How to create and activate a Payoneer account step by step - Create a Payoneer account

 How to create and activate a Payoneer account step by step - Create a Payoneer account


 At the moment, having an account on payoneer has become necessary for everyone who wants to work from the internet because most of the profitable sites support withdrawing money through an account on Payoneer.

There are millions of users around the world who rely entirely on Payoneer bank in order to withdraw money from profitable sites or send money from one account to another ...Etc.

In this post, we will get to know everything about Payoneer and you will be able to open a new account on Payoneer in the right way.


 Creating an account on payoneer step by step

Having an account on Pioneer is one of the most important things that you must have before you start earning from the internet because it is the means that enables you to withdraw your money from the profitability reality.

If you are looking for how to create a Payoneer account because it may be a condition for withdrawing money from one of the sites you deal with such as Amazon and other sites, we will get to know all the details about Payoneer so that you have great information before dealing with it.

1. What is pioneer

Payoneer is a leading electronic bank in the field of payment from the internet, through which you can buy online and send your money from one account to another in addition to withdrawing money from profitable sites.

The beauty of Pioneer is that it deals with many currencies, including the dollar and the euro, and you can also link your account with any local bank account, and this helps in sending electronic money and converting it into cash.

The pioneer electronic bank is not only sending money at local banks, but you can also create a Visa card to receive money from quiche, and money can be extracted daily without any restrictions.

2. Advantages of creating an account on payoneer

By opening a new account at Payoneer bank, you get several services and features, including:

1-the possibility of sending your money from your Payoneer account to the local bank.

If you have a balance in your payoneer account and want to receive your money in cash or send it to your local bank account, you can do this by sending money from Payoneer to your local bank account directly and without any problem.


Anyone around the world can open an account on payoneer for free and you will not pay even one dollar for your registration on the site, unlike other banks that ask you to pay registration fees.

3-supports most profitable websites

The thing that distinguishes Pioneer Bank from other banks is that it supports most if not all profitable sites, for example amazon kdp, which allows you to publish your books on their site and gives you a percentage of profits sometimes up to 70 percent, did you know that the only way you can withdraw your money from the amazon kdp platform is through Pioneer Bank, if you do not have an account on Pioneer you will not be able to withdraw your money from the Amazon Kindle platform.

 4-online purchase

The Payoneer platform allows you to buy anything online, so instead of buying via visa card or master card, you can only buy online through your Payoneer account.

 3. Steps to create an account on payoneer

As for creating an account on payoneer, it is very easy, you just need to follow these steps in order to open an account on payoneer correctly.

1-you must go to the Google browser or Google Chrome and then type "payer login" , and then click on the first link in order to enter the main page of the site.


 2-after entering that link, the main page of the paynner website will appear to you, just click on the word sign in at the top of the page and go to the language settings and choose  language in order for registration to be easy for you.


 3 - after clicking on the word sign in, the site will ask you to click on one of the following options:

  •     Independent, small or medium business
  •     Online seller
  •     Individual

If you are an internet user and want to withdraw your money from profitable websites or just want to send money to another account, select "individual".


 4-after clicking on the fourth option "individual", an interface will appear showing you the features that will be available to you when you open an "individual" account, what you should do is click on the first option.


 5-the next stage is to click on the word sign up.

6-if you arrived here, you are on the right track, pioneer will ask you to fill in some personal information such as your personal name and last name in addition to writing your email and rewriting it again, and you will also be asked to specify your date of birth and then click on "CONTINUE". As a tip from me, your personal information should be 100 percent correct because Pioneer is reviewing your account.

7 - at this stage, you will fill in your personal information, where the site will ask you to choose the country in which you live, and then you type the home address, and write the city in which you live in addition to the zip code, if you do not know what the zip code of your city is, it's enough to go to the Google Chrome or Google browser and type in the search box "code postal + the city in which you live" and then the zip code of your city will appear, finally you will type your phone sheet and then click on "CONTINUE".


 8. And now comes the last stage in which you must choose a strong password, for the password try to be strong consisting of several symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters...The documentary question is to write any question that came to your mind, for example,"where did you eat the Apple" and write an answer to it, for example, "I ate the Apple in the section"if you forgot the password or your account was stolen, you will recover it by typing this question and the answer that you set earlier, and then type the information related to your bank account and click on the "Continue"button.


 Congratulations you have successfully created an account on Payoneer.

4. How to activate Payoneer account

It is necessary for you to activate your Payoneer account in order to send your money from Payoneer to your bank account, and in order to activate your account, you only need to follow these steps.

1 Log in to the main page of the company payonner.
2 go directly to the settings and then click on the word card management.
3 do a search on the card that requires activation and activate it immediately.
4 follow the instructions that are asked of you.

5. Tips for securing your Payoneer account

Everyone who has an account on payoneer should keep their account from being stolen or having problems in the future, so try to apply these following tips:

1-ask for help

If you have any problem with your Payoneer account, contact the customer service team and they will solve your problem sooner or later.

2-secure your Payoneer account in all ways

Try to protect your account in all possible ways that the site provides to customers, such as logging into the account by sending a code to your smartphone.

3-review your Payoneer account

You should while checking your account on Payoneer by reviewing all your financial transactions ...Etc

4-read the terms and conditions


 The majority of people do not read the terms and conditions of payoner and in the end they make many mistakes in their account and their account is permanently locked, so you should read the terms and conditions well.

6 - minimum withdrawal amount at the payonner website

Knowing the minimum withdrawal limit is one of the things you should know because you may want to extract a lot of money every day, as the minimum withdrawal limit is 200 dollars, and as for the maximum withdrawal limit is 10,000 dollars, you cannot exceed this value.

Perhaps the policy changes every year about the amount allowed to send money daily and monthly, but in the end the amount of 10,000 dollars is a very large and reasonable and acceptable amount, unlike some countries that do not allow buying from the internet more than 1500 dollars per month

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