How to make a profit from e-commerce for beginners: 10 ideas for making a profit from e-commerce

 How to make a profit from e-commerce for beginners: 10 ideas for making a profit from e-commerce

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Working in e-commerce, ways to profit from e-commerce with how to work in it are the most important things that beginners who have a desire to e-commerce via the internet are looking for, so in this lesson we will explain to you everything related to this field in detail.

Profit from e-commerce via the internet has not become a fantasy, but has become a reality that we live in 2022, but many traders have become dependent on it as the number one source of income in their lives.

E-commerce has become very widespread in countries, and we have even seen on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok many traders and investors advertise their products in a big way, and this only indicates that online commerce has become the best-selling about the real world.

In this article on our website hosting you we will share with you everything related to e-commerce, but we will answer you all the questions that most beginners ask in e-commerce.


Here is the list that we will talk about, which will be the most important possible ways for you to learn e-commerce:

  • Profit from e-commerce through an electronic store.
  • Sell products on the Amazon website.
  • Profit from trade via Ali Express.
  • Profit from Alibaba's website is not in terms of buying and selling.
  • Profit by marketing electronic products.
  • Profit through affiliate marketing.

If you really want to get to know what e-commerce is, if you really want to get to know it in a nutshell, prefer the answer in the next paragraph:

The term e-commerce: e-commerce in summary, which is the process of trade, exchange, sale and purchase of products, services and information between( Merchant and seller) and ( buyer and customer), of course, this mutual process is via the internet.


 What is e-commerce

Before we get into the definition of e-commerce, we will get to know its history in a nutshell, because it is important to know about the history of the business in which we work, which turns into a very large source of income in the future.

- Electronic commerce was started in 1969 by two electrical engineering students from Columbus and it was in the state of Ohio, It was called CompuServe.


 - In 1979, e-commerce became the basis of internet marketing by the English inventor Mikhail Aldrich.

- In 1982, the first online market was opened, the Boston Computer Exchange (Boston Computer Exchange).

- In 1995, the largest online store appeared on the internet, Amazon and eBay, and it became payment by PayPal in 1998.

- In 2000, e-commerce companies were allowed to make ads through Google (googla adwords), which is now called google ads.

- In 2005, Amazon Prime service was launched by amazon.

- In 2009 retailers were allowed to accept debit and credit payments through an application by Square Financial Services (Square).


 - In 2014, Apple launched the smart smartphone payment tool and Digital Wallet Apple Pay (apple pay).

We now return to the definition of e-commerce, its concepts and the difference between it and traditional trade:

E-commerce was more known in the late nineties or we say in the early Twenty-First Century, trade is an exchange of the process of buying and selling goods and products over the internet, even services and information can be sold to people, in short, e-commerce is between the seller and the buyer via the internet.


 As for the electronic market: it is the place where all kinds of products and even services are offered at different prices for customers to buy via the internet, and this market is either an online store, a blog or a website, and also enters into social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Telegram... Etc.

Note for beginners:

  • Seller: he is the owner of the online store, which provides goods and services to the buyer.
  • Buyer: it is the user who buys from the seller the goods that he offers in the online store.

Bottom line: e-commerce is a market for the sale of products "goods", services and intangible products "produit digital", Of course, the more sales the greater the profits, just like traditional trade, but e-commerce targets the world at no cost from you or at lower costs than traditional trade.


 What is the convergence between e-commerce and traditional trade


1. Both need people with experience in the field of trade and economics.

2. Both need a workplace with the provision of tools.

3. Both need capital.

4. Both need financial accounts.

5. Both need a market to sell their own goods and services.

6. Both of them need to market and promote products in various ways.

7. Both are looking for a profit margin.


 What is the difference between e-commerce and traditional trade

1. E-commerce does not need a large capital unlike traditional trade often.

2. E-commerce does not need the presence of the seller and the buyer together, you will find the seller asleep and the sales are sold via the internet, unlike the traditional one that obliges you to meet with the seller.


3. E-commerce does not require you to work as much as traditional trade, and most online traders just sit in the office and buy and sell from the internet.

4. In e-commerce, you do not need to go out in order to sell products, it is enough for you to sell products while you are at home without attending the products either, unlike traditional trade, you must go out and get to know the buyer...Etc .

5. The means of promotion are only at home via the internet unlike the traditional Need attendance.

6. E-commerce the most well-known markets are ( social sites, website, online store), traditional trade you should search for the market and study it well before starting.

7. Trading on the internet does not need you to build a large space and buy it with big money, unlike traditional trading, you need space with large amounts and expensive expenses.

8. E-commerce helps you travel with your family anywhere without any restrictions, unlike traditional commerce you need to stay in the same location and if you have a non-brain malfunction you will not be comfortable.


Objectives, benefits and advantages of e-commerce

E-commerce has goals, importance, advantages and benefits for traders via the internet, for this I will share with you 17 important points in e-commerce, namely the following:

  • E-commerce has constituted a huge technical and economic shift in the local, international and global economy, communication networks and the internet.
  • Provide the service of ease of buying and selling products via the internet only.
  • It has provided the world with access to markets and electronic stores without any hassle.
  • It provided job opportunities for a very large number of young people who could not find workers in their country.
  • It provided assistance to people with needs such as those who cannot leave the House.
  • She helped in the development of websites and online stores and ease of navigation in order to buy and sell in various ways.
  • The emergence of many competing companies in the design of websites and electronic stores.
  • Buy products in various currencies.
  • I helped a lot of programmers and designers find jobs through the internet.
  • The opportunity to earn money from the internet without certificates or jobs.
  • It provided jobs for millions of young people.
  • It became a way to earn money many times more than the jobs he was engaged in or the traditional trade.
  • Social sites have become profiting from advertisements made by traders and investors via the internet.
  • E-commerce has become a way to raise awareness for a very large number of people that cannot afford to buy and sell products from the internet.
  • Save time and effort for the buyer.
  • The emergence of payment methods such as PayPal to Bayer, pioneer and visa with the possibility of transferring money via Western Union.


There are many benefits and goals that have been achieved after there is something in our time called e-commerce via the internet.


Advantages of e-commerce

E-commerce has advantages and features that traders need, beginners in the field of trading via the internet should get acquainted with them, namely the following:

  • E-commerce is inexpensive and does not require a large capital.
  • It is easy for you to get goods via the internet.
  • There are a very large number of types of goods that help you diversify products.
  • Save time, effort and money on all sides of e-commerce.
  • The opportunity to buy products with high quality and cheap prices because there is competition.
  • Create an online store without submitting any paperwork, taxes or complications in less than an hour.
  • Encourage women to work at home without mixing with men.
  • You do not need to commit to an official time.
  • The profits of e-commerce are double that of traditional commerce.
  • You are the manager.
  • The possibility of selling electronic services with ease.
  • Facilitate the process of purchasing products via the internet ( PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, pioneer, bitcoin, and many more ways).
  • One of the ways to profit from the internet without having much experience in trading.
  • No official office and no official job is needed.

 How to learn and profit from e-commerce

In order to profit from e-commerce, you need to learn the basics while providing the requirements, and if you work correctly, know that you will make a great success in this field, for this I will help you with 10 basic steps in order to profit from e-commerce, which are the following:

 E-commerce requirements

In order to start e-commerce, you need basic requirements and elements that are necessary before you start working, and without them you will not be able to increase one step in trade, which is the following:

1. A computer or smartphone for working and managing the site.

2. It must be available on the internet.

3. Develop a solid strategy to ensure success in managing e-commerce.

4. Create an online store or website.

5. Choose products that your audience is interested in or that are in great demand.

6. Study the market and the products you want to target such as electronics, cleaning supplies, computers and phones, clothing ... Etc.

 7. There must be a marketing plan that is successful for your products and also for your website.

8. Create a Facebook and Instagram page to promote products and make advertising campaigns for them, and you must also create an account in the Telegram group.

9. Hire a successful team that is fully equipped to manage advertising campaigns, as well as a team to provide products with the ability to communicate with customers the process of shipping orders.

10. Choose the shipping method to deliver the goods to the buyer.

11. Choose the payment method on your website or online store to send you money.

We will now explain these ten requirements in e-commerce to you in order.

 Preparing a comprehensive business plan for all the details in e-commerce

Preparing a comprehensive business plan: that is, you must arrange your work from all aspects, such as the time you will start working and the time you will stop, such as choosing the products that you will sell in your online store or website.

You must choose the market you will target, and in case you cannot manage the business on your own because it is large, you can distribute tasks among the work team, and you must also develop a tight plan in the process of marketing products via the internet.

Do not forget to make a well-thought-out plan about the budget and net profit while trying to take care of expanding the popularity of your business via the internet.

In summary, you should study your work from all sides, and develop a well-thought-out and non-random plan for it in order for the project to succeed for you and earn thousands of dollars a month, and it is not a shame to hire experts to study your project.

Creating an online store

Many traders think that the website or online store is just a waste of time and money, but in fact the online store has a very big role to increase profits in e-commerce.

You should create an online store if your intention is to actually double profits, and this store or website should be designed by designers according to the appropriate format, or you can also create a store from a famous company or platform for a monthly fee.

There are many platforms and companies that help you design a successful e-commerce website, namely:

You can also purchase a paid domain for the site on the namecheap platform

Profit from e-commerce is not limited to creating an online store, but you can profit by creating a website, a blog, as well as creating an application for your e-store in the Google Play Store platform, and also using Facebook or any of the social sites.

Choosing the type of products with high accuracy

The step of choosing the type of products on a website is the first step that you should think about well, because it is the idea that decides how to make your own online store.

This is a tip for you before you think about creating a website or an online store, or you want to create a Facebook page, you should choose the type of products that will be displayed on your online store.

Like any field in the internet, there are fields specializing in smartphones, fields specializing in animals, and a field specializing in operations and profit from the internet ...Etc.

If you are a merchant and want to sell products online, you should choose the type of products, whether they are accessories or cosmetics, electronics, food, Men's and women's clothing...This will also help you understand how to design the website.

You should also focus on the type of product is it international or global, or will these products be wholesale or retail Where Will you buy this item ؟ Are the people you are targeting looking for a product with high or minimal quality or both

Products can also be purchased in a very large quantity from the site and Alibaba website

Creating a portal for receiving payments from customers

It is important to add a payment tool or gateway in your online store. But the question is why should we add a payment gateway to the website

As an online merchant, you must add a payment gateway on your website, in order to provide an opportunity for the buyer to buy from your online store with ease on the internet, and do not forget to add the payment methods available in your country or the region you are targeting.

There are many sites that allow you to create a payment gateway on your site, but the most famous of them are:

  • The Payfort portal
  • Paypal for business

Of course, when you log in to these sites, you register with a new account and provide all your real data.

Also, when you register on these sites, you link your PayPal, bank account, visa or MasterCard account with it.

You should know that in this process your first concern is to create a portal for receiving money from people, for this you must carefully choose the type of payment you want.

Do not forget to also add electronic banks such as PayPal, Bayer and Pioneer because they have become one of the ways people use the internet, also monitor the banks that people use a lot in your home country.

Hire a team to manage your online store

When you reach the profit stage of e-commerce, stand with yourself because you probably do not have much experience in trading, and when we say that you do not have the experience in the sense that you will venture into managing your trade and probably will not succeed and often will not succeed.

 That's why hiring an integrated team to manage your online store is the right way to earn money in a big, successful and 100% guaranteed way.

The work team of your online store may consist of the following:

1. An employee is responsible for sales management.

2. An employee is responsible for selecting the most popular or popular types of goods in the markets with quality and price control.

3. An employee is responsible for SEO Websites to bring the product to a very large number of people in Google search engines.

4. An employee responsible for marketing products by doing advertising campaigns.

5. An expert in programming and designs to arrange the site according to the type of products.

6. An employee is responsible for communicating with customers and clients.

Of course, this team is if you have a big store and you want to double profits and work with all that you need, as we say.

But if you have a small store and the possibility does not allow and one employee with experience in all these services is enough for you, that's fine.


You may ask where I will find clients and experts in e-commerce, and I don't know them, so either you will communicate with someone who has experience and knows people who have experience in the field of e-commerce, or you will find it on a website / or location

Providing communication service between customers and employees

Communication with customers is very important, whether after they arrive or when they ask you to sell them a product.

Providing female or male employees in order to communicate with customers is very important to answer inquiries, product arrival dates and shipping time, and the communication service is important before shipping products to make sure whether the buyer is sincere in saying or not.

You should know that the products are often returned to you a percentage of them, in the sense that you sent 200 products, 40 products are returned for many reasons, here you must choose courteous employees who are good at convincing users that the product has become a discount for the customer to buy in order not to return the goods to you.


 Also, the role of employees is to convince customers to buy products, the more professional employees there are in persuasion, the more sales there will be.

This business helps to increase your profits online, and you also buy the help of customers with your professional treatment, which is the reason for their return to you.

Determination of means of transportation and delivery of goods

When I was a beginner in e-commerce, I had a question about how I would find delivery companies, how is the situation of those who live in the same state as I am currently, and many questions that made me stop and look for a way to send products.

Do you know when the virus 19 appeared in the world, of course there was a global crisis and many people suffered poverty, but delivery companies were working 24/24 because people do not go out, as we say (people's misfortunes when people have benefits).

That's why you should choose a means of transporting products that is cheap compared to other companies, there are also people with motorcycles who deliver products in the same state as you.

Do you have an online store Do you want to work in e-commerce Then you must specify the means of transportation and delivery of goods.

Marketing your online store

Many online merchants ask why it failed and many competitors succeeded, the reason is because companies are marketing their online store on the internet.

OK, what is e-marketing

E-marketing means that you are promoting your website or electronic content through internet marketing platforms, and marketing is not limited only to the online store, but can be marketing to the site, blog, applications, programs and products.

In other words, E-Marketing, which is that you are promoting your site on social sites in return for the content reaching a large number of people, especially interested, and so you can attract a large number of people to sell your products.

 OK, what are the means of electronic marketing via the internet

1. Google Marketing, in the sense that it will make an advertising campaign in the Google Ads platform for the site to appear in Google search engines.

2. SEO marketing, in the sense of working with SEO standards that make your content improve in search engines.

3. Marketing through Facebook ads facebook ads.

4. Marketing through Instagram ads, and you can do it at once between the Facebook and Instagram page with one account.

5.  Marketing through Twitter Ads.

6. Cross-platform marketing ads account.

7. Marketing through YouTube ads, the process is by creating short videos.

8. Marketing through Google AdMob applications, and this platform for those who do not know it, it is a platform that displays ads in smartphone applications.

It is easy to identify marketing platforms, but it is difficult to develop a solid plan for managing advertising campaigns, so you should study the campaign well, not in terms of targeting, keywords and interested countries.

The advertising campaign needs an experience in which you will lose money to identify the product in any place that works well, so try to use words with less competition and have a large or medium search.

You should also set a daily or monthly budget for your advertising campaigns.

Having a website and social media accounts

We will conclude with this last step is to have a website, blog or account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ... Etc.

You can practice your e-commerce through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social sites, and you can also use the site or Blogger Blog with the possibility of profit from Google AdSense.

You can also create an application for your online store, and as you know that applications have become the most downloaded and installed in smartphones, so do not underestimate the effectiveness of applications.

And do not think that trade is limited to what I mentioned to you, wherever there are people, you should target them because you are dealing with people, there are strong forums and social sites in traffic.

In conclusion, I hope to benefit a very large number of beginners wishing to profit from e-commerce, we ask you to pray and peace be upon you.

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