Earn $1,000 a month from Facebook 2022 | Profit from the Internet without effort

Earn $1,000 a month from Facebook 2022| Profit from the Internet without effort

Reels instagram

Facebook Reels or short videos is not a new term to us, but we have seen it a lot on the most popular social media platforms…

 From the short videos we watched go viral on Tiktok, to the short YouTube videos we watched as YouTube Shorts, to the Instagram Rails that have emerged as a real competition to TikTok videos, and now Facebook Reels.

Recently, Meta has launched Reels clips on the Facebook platform, and at the beginning of this year 2022, it has gradually reached most users around the world.

What is striking about the company announcement of Facebook Reels compared to other competitors in the same category, is that it emphasized the ability of creators to “profit” from it, by introducing new patterns of ads through it.

 So we will help you with this comprehensive guide;  To enter the world of Facebook Reels, understand how it works and the tools to make it, with how to instantly reserve a place for you to start earning from it.

What are Facebook Reels?

 Simply put, Facebook reels are short videos that do not exceed one minute, which you can edit and edit easily.  With the ability to add music or use audio from someone else's video, AR (augmented reality) filters and effects, scripts, and more.

 Users can create them on the Facebook app directly on their mobile devices with ease, even without the need for any external apps.

 Why is Facebook reels a strong competitor to TikTok?

 In order to understand how Facebook reels spreads, we need to remember how Tik Tok videos spread.  We cannot deny the amazing spread of Tik Tok videos in less than 5 years, which is comparable to what Facebook has been able to reach in 18 years.

 While Rails emerged as a strategy to compete directly with TikTok through a feature within the Instagram app.  Meta quickly realized that it could counterattack and aggressively compete more effectively if it added the feature to Facebook;  The most popular and used social media platform ever.

 Why are Facebook reels ideal for monetizing?

 1. Propagation speed

 We know that we are in a time of speed and simplicity, and this is what Meta has used to present reels clips on its social media platforms, the most important of which is Facebook.

 To contribute to the world of short video, which can be accessed by ordinary users and creators all over the world in a few seconds and with no effort.

Meta has boasted that Rails is now by far the fastest growing form of content.  It is the biggest driver of growth for Instagram and Facebook, because it is growing very quickly.

2. Easy to prepare content

 Making videos of less than 60 seconds is not as difficult as making long videos like on YouTube!  is not it?

 By simply using your video uploads or even photo collections with your phone or by shooting a short video or excerpt with your smartphone, Facebook reels can be recorded in a series of video clips or a combination of video clips and images can be made in one go.

 You can even use other people videos, edit and personalize them to make them more attractive. You can also edit them with the help of the simple tools in the Rails creation interface.

 Meta will soon provide more professional editing capabilities.  We will explain all this in detail in the following paragraphs.

 3. New style of advertising

 As mentioned in the beginning;  What is striking about Facebook reels is that the company itself has explicitly emphasized the possibility of earning through a reward system for posting reels clips!  It is obvious to us that the profit through the Internet is through advertisements.

 But now you must be wondering, what ads will appear in a video of a minute or less?

 In fact, Facebook will rely on an entirely new form of advertising. There are two types of these ads, which will be relied on in Facebook reels, and they are in the form of ads that float above the surface of the Rails clips.

 a) Banner ads |  Banner ads: These are semi-transparent banners below the reels section.  This means that viewers will be able to watch the content without interruption, while presenting them in an unobtrusive manner with ads that are relevant to them.

b) advertising posters |  Sticker ads: Static sticker ads, which the creator can place anywhere within a reels clip.  That is, depending on the format you choose, the ad placement will vary, which does not harm your content.

 4. Perfect promotion of your content

 Since the advent of the short video format on social media platforms, brands and creators alike have found these posts to have more than just views.

 Many have seen an increase in their follower numbers and an increase in engagement rates as well, thus ideally promoting their content and products.

 Thus, Facebook reels can help you expand your audience by making your articles discoverable to the entire Facebook community.

 Your video will be visible to your followers in your News Feed, as well as in the reels section of anyone who doesn't follow you.

 And if you are currently making Instagram reels, you can allow Facebook to recommend your Instagram reels to new Facebook audiences, which can help you reach a much wider audience in a record period.

 5. Facebook reels clips are a new feature

 Take the opportunity to create a new reels clip feature on Facebook.  As a result, no matter how intense the competition, you can now book your place in this new and accelerating world of videos.  You only need to start!

How do I start earning from Facebook reels with practical steps

 1. Start by creating Facebook reels

 It is very simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

 First, click on the “Create Reels” button in the “Reels” or “Reels” section, at the top of the “News Feed” section of the Facebook app on your mobile device.

 From here you can either record a clip (or series of clips) in real time, upload a pre-recorded video (or an existing series) from your phone gallery, or mix the two.

Now, you can edit and cut clips to your chosen length before sharing a Rails clip, adding effects, stickers, and text.  You will be able to access a number of tools for editing your creative content directly from the interface, namely:

 a) Effects: Choose from a variety of effects and filters.

 b) add music: Choose a song from your Facebook Music collection or record your own audio. The original audio is credited to you, and the Facebook community can use it to create their own reels just as with TikTok videos. While recording, you can speed up or slow down parts of the video or audio.

 c) temporary |  Timer: Use the timer to record a clip with a duration of your own choosing and stop it automatically, so you don't have to use your hands to stop the recording.

 In addition, you can specify the duration during recording, and speed up or slow down parts of the video or audio.  Note that if you are 18 or older, your Facebook reels will be set to "public" by default, but you can adjust the privacy for each reels you create individually.
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