Smartphone History: When did the first phone appear?

Smartphone History: When did the first phone appear?

Smartphone History: When did the first phone appea

history of smart phones, which became an indispensable part of human daily life, began in 1958 AD when the German Post Office launched the first generation A of mobile communications networks. Except for the presence of an employee to coordinate and transfer calls, and the price of this ready-made was 15,000 German marks, and it was used only by personalities, politicians, the weak, and company managers.

history of phones is divided into two parts, the first section, which is the invention of a fixed phone, and the second section, which is the invention of the mobile phone. Mobile phones without increase or decrease, and the second section is smart and advanced phones.

In this post on the profit from the Internet site, we will address the first and second section with mentioning the most important in the history of smart phones, so if you are interested and looking for the development of phones, you may find the answer here, God willing.

history of smartphones

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable messengers, our master Muhammad and his family and companions and those who followed him in goodness until the Day of Judgment. In fact, if you follow the stages, you will say, Glory be to God, how the phones were and how they have become in our current age, and you will discover that they were very expensive in our time, and the reason is that they were only available to important personalities, politicians, nobles and everything that has to do with them.

Smart phones, which are now available to everyone, I swear to God that it is a blessing that has become very easy and not interested in them and at different prices, the phone was an impossible matter for many people, and you could not find a piece thrown in the street because it was expensive and rare in use and it was important in its time. That, but now smart phones are like shoes everywhere and used by the poor, the poor and the rich, and in some countries they are thrown in the street and garbage, with the possibility of turning them on for the second time.

Now we will get acquainted with the stages of phones from the 50th century to our time, which have a reputation and are known to you, and of course we will mention some information about the phone in a short way so that we do not prolong you because it is not a lesson to explain a program, but rather it is a small piece of information that we share with you to spread the benefit and return men to their youth.

Phone evolution stages

  • The stage of developing phones began in 1876 AD by the scientist (Graham Bell), where he thought of a means of communicating with people from a distance to solve a very large number of late problems, and it was a simple transmitter and a receiver and wires between them.
  • In the year 1882 AD, a telephone was invented and hung on the wall, and it was an ordinary telephone consisting of a headset holder, and the call must pass through a mediator and then transferred to the intended destination.
  • In 1919 the process of transferring calls directly to the desired without the intervention of the call adapter developed, and it was a wonderful development in this year, which will open a door to extend the devices.
  • In 1928, phones were developed until they became mobile phones and could be carried completely with one hand, meaning that the speaker and the earpiece were in the same arm, and then in 1937 AD, this phone was developed and it was provided with a disc that sounds the bell when any call comes.
  • In 1973 AD, it became possible for phones to dial the number through buttons instead of dialing the number through the wheel, and in the same year the scientist (Martin Cooper) developed the phone into a mobile phone that works remotely without the need for wires, and from here the process of starting The development of smart phones remotely and now dealing with the Internet.

The stages of telephones from the 50th century to the present time

Motorola Dynatake 8000X: This phone is the first phone that is considered one of the mobile phones, and the company that manufactured the phone is Ericsson, and that was in the fifties of the last century. Motorola produced the Dynatac 8000X, which was not released to the world market until 10 years later in 1983, and its price was 4000 dollars, and in order to be fully charged, it needed 10 continuous hours while it was connected to electricity. And you can only talk to him for 35 minutes, and yet he had a turnout.

Nokia Mobira: This phone was made by Nokia in 1984 under the name Nokia Mobira Talkman, and the feature that the Nokia Mobira phone had over the Motorola Dynatak phone was the length of time in the battery usage.

Motorola Startak: Motorola did not stop producing phones, and it showed the Motorola Star TAC in 1997, which destroyed the Nokia phone.

Nokia 8810: In the year 1997 AD, the Nokia 9000i phone and the Nokia 8810 phone appeared, which brought attention to phone lovers, and it was the first phone without a pickup, in fact it was a very wonderful phone.

BlackBerry: In the year 1999 AD, the BlackBerry phone stole the spotlight in its new form with many features, and it was a somewhat advanced phone from the previous phones and it had a turnout.

Nokia 7110: This Nokia phone was the first phone that can use the Internet using the WAP wireless application protocol in 1999, and I will not tell you how much the demand for it was strong.

iPhone: Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007 in the market, and it was the first smart phone that destroyed all the phones that passed before it with one precision and without return, people changed their view of old phones to these modern smart phones.

Thus, mobile phones have evolved into smart phones, and we are witnessing a very strange development from the beginning of the year 2008 to our present time.

What is the first smart phone?

The first smart phone appeared in 1992 AD by IBM, and two years later, this device reached the market at a price of 1,100 US dollars, even at this price in six months, the company sold more than 50,000 phones, and the reason is that the word “smart phone” excited American consumers in a new way completely .

It is the first smart phone from the beginning of the year 1992 AD from IBM under the name Simon Personal Communicator - SPC, which was launched in the market in the year 1994 AD, and this phone is one of the smart phones that meet all the requirements of the user at that time.

The Simon Personal Communicator - SPC was touch screen phone with the ability to send and receive faxes and e-mails, and had a calendar, address book, and original appointment scheduling. Featuring standard and predictive input screen keyboards, these features were different and advanced enough to be considered worthy of the title of "The World's First Smartphone".

How smartphones changed the business world?

Phones in the first were a means of remote communication and this was the idea and purpose of the phone industry, and this goal was actually achieved by making phones and solving a very big problem, especially for companies and institutions, but science did not stop in remote communication, but phones became a daily source of income for a large number of people Mobile phones have become a way to communicate with the world via the Internet.

Let evaluate some of the ways smartphones have changed the way we do business:

1 . Smartphones have allowed us to buy and sell products from the Internet, which has become the fastest and easiest way to earn money as well as buying products that are not available in your country.

2 . Thanks to smart phones, we can communicate with people around the world without interruption with the ability to share photos and videos, but also distance education and deal with most companies around the world.

3 . Smartphones have become a source of profit from the Internet and earn money through advertisements and services.

4 . Nearly 80% of all time spent on social media is on mobile devices, and this radical change has led to millions of businesses flocking to social media and pouring their time and energy into interacting with customers through this space.

5. Thanks to the phones, many officials in the world retracted their actions because there are social sites that leave neither small nor large, but exposed them in an entire world.

These changes are only a small part of the iceberg, but if we expand a lot in the world of phones, we will find wonders.
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