The correct way to increase subscribers and views from Facebook

The correct way to increase subscribers and views from Facebook

How to get real subscriptions and views

Everyone is now looking for a way to get subscribers for a YouTube channel. And the way to get views, and this is what we will talk about on the hosting frichipro site, there are many ways through which you can increase subscribers to your channel, and increase views in a legitimate way, because one of the conditions of YouTube is that the views and subscribers, from legitimate sources, and not from applications and sites sharing subscriptions, which It may lead to the closure of the monetization feature on your channel, and this method depends on obtaining real followers by building a Facebook page that promotes your channel and your content. But you will tell me, but I do not have the money to make a page from scratch, and then I finance it with a promotional advertisement so that I can get likes for this page, I do not need to worry my friend and follow me ..

How to convert your personal account on Facebook to a public like page.

Everyone now has a personal account on Facebook that has a lot of followers, and some of us even have more than one account with hundreds or even thousands of friends and followers. Most of your friends and followers on your personal account will turn into fans and followers of your new page, without interfering with you, but you will also be able to keep your personal page, and you will still be able to communicate with your friends, then we will use this page to promote our YouTube channel, but in a very smart way we will learn about it in This mini-course, and then we will also learn how to merge more than one Facebook page into one page, then you will be able to build a huge audience that you can intelligently convert into subscribers and viewers on YouTube.

Profit from Facebook pages

Yes, you can profit from Facebook pages, by publishing your content and videos on your Facebook page, you can also profit from Facebook, and you should know well, that the spread of videos on Facebook is much faster than its spread on YouTube, but you must know the basics of profit from Facebook and the conditions Profit from Facebook through this link, and to be able to convert your personal page to a public page, watch the video and follow the explanation in detail.

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