Explanation of the Tubebuddy tool Tubebuddy issues the search results in YouTube

Explanation of the Tubebuddy tool Tubebuddy issues the search results in YouTube

Tubebuddy is the most powerful SEO tool for YouTube targeting YouTubers. It is an add-on for the Browser Extension, which many YouTube content creators use because of its features and characteristics that help them develop their content. Tubebuddy helps them manage and follow their channels better.

Also, the Tube Body tool has a Tube Body application available on the phone that can be downloaded. It helps to follow and improve the YouTube channel of the YouTuber while using the mobile easily.

Below we will talk in some detail about Tubebuddy Tools to follow your channel and correct your statistics, as well as the tool's characteristics and features and use it to provide the best experience for channel owners on Youtube, and thus increase the profit from Tubebuddy Tools as it helps spread your content.

Explanation of the Tubebuddy tool Tubebuddy issues the search results in YouTube

About Tubebuddy Tool (What is Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy was launched in December 2014, and since then, and before that, as it was previously a subsidiary of Google, it provides tools to develop and assist YouTube content creators.

Tubebuddy in YouTube allows you to search for a topic and it will lead you to the list of videos related to your search The tool is now supported by Chrome, firefox, Edge, after installing the tool on your browser, go to your YouTube account to see the features provided by Tube Body Through its logo that you will find after linking it to your account on Tubebuddy.com.

You can get the Baddy Tube tool completely free of charge, but there are some advanced features and paid subscriptions at different prices, but most people can deal and improve their channels as well with free features.

The developers of the tool offer offers and discounts for YouTube channels that are still in their infancy, for the first times of purchase, and annual discounts from time to time, and there is also a trial period on the paid features of Tube Body for free that does not require credit cards to activate it.

Explanation of how to get the Tube buddy tool

After installing and getting the most powerful YouTube SEO tool in your browser, let it be chrome, go to the tool’s website link, sign in, and then add your YouTube channel and link it to your account on Tubebuddy to start your experience.

Or you can download the Tubebuddy application to follow your channel from your mobile phone while you are on the go, whether it supports Android or IOS operating system.

How does Tubebuddy tool work?

Tubebuddy allows you to get on top of search results with popular YouTube keywords. It does this by ranking your video higher than others in searches.

Some of the features of Tubebody:

We will now discuss a set of the most prominent features offered by Tubebuddy, which help to follow and manage YouTube channels and communicate effectively and effectively with followers, making them the best in competition and leading search results.

Quick access list

A menu that is next to the youtube search rectangle at the top, marked with the Tubebuddy logo, and appears after linking your YouTube channel to your Tubebuddy account.

With this menu, you can enter your control page on Tubebuddy by clicking on the word My Account, and it also makes access to a number of parts of the control panel simple and easy from any site on it.

The quick access menu can also be used to control many features and add more than one youtube channel to your main account.

Create Thumbnails

YouTube creators usually resort to making video edits through image editing programs such as Photoshop and others, but not everyone has this skill. Tubebuddy provided the ability to edit videos and add images, whether from your content itself or from your device, in addition to writing phrases and adding some shapes.

It is known that these thumbnails help spread the videos and increase the number of views, because of their impact on attracting viewers, and YouTube and its analytics system alerts that the video is distinctive, good and practical, which also contributes to its spread.

Reply to comments through the list of alerts

If you are a YouTube user in general, you are sure to know that the list of alerts appears when you press the bell icon at the top of the screen, and there the latest comments appear if there is your video commented on by the audience.

The tubebuddy tool provides the ability to respond to these comments through that list, just click on the comment you want to reply to and type the appropriate comment.

Canned responses

If you have many YouTube channels and a large number of subscribers, replying and writing a comment for each one separately consumes a lot of time and effort, and the tool solved this problem with this feature.

Through the ready comments feature, it is possible to write some responses through the control panel and respond to the comments of the followers by choosing the appropriate comment from them.

This feature can be activated by selecting the Tubebuddy logo icon under the comments and clicking on the gear sign, which will send you to the control panel to add a ready response.

Upload Checklist:

A useful tool that helps in uploading and publishing. It is a box in which a reminder of all the tasks that must be completed before publishing videos, such as: a description of the video, adding some keywords, and making sure to activate the Monetization feature to profit from videos and other tasks.

Vid2Vid promotion:

It is one of the important characteristics of promoting and publishing videos through previous videos. YouTube provides the Feature Video feature to advertise videos through an ad that appears under the videos. The viewer just has to click on it to watch the other advertised one.

Vid2Vid promotion helps you easily add a link to the advertised video in the description place, and that's for you, so you don't have to edit the description and add new ads and links.

Easy to view statistics:

The YouTube YouTube SEO tool made it easy. I want to see the statistics of each video through the statistics it provides through the videos page itself, instead of the ramified YouTube statistics through a box that appears in each video on your channel or others on YouTube, showing its spread and interaction on it.

Performance comparison:

There is a Compare button at the top in the statistics, it compares the performance between your videos and your competitors' videos or even channels, you just have to click on it and enter the videos or channels you want to compare.

Connect with YouTubers around the world:

When you upgrade to Collabspace Pro, a fast-growing community of youtube content creators, you have to create a profile of your channel, what you offer, what collaborations you want, and see if other subscribers are a good fit to collaborate with you.

Video description and captions:

There is a 3play Media service that Tubebuddy cooperated with, which facilitates and helps to name and add titles to videos easily and in a short time for only $2 per minute, and this helps to spread and increase youtube views as descriptions, explanations and titles help to attract viewers and spread videos.

training and development:

Tubebuddy, through an important collaboration with Broken Peanut Agency, which in turn is a digital marketing agency that specializes in YouTubers, provides branded content, and through it, experienced YouTube experts will help you if you want a consultation or answer for a full hour, and then you will receive your call recorded and plan To help you out, the highlight here is that a consultation is usually $249 for the agency but if you are a TubeBuddy member you will get your advice for only $100.

Access to an audio library provided by YouTube for free:

Tubebuddy gives full access to AudioHero's library of 250,000 tracks and sound effects, gets 25% off on Epidemic Sound, and offers the ability to create your own songs.

The features and features of tubebuddy do not stop there. These are just some of the most famous ones, there are other features that will appear to you with use, and more features if you convert to one of the versions that needs to be upgraded, all of this helps to spread your videos and channel, which makes Tubebuddy really the most powerful YouTube SEO tool.

Tubebody paid tool:

It is known that with premium subscriptions, you access features that further help in publishing and creating your content. The tool provides three types of monthly subscriptions, each with its own advantages:

TubeBuddy Pro: $7.20 per month provides unlimited access to the most premium productions and tools for better optimized videos.

TubeBuddy Star: At $15.20 per month, it offers the same features as TubeBuddy Pro plus some features and bundled processing tools.

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