Create a PayPal account 2022

Create a PayPal account 2022

 Create a PayPal account 2022

Creating a PayPal account 2022 has become a necessity for everyone who works in the field of profit from the Internet and for everyone interested in shopping and completing safe financial transactions on the Internet, and how to create a PayPal account is very easy, and it will only require you to take simple steps, and be able to send and receive money via PayPal.


The importance of creating an account on PayPal.

Most of the sites on the Internet support payment and purchase through PayPal, so whatever your uses, you will need an active PayPal account, as well as there is an advantage of refunding the money that was paid to purchase products in the event of any problem with the product, so it protects its customers from any fraud or purchase It is fake, and one of the most important advantages of a PayPal account is the ease and speed of transfers anywhere in the world, as PayPal is used in more than 200 different countries around the world, and this is what made about 255 million people use PayPal in their online financial transactions.


Is a PayPal account safe?

PayPal is one of the fully secured financial transactions, whether in the processes of sending, transferring or receiving money, as there are many guarantees on this site, which makes it completely safe to conduct any financial transactions, and one of the advantages of financial transactions through a PayPal account is that you will not use your bank account information or Your credit card directly on any site, you will use the email of your PayPal account only, if the payment data is leaked on this site for any reason, you will be completely safe because you did not use your banking information on this site directly.


Paypal account features

The most important feature of the PayPal account is the possibility of linking the PayPal account to a local visa or a bank account, so that users can get the money in the PayPal account at any time they want, thus ensuring that the account holder gets his money in PayPal easily.

PayPal is also characterized by high security in dealing, as no transfer or payment is made through PayPal except with full insurance through the various automated protection methods provided by the site.

PayPal is one of the easy ways that enables people to receive their money that they obtained from freelance sites or that results from commissions or external transfers in exchange for a simple transfer commission compared to other electronic banks, so the PayPal account is one of the best electronic banks on the Internet.

Paypal account features

Types of computers in Paypal  

1- Business Account 

This type of account is dedicated to selling products on the Internet, where it accepts payments by debit and credit cards, in return for paying a certain fee, and this type of account can be managed by a large number of people and accessed by up to 200 employees, and therefore this account is suitable for medium and large companies.

 2- Personal Account 

This account allows you to shop, transfer and receive money easily through your computer or phone. It is suitable for individuals as it is characterized by ease and speed in sending and receiving money.


 Steps to create an account on PayPal 2022

To create a PayPal account, you must follow these simple steps 

1- Entering the official PayPal website by clicking here or writing the website link

2- The main PayPal website window will appear and choose from it either register for free or register for subscription

3- You must specify the type of account you want to create, is it a personal account or is it a business (commercial) account

4- We will choose a personal account and later if you want to transfer it to a business account, there is no problem.

5- Before clicking on Continue, you must make sure of the country in which you reside. You will find it below the Continue button

6- Type your phone number, in order to send a 6-digit verification code, you must enter it in the required place and then click on Next.

7- Prepare your PayPal account profile, where you will enter your e-mail address, where this e-mail will be the official e-mail of your PayPal account, then write your first and last name and choose a strong password to be the password for your PayPal account.

All data must be correct and be in English, and this data must be identical to the personal card or any other proof of identity such as a passport, because in some cases proof of identity is requested for the site, do not try to write any fake data.

8- Add the residential address and it must be identical to what is in the identity proof along with some other data such as date of birth, nationality, region and postal number, then some of that agree to the terms and conditions and click on the blue box at the bottom of the page (consent and create an account)

9- A page will then appear asking you to add a debit card, credit card or bank account. Ignore this page now.

After that, close the page and re-enter it by logging into the PayPal website and then logging in or logging in to


 How to secure and verify a PayPal account.

You must do these simple steps in order to verify the account in order to be able to receive and send any money through the account that we created on the PayPal website

First: Verify by e-mail, by entering the e-mail that we used to open the PayPal account, where we will find that the PayPal site has sent a verification message to the e-mail, you must enter this message and click on the account confirmation, you will find it in blue .

Second: You must enter the site’s settings by clicking on the gear sign at the top right of the page and then choosing Security, then choose Verify by two-factor authentication and put a phone number in the space provided, the site will send a 6-digit number to your phone, By typing this number in the space provided, and thus you have done the two-step verification feature in your PayPal account, as it is impossible for anyone else to access your account without your knowledge because simply while writing the email and password for this account, the site will send a text message in which there are 6 numbers that must be entered Paypal first to log in.

Third: You must select the security questions from the same account protection page, where you can choose two questions and answer them. You will need those answers when you take any sensitive action such as changing the password, so save these questions and write them in an external paper.


 How to activate a PayPal account.

Activating the account and linking it to a Visa or a bank account is one of the most important steps, as the PayPal site allows you to link the account to a Visa or bank account so that you can withdraw your money from the account or deposit money.

By clicking on the Wallet, then choosing to link a card or a bank account, then two options will appear to link a debit or credit card, and the second option is to link a bank account (for Egypt, bank accounts do not support PayPal), so we will choose the first option, which is linking a card Withdraw or credit.

Then, write the visa data that you will link to the PayPal account. In this case, we will put, based on my personal experience, an Easy Pay visa from Egypt Post, as it is valid for linking to a PayPal account, and you can extract it from any post office for only 15 Egyptian pounds, then you contact customer service to activate it and you After that, the amount of 100 pounds is deposited in this visa to be ready for connection with PayPal.

After writing the visa data, the site will deduct a trial amount of 1.5 euros as a test for the validity of the message and after confirming the validity of the card, the amount will be refunded to your account, but you must first contact the technical support of the EasyPay card in order to obtain the 4-digit transaction number as this number is Through which you will activate the account.






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