Youtube seo course full 2022

Youtube seo course full 2022

youtube seo course

Why youtube

As we know very well that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google The YouTube platform contains a very large number of visitors reaching 55 million visitors per day Every day hundreds of millions of videos are watched for more than a billion minutes as the number of hours a user spends on YouTube It is increasing every year at a rate of more than 50% due to continuous improvements in Internet services in all countries of the world YouTube is one of the most growing platforms in the past few years.

If you can take advantage of this terrible number of “traffic” correctly whether through Adsense, marketing your own product, commission marketing or any other profitable means, you will be able to earn a lot of money.

Despite all this, views are very few on most emerging channels, and even some of the old channels, whose subscribers exceeded hundreds of thousands!!

In this course, we will prepare our channel and videos in the YouTube and Google search engines by properly understanding how the new Google and YouTube algorithms work, so our goal in this course is.

 goal of the youtube seo course

1- A strong niche targeting method and keywords suitable for your channel.

2- Adjust the targeting settings on your YouTube channel.

3- Find the best keywords for your videos and work on them using free tools and analyze the performance of competitors

4- Your videos are suggested by YouTube through videos that we choose.

5- Increasing the chances of your video appearing in the YouTube and Google search engines when searching for keywords you target in your field.

6- Follow up the performance of the video in search engines and understand YouTube statistics in a way.

What is targeting and what is the benefit of your channel?

By knowing the correct targeting methods you will be aware of the size of the expected audience interested in your content by knowing the number of searches on the most important keywords that you target and what words viewers use to reach the content that you will provide and what countries you will target And is this content profitable Whether or not through your knowledge of the cpm and cpc of the targeted keywords and whether they are attractive to advertisers or not, for example you will find that these words are among the most expensive words targeted by advertisers (e-marketing, real estate, digital currencies, insurance, software, banking services)

How do you find the right keywords for your channel?

We will search for keywords in the target niche and find out the most expensive words in this niche and find out the most searched words on YouTube and Google through the use of some free tools such as the keyword planner tool provided by the Google Edward platform

 Channel internal settings

1- After choosing a suitable niche for your channel, you must write keywords for the channel and adjust all the channel settings

 By entering the new YouTube Studio - Settings - Channel - Basic Information - Choosing the tags for the channel and choosing the country - then save and the method you will find in the second video in the YouTube SEO course in detail.

2- Create a description of the channel by entering the channel customization and writing an appropriate description for your channel.

How do you find the right keywords for your channel?

Using Google search and relying on the auto-fill feature and related searches, as well as using YouTube search and also relying on the auto-fill feature.  Rely on these tools with free plans, which are used by most professional YouTubers, whether Arabs or foreigners.


 What is youtube seo?

YouTube SEO is to improve your videos for search engines because YouTube, as we agreed is the second largest search engine in the world, and through optimization with some other factors that we will mention in the YouTube SEO course, it will appear in the search results of YouTube and Google as well but as we explained that this depends on factors that must be available  In your videos in order to occupy good results in the search engines, and this is what we will learn about now.

 What are the steps that I must follow in order for the search results to be published?

1. Customization and internal optimization of videos and search for strong keywords

2. Create videos that make the visitor stay longer.

3. Promote your video

4. Raise the "CTR" ratio to the maximum.

1. Initialization and internal optimization of videos

It is important to know well that internal improvements for YouTube videos are not necessary for YouTube SEO only because YouTube has become dependent on more influential factors that we will mention later.

So why would I care about YouTube SEO?

In summary, because when other factors are available (such as audience retention and click-through rate), you will have an advantage in appearing from competing videos that do not use SEO, and attention to SEO is necessary in order to appear in the first search engine in the world Google because YouTube videos appear in the results The first search in Google comes with high traffic as well as it is no less important than the YouTube search engine.

Internal improvements for YouTube videos consist of several stages, the most important of which are.

• Title and Thumbnail

• the description

• Tag words

 1- Title and thumbnail

The title and the image are the first thing the user sees, whether on YouTube or Google, so you should take care of that as much as possible!!

For the title, it is better to have your keyword at the beginning of the title.

For example, instead of writing all the amazing ways that lead to skin care

It is better for example, to write skin care methods in 7 steps and the results are amazing

The more your keywords are at the beginning of the title, the easier it will be for you to rank in search results, whether on Google or YouTube, and your title must be interesting All of this will help you to get a high "CTR" and therefore higher views.

One of the most important factors that lead to raising the CTR ratio is the interest in the thumbnail, simply to make the person who watches the video thumbnail have to click on the video because he wants to watch your video It is also ambiguous and makes the viewer want to know what the video contains, but you should stay away from misleading thumbnails because it will only bring you negative results.

Simply the higher your "CTR" the more signals will be sent to YouTube and Google that your video should be on top of the results, but keep in mind that the content is good.

 What is a CTR?

It is the click-through rate for each impression the video achieves on the various YouTube pages The higher the click-through rate the better It was explained how to increase the click-through rate in many articles.

2- Description and keywords

One of the most important factors that we should pay attention to in internal improvements is the description and keywords (Tags)

You should know that the description is no less important than the title and the image in attracting the viewer's interest and raising your "CTR" and this of course helps you in the first search results.

 Also, you should know that the "description" and the tags are considered the world number 2 after the title in your presence in the values ​​of the suggestions on the videos of others

We must write in the description about the content of the video without going too deep so that you interest the visitor and add the words the most important keywords at the same time

As everyone knows, YouTube and Google have started to use artificial intelligence extensively, however there are some people who still put keywords in the description randomly for example, you see that the video talks about profit from the Internet or e-marketing and you find it in the description, putting words that have nothing to do with the content of the video  Just because those words are highly searchable...

This is a huge mistake Once you do this, you tell YouTube that your video talks about many different topics, and this leads to YouTube not understanding you and thus leaving you in low positions.

Also, you should focus on the first paragraphs of the video, because they will be the paragraphs that will be read, and they are the ones that the search spiders rely on to understand what the video contains!

Do not forget that YouTube has declared itself the need to use keywords in the first paragraph of the video!

The same goes for "Tags", you should focus on the words you target and only related to your videos!

We also recommend that you use "vidIQ" which is a "Chrome Extension" that will make you aware of the words your potential customers are looking for!

It also gives you the SEO rate of your YouTube videos and also suggests you the errors and how to fix them so that you can rank higher in the search results.

 3- Keywords (Tags)

 Often the first thing we do in the field of SEO is “Keyword Research” or search for search rate It is not reasonable to waste effort and time in keywords with 10 searches per month, so “Keyword Research” is an important process.
What you should focus on in "Keyword Research" is "CPC" and search rate.

What we mean by “CPC” is the price that the advertiser pays for those words for example, in the real estate field, you may reach $100 per click, so it is preferable to focus first on “CPC” besides focusing on the search rate, because when you choose keywords the CPC the more you multiply  Your profits and this is what we talked about in a video entitled Double Your YouTube Profits

You should also focus on the search rate, as it means the number of people who search for that word per month For example, the word “cake” has a search rate of more than one million searches per month.

Therefore, you should try to search for a keyword with a high “CPC” and a high search rate with low or medium competition If you find this type of keyword and create good content, you will make a lot of money.

 Where do I get the best keywords?

 There are many tools that help you with this, but we chose to use only four tools, namely


These tools are very simple tools, but they need a detailed explanation, and this is actually what we did in the YouTube Seo course All I want to remind you is to focus on "search volume" competition and "CPC"
 There is also a simple way to make "Keyword Research" in a simple way, which is by downloading this extension in Google Chrome: Keywords Everywhere

We also remind you to write some of these keywords in the title and description, but in the context of sentences and phrases and not separate words

 Create videos that make your visitor stay longer.

So now you have all the information you need to be able to top your search results...

But watch out!!

Not everyone will top the search engines in YouTube, as Google does not want its engine to be restricted to SEO owners, so it has added a new update that seeks to provide better content to YouTube visitors.
 youtube update says:

goal of your videos should be to make visitors watch your videos 100% this means that they are interested in your content, so the more people stay in your videos, the better they appear in search results

After this update, many terms appeared in the YouTube SEO field, the most important of which is: Audience Retention.

What we mean by “Audience Retention” is the rate you retain a visitor while they watch your videos.

In summary if the visitor exits your video as soon as he enters it all the strategies we explained to you will not help you!

So we always say that content is the king As for all of the SEO strategies we have explained, they are just a boost that helps the king (the content you provide).

Visitor duration is now considered the number 1 factor in order to get you up in search results.
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