How to choose a profitable and most searched field on Google

Many bloggers find it difficult to reach the required level in order to earn money from the site, or at least they have a desire to work only and are looking for a large number of visitors that come from search engines. There is no doubt that she finds happiness and joy when she finds her topic has been archived in the search engines, especially in the first and second order of the pages, but the collection of bloggers knows that the way the site appears in this order was random without any experience. For this day, we will all learn what you must do in order to rise in the first ranking in Google pages, which will be a reason for increasing the legitimate profits from visitors

How to choose a profitable and most searched field on Google | Finding most searched and profitable niche in the blog

How to choose a profitable and most searched field on Google

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for what follows, dear followers of hosting frichi blog to make money from the Internet, today we will all learn a way that maybe a few YouTubers are talking about about finding a niche to work on, which will be an independent source of profit and even a source for increasing visits to the site, and we all know that you You believe that it is possible to set up a blog and be patient with it until you are accepted into Adsense, and then after that you will make profits from it even if it takes a whole year, but what makes beginners and even intermediates in the field of blogging is a fatal question for morale: “Will you come visitors in the future to the blog or You just waste a year without any results.

That is why in this post we will present to you a video from the frichi pro channel, which you will find below in order to learn the correct and logical method that professionals use to bring many visitors from Google and also profit from them, and we are not just saying targeting the most searched words or the most niche Search and profit over 100 or 200 words, but you must blog, and at least the matter is more than 500 words, and if you managed to achieve 1890 words, congratulations to you because they are the words recommended by SEO experts.

So, my beloved brother, if you are looking for how to choose a profitable and most searched field in Google, you only have to search for the words targeted by the eastern countries such as, America, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, and if you are looking for the most searched field only, even with cheap countries You can also do that, and the most important thing in this topic is that you learn how to find the most searched niche in Google and also profitable in blog.

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Important topic to consider:


I know that you are looking for more searched words as well as the most profitable ones, especially those that offer high prices, but this matter at the same time causes a problem in locking the AdSense account. Of course, I know that if you read this topic, you will be surprised and say how I will work legally, and at the same time, I am between two sizes, either.

- Keywords and the most searched only: These words, if you use them, even if many, will not affect your Adsense account, but affect the ranking. Why ? and how? Because it is my beloved brother, if you rely on adding tags in a random way, here Google discovers that you only want to arrange, but if you write, for example, 1000 words and add 5 to 6 tags to it, there is no problem. The reason is because you are telling me Google Panda or Bancona, I don't remember. You write content in order to educate people and add it if necessary.

- Tags and most profitable: The problem at this point is that you rely only on the words that offer a high click price, and if Google discovers that you are only focusing on the most profitable words, then your AdSense account will be suspended on this site. Because you say to Adsense, I do not provide content to educate people, but only for profit.

So what you have to learn do not exaggerate it more and work with keywords and the price does not matter.

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