Best Foreign Web Hosting Company Updated 2022

Best Foreign Web Hosting Company Updated 2022

Best Foreign Web Hosting Company Updated 2022

 What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of reserving space for website files on a server to be available on the Internet in a shared environment By providing the necessary support and technologies, the file system platform, images and video of the website are stored by the web host Most web hosts offer domain purchases that allow a website to have its own unique name A web host allows you to display the content of your website on the Internet.

Hosting Lowest Prices

If you want space on the Internet you will not need a lot of money in this article, which guarantees less web hosting prices in Jordan and the rest of the countries and when we say the lowest price, this does not mean that you will get low quality or slow servers but rather you will get faster  Servers and ensure that your site is available by 99.9.

 Cheapest web hosting

There are many hosting companies, whether Arab or foreign, in this article we do not compare who is the best or the worst Arab companies have become competing with foreign sites in terms of quality space and price Many Arab companies working in the field of hosting and cloud storage have become but in this The article talks about the price. Get the cheapest hosting starting from $5 per month.

 Advantages of web hosting on the Internet:

1- Unlimited number of sites.

2- Most hosting companies provide hosting for one site only, but our hosting gives you an unlimited number of sites.

3- Unlimited number of Microsoft SQL databases.

4- If you are one of the programmers, then you have certainly faced the problem of the limited number of Microsoft-type databases when searching for hosting for your site Our hosting gives you an unlimited number of SQL Server databases, so you will have a large number of sites running on SQL Server databases.

5- Unlimited storage space.

6- When searching for a hosting company for your site, the most important point to ask about is the storage space for the hosting, as some hosting service providers require you to have a limited number of gigabytes for your hosting, so today enjoy unlimited space for your hosting.

7- Unlimited e-mails in the name of your site.

8- In this hosting, you will get an unlimited number of emails for your site name.

You also get the following features:

  •  Weekly Backups Copy my weekly records.
  •  Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited number of file transfer users.
  • Ultra Fast Web Server Powerful and fast servers.
  •  Cloud Linux OS Multiple operating systems.

Where you can host websites that run on a Windows environment or websites that run on a Linux environment. If you are a programmer who uses Microsoft software, Rodpress, Jamla, or PHP, our hosting is the perfect solution.

 web hosting prices

Web hosting prices are $5 per month, but with these advantages in other companies the cost of hosting will be double this price, so be sure to compare prices always

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