most important and profitable fields in the online labor market - and the sources of learning them

most important and profitable fields in the online labor market - and the sources of learning them

most important and profitable areas in the labor market on the Internet - and the sources of learning them

During the past few years, some jobs and specializations in the labor market have disappeared as a result of the tremendous technological development in various fields. On the other hand, some other fields and specializations that are much needed in the labor market have appeared as a result of this development and dependence on the Internet and modern technology in various aspects of life. These specializations were not required Before, but now it has become the most sought after in the labor market and has become a great income for its owners.

If you are a beginner and want to achieve a high financial income and achieve financial independence, you must at least learn one of the skills that we will talk about in this comprehensive report, but you must read the entire report so that you have a comprehensive knowledge of which of these skills suit you, and which  One of these specializations is suitable for your capabilities.

 Keep in mind that learning any of these areas that we will explain in this article does not require you to be a graduate of a particular university or have specialized university degrees or have great mental abilities, this is not a measure, all you need is to have a strong motivation to learn and a goal you strive to achieve  This, of course, requires that you be patient, diligent, and not lazy.  And I promise you that any of these areas deserves to take your time and effort.

In this comprehensive report, you will find the most important tools and resources that will help you learn and master the right skill and specialization for you and the most in demand in the online labor market, and practical advice to help you develop yourself and achieve your goals.

Remember, if you want to succeed, you must be patient and read the entire report and not be satisfied with the headlines.

1- Programming field

There is no doubt that programming is one of the most important disciplines required in the online labor market, which achieves a very high income for its owners, and the demand for programmers is increasing and will increase more in the coming years, and you should know that the field of programming is wide and contains many specializations, starting with the development of programs and applications  Artificial intelligence, game industry and development, even data analysis programs and graphic interface development.

Therefore, you must first determine the field in which you want to work, then the specialization is very important, in addition to the importance of choosing the programming language in which you will work, as there are languages ​​that are easy to learn and have greater demand in the labor market. If you learn any of these most popular languages, you will  Guaranteed high income work.

What are the easiest programming languages ​​for beginners?

 1- HTML 

It is one of the easiest programming languages ​​for beginners. If you are interested in entering the world of programming and web development, we advise you to learn this language because it is mainly used in developing websites and web pages.

2- Python 

Python is considered one of the easiest programming languages ​​and is considered one of the languages ​​suitable for beginners because of the ease of reading its code, even for non-professionals in programming.  Projects easily, as well as their editing programs, are used in programming websites, programs, applications and games, and are also used in data analysis, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

3- JavaScript 

JavaScript is mainly used to add certain functions and tasks to web pages and applications, and it is also one of the easiest programming languages ​​and one of the most popular and sought-after languages ​​in the labor market.  Videos are also used in electronic games. Examples of applications that depend on JavaScript are the Opera browser application, Netflix, PayPal, Google and Microsoft. The JavaScript language is used in building search and data analysis systems and other limitless uses.  which the labor market needs.

 4 - Ruby 

Ruby is one of the easiest programming languages ​​and is also used in developing websites and servers, and is also used in creating DevOps, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools The famous Twitter site is one of the most popular applications that rely on this language.

 5- PHP 

The programming language PHP is used for server-related tasks and web development. It is a vector language for objects and general purposes. It is also used to create applications, whether for smartphones or desktop programs. Among the most important applications created in this language are the famous WhatsApp application and the most famous communication site in the world, Facebook and the Internet engine.  Yahoo search, as well as the WordPress site, which is one of the most important content management sites.

6- Java 

Java is the basic language for programming and developing applications for smartphones and game applications. It is used to develop applications based on the Android operating system in addition to Internet of Things devices. It is also used on all types of devices and on many systems because it uses a virtual machine known as  Java Virtual Machine and this makes it one of the most important programming languages ​​required in the online labor market, and one of the most important companies that use the Java language is the famous Amazon site, Instagram, Uber and the giant Google.

7- SQL 

SQL is an open source language that is easy to use and learn, but the interface is a bit complicated, but if you can learn this language, you will have an opportunity to work in the largest companies that want to build advanced databases  Of course, the financial return will be very large.

8- C + + 

C + + is a multi-purpose programming language, which is very similar to the C programming language, but C + + is more secure and advanced, and this language is considered one of the leading languages ​​in the development of large projects, and this makes it somewhat complicated, but it is worth the effort and among the programs that depend on this language  These are Adobe programs and Google applications such as Google Chrome, as well as the Firefox browser.

 9- GO or Golang

GO was created by Google Inc. It relies on the basics of the C programming language, but it is easier and less complex, making it one of the most suitable programming languages ​​for beginners. This wonderful language is used in creating web applications and can also be relied upon in network programming and big data, as well as being used in machine learning.  Among the most prominent applications that use the GO language is Dailymotion, SoundCloud.

 10- Swift

Soft is used to create web applications for smartphones, as well as computer programs, desktop devices, and servers that run on the IOS system (Apple devices operating system), which is an open source language, which makes it in constant development and is very suitable for beginners. It is enough that Apple has developed an application dedicated to training  Swift language to help novice programmers.

These 10 languages ​​are among the most important languages, and most of them are suitable for beginners and are in high demand in the labor market, but there are many other languages ​​that you can search for, but I advise you to set your goal and not to distract yourself in learning more than one language at first. Here is also a picture showing the most popular programming languages.

 Secondly resources for learning programming in English

It is one of the best online educational platforms to learn programming in a practical and interactive way, where you can learn many programming languages ​​through this platform such as Python, Ruby and JavaScript, and the site depends on providing practical and practical lessons, meaning that you will write the codes that you learned, to gain practical experience  It is also wonderful on the site that there is a question and answer section, through this section you will find an answer to everything you are looking for.

 2 - khan Academy platform

It is a platform that is interested in everything related to the computer and its sciences, so we advise anyone who wants to learn programming to go to this wonderful platform, whether he is a beginner or even a professional programmer and wants to develop his skill and learn new languages.

3- GitHub platform

The GitHub platform is the most famous platform in the programming world, through which you can present your work and projects and communicate directly with programmers, and you can also greatly develop your programming skills. It is enough that this giant platform is owned by Microsoft. I advise any novice programmer to follow this rich platform.

4 - Freecodecamp platform

It is a leading free platform in learning programming and web development. It contains many articles and professional courses. The platform also has a YouTube channel that publishes valuable videos to teach programming.

5 - Udemy platform

Through the Udemy website, you can learn almost everything. The courses on this site exceed 120 thousand educational courses in various fields and sciences, just choose the field you want to learn and search on Udemy, and this applies to learning programming as well, where you will find hundreds of courses in learning programming  In various languages, you will also find courses.

Important tips to learn programming for beginners.

 1- You must forget the principle of tyranny

Meaning, do not think that programmers have super abilities and mighty minds, and you will not be able to reach their level yourself.

2- Passion is the secret of success.

Do not make money and a job the main reason for entering the world of programming, because if you do not like programming and its sciences, you will not learn anything, not just programming.  Rather, any other field that you must be passionate about in order to be able to learn and succeed in this field, because the path of learning will not be full of roses, but you will face some penalties and difficulties as a beginner, and this is normal. Otherwise, all people are programmers. Programming is not difficult, but it requires patience and effort Passionate and fond of programming sciences.

3- Choose the starting language carefully.

You must first realize why you learn programming and what is the purpose of learning it. For example, if you want to learn to create iPhone applications, you must learn Swift or Objective-C language. If you want to learn design and create Android applications, learn languages ​​such as Java, Python and so on, and this does not mean  You must learn one programming language. This is a big mistake. Whoever masters two or three languages ​​can master 5 programming languages ​​because programming languages ​​are similar in some characteristics, but this advice is intended to determine your goal and discover which language is suitable for you in the beginning.

4- Don't get distracted

Start small and do not get distracted and start with small projects suitable for your skill as a beginner, so as not to get frustrated while trying to do a big project that exceeds your skill as a beginner in learning programming, and do not move between courses and resources a lot while you learn, but finish a specific course and then move to the other, so you follow more than one source  And more than one course at the same time makes you lose focus and you will not learn anything, so we advise you to finish the course you are learning and make sure that you have completed it completely, and then move to another course to develop your skill and learn something new.

5- Apply what you learn.

If you rely on watching courses and reading articles and you do not practice and apply what you have learned, then you will get only 30% of knowledge, because learning must be followed by an application, so you should not be satisfied with watching the explanation, but open the Notepad for example and write the code that you learned, and if  You wrote it incorrectly, re-explanation and try again, until you master the writing of the code you learned.

6- Diversify the learning resources

Do not limit yourself to learning from one source or one person, you are thus imposing on yourself a certain method and a certain method, there may be the best and you do not know, so we advise you after completing a special course in a specific language, move to study the same language from another source and from another teacher Perhaps you will find a better way or a new information, or a better way of explanation, but as we explained in the fourth point, do not distract yourself, finish the current learning source and then move to another source until you are familiar with everything and expand your knowledge of the language.

 2 - Design

Design is one of the most important areas of work on the Internet and the most in demand, especially in recent years, for every successful project you find that one of the most important factors for its success is the attractive design, and the design contributes greatly to introducing the potential customer to the product or service, so it is a necessary and indispensable thing in marketing and not just a process  Beautification, as design has now become an essential and indispensable thing in advertising, marketing, publishing, digital communications, health care...etc.

 The most important areas of design.

Undoubtedly, there are many disciplines and jobs in the world of design, and you will find that some of these disciplines are similar or overlapping with other disciplines in design, and some are independent, and you will discover that for yourself while presenting the most important design disciplines.

1- Graphic Designer

The graphic designer designs and creates images and graphics such as company logos, websites, products, books and games, as well as designing various promotional publications Various design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator are used.

2- Designing websites and applications

The site designer is responsible for the user experience within the site by designing and planning site pages, navigation menus, options for drop-down menus and the general structure of the site, so that the process of navigation within the site is easy and accessible, and the user experience designer has a major role in marketing the site or application and working to achieve the highest possible return  Especially in applications and websites that include purchases

3- Advertising design.

Many companies rely on professional designers to design their ads, create visually compelling marketing materials for their products and services, and the more attractive and interesting the design, the greater the opportunity to sell the product or service.  scattered.

4- Logo designer

He is responsible for designing logos for companies, services or any brand, based on the analysis of the target audience and a strong understanding of the symbols they find attractive and unforgettable, and the selection of distinctive shapes and colors that are related to the product or company.

5- Product designer (packaging graphics)

The designer of commercial products designs and structures the graphics on the boxes, bottles, bags and cans, and these designs are a great marketing tool, because every bottle, bag or box is a great opportunity to promote the product and the brand in general.

6- Multimedia design.

This is the most fun and high-income design field, as multimedia designers can create images and graphics and combine them with animation-based videos to build the promotional and commercial scenes that we see on all social media to advertise services and products.

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