is difficult for them to write stories and lessons and takes a very large amount of time, but you must be an author and owner of the English language and understand their field well.

paperback: Profit from the paperback service depends on more than 80% of professionals and beginners to make money from the Internet, and this type depends on the skills of the designer of book covers and papers, meaning there are authors of books but phrases about papers without a cover, you will be the designer of covers for these papers in many Of shapes and people buy them on Amazon.

percentage of profit from designing book covers is divided into three inevitable sections (taxes, book printing, the rest), meaning if we say that you will sell the book at $ 6.99, Amazon will deduct a percentage of taxes from you and a percentage of book printing, and you will have the remaining $1.90 dollar.

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