How to earn from the sweatcoin application - earn money from the Internet by walking only

How to earn from the sweatcoin application - earn money from the Internet by walking only

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The application of profit from walking sweatcoin is among the best application for profit from the Internet for beginners, and as everyone knows that this application does not require you to experience or education, but rather is the process of walking and running daily, earning dollars from it and withdrawing it from PayPal when you achieve more than 10 dollars.

There are many applications for making money that work on the Android and iPhone system, and in fact, some of them are successful and credible, and some of them are scams and frauds on others. From you to experience, but daily movements and earn money.

There are many questions about profiting from the Sweatcoin walking program, and among these questions are: Is the application honest or not Is the app real or a hoax Can you really make money from this app? Is it really by walking you can win? What are the conditions of work in the application? How can I withdraw money? Does it support paypal? All of these questions and more are discussed in this article to provide you with a complete and comprehensive explanation of the Sweatcoin app.

Before we start explaining the Sweatcoin application, you should know that it is not available in some English countries if you want to download it from Google Play of course, and this means that the application is prohibited in these countries that are in the policy of this application, and in this case it is only downloaded outside Google Play Store as an apk file and then install it on the phone.

How to earn from sweatcoin app

Profit from the Sweatcoin walking program is a great idea to give you a few dollars a day whenever you are walking or running in the street, and in fact the application is a bit entertaining because it accompanies you wherever you go, whether in work, garden, sports, home..etc.

As an experience with several people in the virtual world, the application is honest, successful, and a real application that pays users whenever they reach the minimum, but do not think that this application will give you tens or hundreds of dollars a day by walking, but rather it will give you a few dollars because you moved daily.

And the beautiful thing about the application is that it offers you money without having experience or skills in profiting from the Internet, all you have to do is walk and the body benefits from movement with profit from the application, and of course the owner of the application wants you to always move to profit from behind you big dollars.

So the conclusion is about the profit from the sweatcoin application, which is walking, then walking... .

How is the profit calculated in the Sweatcoin program?

Profits are calculated by steps, and the more steps, the greater the profits, meaning if you are a student and go to school four times a day, try to calculate the steps you take daily, meaning if you take 602 thousand steps, it turns into between 8 to 10 dollars approximately .

I will give an illustrative example on how to calculate the profits of the Sweatcoin walking application, which is as follows:

First method:

The first method is when you reach the minimum, the money is paid into your Paypal account, and of course with your approval.

Meaning if, for example, you achieve 3650 Sweet Coin currency, it will turn into 50 US dollars and you can withdraw it, meaning in each Sitcoin you win 0.0137 dollars.

Second method:

The second method is more profitable than the first method, how? If you work in the application a lot, try to leave the amount in the application for about a year. The reason is that the longer you leave this currency in the Sweatcoin application, the higher the value of the money you left in the application.

We say that the application earned $1,000 from it, which is equal to 20,000 Sweet Coin tokens, meaning you waited until you got 20,000 Sweet Coin, and each Sweet Coin will be charged 0.05 instead of $0.0137 if you withdraw it when you meet the payment terms.

Perhaps the idea has arrived and you do not care to work in the application, but what matters to you is that you earn money by walking daily, and at the same time this process helps you in activating the blood movement and making the body graceful and earning some dollars for free. The correctness of the expression and also good health, God willing.

Profit from referral:

Profit from referral is really a service provided by many applications only because you will promote it on social sites, meaning if you share the link of the Sweatcoin application with friends and followers, you will earn from your promotion of the 5 Sweet Coin application.

In fact, the percentage of profit from the referrals is very weak and it is not worth striving for, but on the whole it is one of the ways to profit from the application of walking.

Sweatcoin application explained

The walking application does not need a deep explanation, except in the case of registration only, because you alone will understand how to work in it, but as long as we must provide you with all the information, we should not go beyond all the explanations because we know that you will need it when you install the application.

How to sign up for the sweatcoin program?

1. You must download the Sweatcoin application from Google Play or from the link that we will provide to you.

2. You must install the application in the smartphone on the Android or iOS system.

3. Agree and grant GPS permissions so that the app can track your movements.

4. You also agree to access the Google Fit app.

5. Type the phone number with the country code in the first.

6. Type the confirmation code that you will receive in the SMS.

7. Start walking to win Sweatcoin.

How to withdraw profits from the application Sweatcoin

The process of withdrawing dollars from the Sweet Coin program is through the Paypal service, but the problem that you will encounter is that you cannot find the Add Paypal section in the application, here you will be confused and looking for explanations and you will not find an answer except in some channels only With constant search on YouTube.

Ok, how can profits be withdrawn from Sweet Coin? Money can only be withdrawn if you collect 100 friends from the referral, and then you can open a box to add a PayPal account. If one of the conditions for profit from the walking application is to invite friends.

The second method is to purchase some of the products offered by the company from within the application.

The third way is to support the poor and needy with Sweet Coin.

Is Sweatcoin honest or scam?

Many people ask about the Sweet Coin site, does it offer money in my Paypal account or just slander, lies and scams.

Our truth is that there are many experiences that people have done with proof of withdrawal, but with this credibility it has become very popular among people, especially since the application offers you money only by walking. The Internet is not accepted by the mind in the future.

Yes, the Sweatcoin site is honest in profit from the Internet, but let's be more realistic that this site does not think that it will provide you with money to become rich or live a decent life, meaning the application will not keep you from the real work, it is just a few dollars that it gives you for a walk.

Sweatcoin app membership levels Profit from walking

I really do not understand the membership levels in this application, but I searched a little in Google search engines and found a topic that talks about membership levels, so I will share it with you as it is on one of the sites.

There are five membership levels available on the Sweatcoin app:

  • Mover: Free tier, where up to 150 Sweatcoins can be earned per month.
  • Shaker: Upgrade costs 4.47 Sweatcoins per month, and you can earn up to 300 Sweatcoins per month.
  • Quaker: Upgrading costs 20 Sweatcoins per month, and you can earn up to 450 Sweatcoins per month.
  • Breaker: Upgrading costs 30 Sweatcoins per month, and you can earn up to 600 Sweatcoins per month.
  • Troublemaker: The upgrade costs $0.99 per month and allows you to earn Sweatcoins twice as fast and up to 1,500 per month.

How to double your sweatcoin app earnings

There are many applications to profit from the Internet that offer you money in a normal and legal way as they are in the application, but there are some ways to increase profits in applications and even sites, and for this the walking application also has ways to make it offer you double profits over the regular profits, which are as follows:

  • Walking a lot, especially if you are a student and go to school or work.
  • Use a 2x boost when going for a run or brisk walk.
  • Watch 3 daily ads a day to get extra crypto coins.
  • Earn from referral by inviting friends.
  • Upgrade your membership if you walk more than 5000 steps per day.
  • Run the app daily.

The sweatcoin application is among the best ways to profit from the Internet for beginners, and as we told you in the first, the application is honest and tested by many people with proof of withdrawal in their PayPal account, and I hope that you like the lesson and peace be upon you.
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