How to sell and buy cryptocurrencies from the Bybit platform with the possibility of profit from it

There are many platforms for buying digital currencies with the possibility of reselling them in the cryptocurrency market, including the Bybit platform, which is among the three largest markets for buying and selling currencies over the Internet in different countries and in many currencies, so if you are interested, especially you want to Quick subscription and the ability to buy currencies in USDT and many currencies Follow the lesson on the profit from the Internet blog.

Bybit platform offers subscription without ID card, passport or any complicated registration requirements with the possibility of offering you 20 dollars for free in the first subscription, and the reason is that 20 dollars will start with it to learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from this platform, and this process helps the novice trader He must learn and experiment in the platform so that he can understand the basics of trading and understand the meaning of profit and loss before practicing trading with his own money in order to avoid losing his own money.

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How to sell and buy cryptocurrencies from the Bybit platform with the possibility of profit from them

Brief about (Bybit): The giant Paybit platform is a platform that offers many features that currency traders need, and this platform helps you trade in encrypted electronic currencies such as (BTC - ETH - EOS - XRP - USDT ...), also the Baybit website does not In his dictionary, there is a specific day to cancel your account in the event that you stop trading for a long period, meaning the trading process without being bound by an expiration date, unlike many other trading platforms in the world, which provides a comfortable and suitable environment for all traders around the world.

This platform for cryptocurrency trading has a very large number of users around the world, and the reason that made it a powerful and convenient platform is not the possibility of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but rather enabling everyone in the world to trade all kinds of financial assets in a simple way.

Some people experience with the Bybit platform starting in 2019: He started his experience on the platform from 2019, which was offering the first registration offer at a price of 10 US dollars, unlike 2021, starting at 20 dollars, and he also received an additional trading bonus through a competition estimated at a price 50 US dollars.

These bonuses offered by the site cannot be withdrawn, but you can use them for trading, and when you win money from trading, these profits are collected and withdrawn at once freely with the possibility of exchanging currencies on the platform, and the owner of this experience states that he benefited a lot from the platform and learned many concepts The important thing in trading contracts is through his personal experience with the possibility of reaching the minimum withdrawal limit, but he did not withdraw it because he wanted to develop himself and double the profits.

advantages of the Bybit platform: The Bybit platform has many advantages and perhaps there are some disadvantages that we beginners are not interested in.

1 . You can trade in a way similar to Long and Short, which is in short the process of profiting from the ups and downs of currencies with the possibility of controlling the profit rate while making a deal, and you can even stop deals before risks occur.

2 . You can use a leverage of up to 100 times to manage risks (I do not advise beginners to increase the leverage a lot until you learn more) and you can also use part or all of the balance if you wish.

3 . Multiple pairs in trading, as it is not only limited to the Bitcoin-dollar pair, but here are 4 pairs.

4 . Profits can be withdrawn when they reach the minimum amount of $ 10 and can also be transferred to one of the pairs available for withdrawal in a currency other than Bitcoin.

5 . The platform does not need to be activated with documents and is available to countries that suffer from the ban, unless you want to withdraw 50 bitcoins or more.

6 . The platform team accepts the discussions and suggestions submitted to develop the platform through a questionnaire form that can be submitted by any of the members, and some of the suggestions have already been implemented.

 How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from the Bybit platform

The Bybit 2021 platform is one of the three most powerful and best global sites in trading and profiting from the Internet, but before we proceed to explaining how to deal with the victim, you need to sign up for immediately on the site because you will win $ 30 and iPhone 13 if you are one of those who are on the site and it will end on 30 /11/2021, but if you subscribe to the link that I will give you, you will win $10 for free.

Note regarding the offer: If you recharge $ 10 on BYBIT via USDT, you will win $ 30 for free automatically.
And the lottery is for iPhone 13 only, and good luck to all.

How to register on bybit

1 . Registration on the site is very easy and does not require you to be a professional, and the process is to choose S'inscrire, then you fill in the blank boxes with the requirements, which are as follows: (e-mail, password and confirmation of the password, you agree to the terms J'accepte and move to the second stage Poursuivre).

2 . Then the Abha interface pops up some of the banned countries. You just click on Non, meaning you do not live in these countries.

3 . You will be sent a message containing 6 numbers, add them in the required field in front of you.

4 . Then, it will present you with a pop-up window that says Félicitations, and you just have to choose Nouveau dans le trading below it c'est moi.

5 . Another window will appear for you, just choose Revenir a l'accueil and congratulations on your registration.

If you want to withdraw more than 50 bitcoins, here you must activate a small process, which is as follows:

On the right of the screen you will find an icon for a small character that you click on and you will enter compte et sécurité, then you will choose vérification d'identité.

How to work in bybit

First, you must learn how to charge the site in the currency you want to work in, with the possibility of charging the USDT currency, and it is as follows:

There are two ways to charge your account in any home and the first way is to enter the Acheter des cryptos and then choose the amount, whether in, dollars or euros..., you choose the platform you want to charge the currency you want to use, including Paypal and Visa.. .

The second way to charge the account is to enter Actifs, then choose the compte spot, then you will find the word Dépôt, enter it and the page for choosing the currency in which you want to launch the account pops up. You deliberately choose the type of currency, take the calculation link and send the amount to him.

How to choose the currency you want to buy, store and trade in? You will enter Marchés, then you will find three options, including (Spot, Contrats and Favoris), people who want to win in trading choose Contrats and people who want to buy currencies choose Spot.
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