How do you use Instagram in digital marketing?

 How do you use Instagram in digital marketing?


How do you use Instagram in digital marketing?

Instagram is not only a platform for sharing personal photos and videos with friends, it is also an effective and powerful platform as an e-marketing tool in the world of business, one billion Instagram people every month around the world 90% follow accounts This means that your business account has the potential to reach 90% of the users of the application and this means Instagram marketing is difficult for projects large and small alike. In this article, you can learn how to use Instagram for your online store marketing.


 What is Instagram e-marketing?

Marketing on Instagram is one of the easiest e-marketing tools through which you can gain a large number of your target customers, especially if you support this by communicating with celebrities and influencers on Instagram to market your product or service.

How to use Instagram to market online in an effective and successful way for your product?

In the world of digital marketing, the goal is everything. Defining the goal helps you develop a strategy that fits this goal and re-evaluate it every period to match the desired goal and achieve your goal. Success means that there are several steps that you must follow in order to benefit from the advantages that Instagram offers for e-marketing and reach the target audience.

 First) Create a business account on Instagram

Creating a business account gives you many benefits that help you achieve your goal. The most important of these benefits is that you get information and analysis about the target audience and the content they prefer. This will help you a lot in planning the content of the account and knowing the best times to post on Instagram, as well as linking your personal page with your business account

How to create a business account via Instagram?

  •     Download the app first.
  •     Follow the registration steps and make sure that you use your business email.
  •     Provide your Instagram profile with your business data.
  •     Make sure that all the data is correct and returns to your business, for example, when registering the username, mention the name of the project and do not register with your personal name. This is an important step to start doing Instagram marketing.
  •     Make the profile picture the brand image of your business.
  •     Write an accurate description of your business for the audience to read and learn about the type of service, product or idea that you will conduct Instagram marketing for.


 Second) Understand Instagram's algorithms

Understanding Instagram algorithms makes it easier for you to reach your goal of e-marketing, as well as helps you reach a large number of your current followers and others and achieve the greatest return from Instagram marketing. It is necessary to adhere to the rules of Instagram algorithms after you understand them well

  •     Interact with posts: Make sure to make your followers interact with the content you provide because the Instagram algorithm assumes that users interact with the posts, photos and videos that they like, whether by commenting, sharing or liking, and you are keen to provide more of the same content, so make sure that you provide the content that attracts your audience and make it interact With you.
  •     User interests: The Instagram algorithm learns about the user’s interests from his interaction on the platform. If the user is interested in technology, it will show him everything new in smart devices and the like, so knowing the nature of your target audience is an important and necessary thing that you must pay attention to until your product reaches your target audience.
  •     Hashtags: Do not overuse them, some studies have shown that the ideal number of hashtags in each post should be between 8 and 11, which is a good way to search for the product and service you want.
  •     Freshness: The more recent the post, the greater the chance it will appear and spread. So you should post new content at a constant and regular pace.

Third) Create content for Instagram marketing

As you put the content, you should think of your audience first:

How do I win their sympathy and make them feel that I am keen in my product to serve and satisfy them.

Use my story to interact with them and for good communication.

Do not delay in responding to their inquiries or interacting with their comments.

It is necessary for your followers to feel that they are interacting with someone like them so you should always think of them, provide them with useful information and try to link it to your product or service

Here are some tips you should make sure you follow:

  •     Use the video a lot
  •     Post at the best time
  •     Reply to all comments
  •     Use Instagram stories to interact with followers and promote your product.
  •  This is an important and essential point because stories have many advantages. You can use the question and answer to get closer to customers, or use it for suspense to announce a new product. Other followers to interact with your content and service.
  •  Promote your Instagram account through other means of communication
  • Post daily on a consistent basis and on fixed dates
  • After you know the nature of your audience, you can guess the influencers who will influence the audience, do not delay in collaborating with them
  • Use paid ads to promote yourself Advertising campaigns are an effective way to increase followers

In conclusion, remember that the Instagram platform is important and is at the forefront of the most widespread social networking sites and attracts surfers, and the effective presence on it is a single indicator to increase the spread of your product or to market it, but it is not the presence on the platform that makes you success, but effective and appropriate marketing strategies for your product and audience that do so be Accurately as you put it and define your goal well and do not rush the result if you are reviewing your strategy from time to time and as long as you do not stray from the goal.

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