How to protect your channel from illegal clicks and invalid visits

How to protect your channel from illegal clicks and invalid visits

In this article on hosting frichipro you will be able to know the correct meaning of illegal clicks, invalid visits or any invalid activity on your channel or blog. Or your application because of these activities, and we will also learn the correct way to protect your channel from illegal clicks and invalid visits, but let us first learn about some terms.

How to protect your channel from illegal clicks and invalid visits

 What are illegal clicks and invalid visits

Invalid visits include any clicks or impressions that may falsely inflate the advertiser's costs or the publisher's profits, whether these clicks and visits are intended or even unintended. It is known that there are CPM ads and Pay-per-click (CPC) ads, and this system depends on Google Adsense ads

Examples of invalid visits and invalid clicks
* That the owner of the channel or blog clicks on the ads displayed on the videos of his channel or blog ads in an intentional or unintended way.

* Duplicate impressions or repeated clicks on ads from one or more accounts (meaning, do not give advice and enter from another account)

* Automatic traffic sources that rely on bots and sites where you buy visits or fraudulent programs that result in illegal visits and clicks.

Why we should not make invalid visits and illegal clicks.

It is necessary that the clicks that Google Adsense ads receive arise from real interest from users, to protect advertisers from false costs. In order to increase their profits, regardless of the purpose of the advertisement.

Are you as an advertiser (the owner of the advertisement) will you be satisfied with the result of the campaign?

Of course, the answer would be... no

I was not satisfied because the creation of the advertising campaign did not bring positive results for me as an advertiser, so Google protects advertisers with these measures. From the quality of your visits, there may be the possibility of your ads being shown limited, suspended or permanently suspended, and as a result of invalid clicks, you may also notice a difference between your estimated and final earnings How do I protect my account from illegal clicks

What are the most common reasons that lead to the suspension of the AdSense account or its final closure due to invalid visits?

1 - Clicking on the ads that appear on your YouTube channel, blog or app

* You should not click on any advertisement that appears on your channel, blog or application, and you should not increase the number of impressions for the advertisement, i.e. do not open your videos repeatedly because this will result in the repeated appearance of the advertisement, meaning that the repeated appearance of the advertisement is artificial such as clicking On advertisements, you should not do this, either manually or automatically, and you must skip the advertisement so that the costs borne by the advertiser are not artificially increased unintentionally.

* If you want to get more information about any of the ads that appear on your channel, site or app, you must write the url to the advertiser’s page directly in any browser or go to Google and search for this advertiser.
* In the event that you want to click on the ads to see the advertisers’ page or to view more details about the ad, you must add the Google Publishers Toolbar, an extension that is added to Google Chrome to click and verify the ads on your page without counting invalid clicks.

2- For one or more users to repeatedly click on the ads on your channel, site or application, intentionally or unintentionally.
* As a content creator, you must not encourage or ask your followers, friends, family, etc. to click on your ads.
* Do not ask users to support your channel, blog or app or offer rewards to them for clicking on your ads, nor do you exchange views and clicks on groups.

3- Receiving visits that take place automatically or through tracking programs.
* It is important for you as a content creator to review the traffic sources because there may be visits caused by a bot or scam programs and of course you do not bring visits to your site or channel because these visits will result in repeated impressions or illegal clicks.

4- Manipulating the way advertisements are displayed.
* Everyone seeks to increase profits by targeting high-priced words, but you must take into account that you do not use words that are not related to the content of your channel or site to obtain ads that achieve higher returns.

5- Use a motivating traffic source.
* Content creators should not use third-party services that generate clicks or generate high impressions such as paid browsers, paid click programs, auto browsing and click exchange.

6- Placing the advertisement in certain places with the aim of deceiving users into unintentionally clicking on the advertisement
* If you are the owner of a website or blog, you are not allowed to place advertisements in places that may lead you to believe that they are other content, such as download links or navigation elements.
* Placing non-standard ads where they are not visible or difficult for the user

7- If you are the owner of an application that does not allow you to include ads in software applications

Such as toolbars, desktop applications, browser extensions, etc. This also includes applications hosted through third-party websites, which leads to invalid clicks from users who do not intend to click on ads but do so unintentionally.

Who is responsible for illegal clicks on your channel or blog

creators participating in AdSense are responsible for the visits and clicks that reach their ads, so you should carefully monitor ad visits to ensure that there is no unusual activity in your Adsense account. Follow the tips that protect you from illegal clicks, which are:

How to protect your account from illegal clicks

1- Seeing the number of visits to your ads and visitors to your site. 

* Through the reports in the Google Adsense account, you can find out the percentage and number of clicks that come on your channel or site, notice any suspicious activity (abnormal increase in the number of clicks or impressions of the advertisement) and report this unusual suspicious activity to Adsense support by Use this form
* Use Google Analytics to get detailed information about your website visitors and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior from users.

2- Avoid entering into partnerships with unreliable low-quality bodies. 

* Be careful if you buy traffic by partnering with low-quality ad networks, search engines, or directories sites in order to increase the number of visits to your site, most of these sites send you fake visits despite their appearance that seems real. Monitor the visits to your ads by integrating your AdSense account with your Google Analytics account to monitor your traffic sources

3- Do not click on your ads or exchange click and watch operations
* As we said at the beginning of the article, you are prohibited from clicking on your ads, even if unintentionally, and do not motivate and encourage anyone to click on your ads. If you are interested in advertising, search for the advertisers page or write the advertiser’s URL.

 Dont underestimate it

 Because Google AdSense, when filtering and analyzing clicks on your ads, if you find that you are clicking on your ads, you may disable your account in order to preserve the advertiser's costs and protect his money.

4- Do not open the video again and again because this leads to the repeated appearance of the advertisement
Thus, an increase in cost for advertisers. If you encounter an advertisement on your videos, skip it, because it is known that there are CPM ads and CPC ads.

Comparison of CPM and Pay-per-click (CPC) ads

But if you have already made any of these mistakes and your AdSense account has already been suspended and ads disabled on your blog, channel or app, you must use this form, which is the account suspension appeal form due to invalid advertising activity

5- For bloggers and website owners, they can use statcounter
Where it will analyze all the clicks that come to your site with two IP addresses and where exactly the click comes from and will reveal everything to you. Just try it and you will discover more and most bloggers use it.

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