get 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in a legitimate way

best way to publish YouTube videos on Facebook and get 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in a legitimate way.

best way to publish YouTube videos on Facebook and get 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in a legitimate way

It is known that Facebook does not support accessing directly to the YouTube application to watch videos, while using the phone, so when you click on the YouTube video link published on Facebook, you will find that  You find that Facebook has transferred you to the browser to watch the video, and this requires the viewer to log in with the email and password of his Google account in order to be able to subscribe to the channel and make a like or comment, and this of course will not happen, the viewer wants to transfer it to YouTube directly Therefore, you find that there is very little interaction on the videos, despite the fact that they are posted on Facebook on your public and personal pages.

 Let me tell you my friend...

 Do not worry ...

 On the question mark site, we will share with you the best way to publish YouTube video links on Facebook so that viewers can move to the YouTube application directly so that they can interact with your videos, and you can get the 4000 hours of public viewing and 1000 subscribers.

 picsee website, through which you will be able to convert the YouTube video link into a shareable link on Facebook so that when the viewer clicks on the video image, he will go directly to the YouTube application and be able to subscribe to the channel, like and comment, which is reflected on your channel positively.

 Features of picssee

 Facebook thumbnail size will be bigger

 The ability to change and modify the thumbnail image from within the site

 Supports most social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Skype and other sites

 The use of the site is free, but there are paid plans if you want to follow the statistics of clicking on the link and so on, but we will be satisfied with the free plan

 The sites are safe and do not violate the policies of YouTube or Facebook.

 Steps to convert a YouTube link into a shareable link on Facebook to enter the YouTube application directly

 1- Enter the picssee website from here

 2- Go to the YouTube app to copy the video link by clicking on the 3 dots next to the video.
3- Click on Share as shown in the image

 4- Then copy the link

5- Then go to the picsee website and paste the link in the white rectangle

6- The site will generate a new link that we copy

 7- Then go to Facebook to share the link in a new post

8- Click on Share and you can write what you want before placing the link so that the preview appears and you can then remove the link if you want

9- This is what the video looks like after publishing it on Facebook, where the thumbnail appears large and in the middle of it is the play video sign.

10- A window will appear for only 5 seconds after clicking on the video from Facebook, and then it will be transferred to YouTube

11- The video was directly entered from the YouTube application, where you can interact with the video in all forms.

 In this way, you, as the owner of a YouTube channel, can take advantage of the Facebook site and bring more real, interactive viewers to your videos, so that in a short period of time you can achieve the conditions of YouTube 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

In the event that you want to modify the thumbnail of the video to appear on Facebook in a different way from the YouTube image, you only need to follow the illustrated explanation.

1- Click on the word "edit"

2- Click on upload the file from the computer to open the phone studio

3- Click on the files as shown

4- Choose the image you want to set as a thumbnail

In this way, you have made the most of Facebook to be able to fulfill the conditions of YouTube and join the Profit Partners Program. There is also a video explaining the method in detail and to clarify some things.

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