Solve the problem of not archiving articles in Google Blog | Blogger archiving problem

Solve the problem of not archiving articles in Google Blog | Blogger archiving problem

Google Blog | Blogger archiving problem

problem of not or delay in archiving topics suffers from a very large number of blogger users, and this is not far away because it is a free platform and you must be exposed to such errors in archiving and if you are proficient with SEO standards, unlike bloggers who work on the WordPress platform, they do not suffer from such This problem is in archiving, as it often does not exceed 24 hours and you will find it in a good arrangement on search engines, and unfortunately, Google has not taken this into account and we do not know the reason yet.

Archiving articles in search engines is important and you must be careful about it and monitor it daily, such as daily eating and sleeping, because when you write an article with a number of more than 3000 words and according to SEO standards, which takes you daily, and in goodness, you find that the article has not yet been archived in Google search engines, this is unfair For the professional blogger, but nevertheless, we try as much as possible to impose ourselves on the search engines by applying some legitimate methods, which I personally find is the last solution for those who suffer from the problem of archiving, so if you are interested and you are still working on the Blogger platform, follow this valuable lesson on the blog Earn from the Internet hosting frichi .

Blogger archiving problems

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for what follows, dear followers of Hisham Hashem blog for information, technologies and profit from the Internet. Today in the Blogger section, we will touch on a very important topic for every blogger who has the desire to bring visits from Google search engines, and this topic is in fact the cause of trouble and misery for a very large number of bloggers, especially professionals in blogging, and I also suffer from this problem, but with the application of some processes that we will explain You will solve this difficult problem for you in the archive.

Archiving articles in Google engines is one of the best ways to work on a blog, website, and forum. The reason is that the visits that come from search engines are more interested in the above. Moreover, if you rely on profit from the Internet, you attract a target audience and this increases profits if you place ads Google Adsense.

We, as bloggers in the field of blogging on sites, do not rely on social sites because we know that the site will be banned one day, so we write articles with full SEO standards in order to bring visits from Google that do not end, because in order to attract visits from Google search engines, you think Well, you have a future ambition in the blog, not in terms of the success of the site to attract visits and also increase profit from Google Adsense or any competing company or any business to profit from the Internet.

Of course, solving a problem that may have many ways to solve it, but I personally tried methods that took me time and all of them worked for me, but I reached one inescapable result, which I apply daily, however I will share with you the methods I tried that may work for you personally or At least know the stages you went through and deduce from them, perhaps you will extract a successful idea and share it with us in the comments.

 Before we get into the experiments you made, you must first add the site in Google Search Console.

1 . Proof of ownership of the site

first process in the Google Search Console site is to prove the ownership of the site. Of course, the ownership of the site is very easy and does not require you to be a professional. This process was added in order to verify your site. Are you really the owner of the site or just added the sites of others, and the proof process is through Code is placed at the bottom of the <head> .

You will be adding free or paid hosting, the process of adding the domain will be in the "Base URL" field:

  • https://www.domine
  • http://www.domine
  • https://domine
  • http://domine

In the "Domain is a new feature" section, you add the domain without www, for example:

The second stage will prompt for verification by copying and pasting the HTML meta tag below the <head> .

Copy the meta tag as in the image and enter the blog, then to appearance and personalization, then modify the HTML and paste the code under <head>, after the saving process, you return to the webmaster and click on confirm and it will make a review and congratulations on activating the site.

process of activating the site is important from two sides. The first side is that one of the conditions for making profit in Google Adsense is activating the site. The second side, as we mentioned to you, has to do with SEO standards.

 2 - Sitemap:

A sitemap file is an XML file that contains all the titles in the blog, and helps you provide all the information on your pages, even videos, and all the files that your site or blog contains, and what is its relationship with them. Because of these files, Google provides smarter crawling to your blog, and provides All the details such as the time you modified the pages, the number of times the change occurred, and what country language... .

 How to properly install a sitemap

Installation method You will find at the top the title "Add a new sitemap", you will add 5 files, the most important of which is sitemap.xml. When you add it click on the send and congratulations.






Download files from here → Sitemap

: For ( atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500/ ) you will find your file in this site blogger/sitemap

Add your domain as shown in the picture. And click on GENERATE SITEMAP

Robots.txt . file

Many do not know why the description of topics does not appear in the search engines, knowing that he has added a paid, sound and fast template and adds the tags and all the SEO criteria from A to Z.

Yes, why does the description of the topic not appear in the Blogger blog? Because you have not modified a file called Robots.txt, and this type of file if you do not modify it properly will cause the problem of not showing the topic description, and also not allowing many topics to be archived and also not showing ads on the pages. That is why I am here to offer you the correct way and what are the correct commands to do so.

How to properly install Robots.txt file?

The robux file that you will download will look like this:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Download the full file from here Robots.txt


 Note: Change the domain of my website to the domain of your site only.

◀ For more lessons on Google Console and how to install from here: Add your site to Webmaster Tools to publish Google search results 2022

Solve archiving problems in Blogger blog

After you know what you must do before applying the solution to the problem in the archive, we will move to the last stage that you will encounter sooner or later, for this a little focus and attention because I will share with you what you have not heard before on any YouTube channel or read in the blog often.

first experience in solving the archiving problem: the first operation that I did and it succeeded with me, which is that I deleted the publication and published it in a new article with a new date, with the link also changed.

second experiment in solving the problem of archiving: The second process was to publish it, and it passed for more than two days, and it was not archived. The request was re-requested for archiving and then succeeded, but rarely.

third experiment in solving the archiving problem: Whenever I publish any article, I request indexing directly.

fourth experiment in solving the archiving problem: The last experiment, which is the best that has worked for me so far, is that you retrieve the draft article and republish it with a new date with a change in the link address, and this process may not work for you in the first, second, or even on the third day, but on In general, it is the best method that works for me, because I re-share it with a new date, and it often does not exceed 24 hours and is archived.

And this I can share with you my experience, even if it is sometimes delayed, but you should only repeat the same scenario because Google believes that there is a similar link and it is not archived.

Note as a daily experience: If you publish any topic and put a link on social sites, the entry of a large number of people, and in this case it is archived within less than 4 hours, it may be due to the strong push to enter the article and God knows best.

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