How to choose the videos that appear in the trending content and how to make your videos

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How to choose the videos that appear in the popular content and how to make your videos popular

 What is trending content?

Popular content shows what is happening on YouTube, and the goal of this section is to display videos that a large group of viewers like on YouTube, and it is possible to expect the popularity of certain videos, such as a new song by a well-known artist or a trailer for a new movie, but there are other videos that surprise everyone  On it's trending content.

 How popular content appears to the user

Popular Content does not display customized videos for each user, but shows the same list of popular videos for all users in all parts of the country Despite that, videos may appear in “Popular Content” in a language different from the language you use in the browser, so if you are in a country where Different languages ​​It is possible that some videos targeting these languages ​​will appear in your country.

 How long can a video stay in trending content?

The trending videos list is updated approximately every 15 minutes, and after each edit the videos may rank higher or lower in the list or stay on the rank for a period of time.

 How are the videos that appear in the "Popular Content" section selected?

Although a large number of new and great videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, only a limited number of them can be shown in the "Popular Content" section and are selected on that basis.

1- It is liked by a large number of viewers.

2- There is no misleading or enticing viewers to click on the video.

3- It reflects a comprehensive and diverse picture of what is happening on YouTube and in the world.

4- Showcases the work of a variety of content creators

5- It is at best surprising or new

 What are the most important factors that help the emergence of videos in popular content?

1- The number of views.

2- The speed of attracting views to the video (i.e. the level of interest in the video)
3- Source of views (including external sources)

4- Date of publication of the video.

All of these tags are combined to create a list of videos that show the trends on YouTube that are liked by viewers and reflect the content published on the YouTube platform Which got more views below the ones that got fewer views.

 Are all types of videos displayed in the trending content section?

Filters are used to ensure that excessively vulgar language, adult content, violence or other inappropriate or offensive videos are not shown, and staff in the US and other regions are used to review the content one last time and ensure that  It is appropriate to display.

Are you paid to appear in trending content?

YouTube does not accept payments for viewing a particular video in the "Popular Content" section Views from YouTube ads are not counted when choosing which videos will appear in the Popular Content section on youtube.

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