An explanation of how to create a Payeer account to receive profits | Create an account in payeer Bank

 An explanation of how to create a Payeer account to receive profits | Create an account in Bayer Bank

Creating a Payeer account is important if you have financial transactions on the Internet, as Payeer Bank is one of the famous electronic banks and has its own characteristics and features that help the user and does not impose any restrictions on him in his financial dealings. Creating a payeer account and registering with Payeer Bank helps in dealing on the Internet easily and smoothly.

When you create a Payeer account and own a Payeer wallet, it enables you to start your dealings with money and electronic currencies and save them and withdraw and deposit your profits, whether from an investment company for your portfolio, or from your wallet to your account in a bank, and in this article we will discuss in some detail about the bank, its services, and how to open A payeer account, and some of its advantages and disadvantages, if any.

An explanation of how to create a Payeer account to receive profits | Create an account in payeer Bank

About Bayer Bank

  1. A Russian bank is one of the most famous electronic banks that was established in 2012, and it is one of the best in the world and the most famous. It has many offices in different countries, the most famous of which are Russia and Britain.
  2. Bayer Bank is an electronic bank only, that is, it is online and does not allow any financial transactions on the ground. Despite this, it is distinguished by providing its customers with the best services and convenient handling for them.
  3. Payeer Bank supports the transfer of funds across 200 countries around the world, with a number of clients exceeding 5 million. Payeer Bank is safe and registered under European supervision, and because of its ease and security of transactions, it has become attractive to many people.
  4. Bayer Bank also has its international debit card issued in October 2015, which contributed to the demand for its services and the increase of its customers.
  5. Bayer Bank is one of the banks with low costs compared to other electronic banks such as the famous PayPal, and the bank is comprehensive in its services for those whose business depends mainly on the Internet, through which it is possible to send and receive money, deposit and transfer from currencies to another, and the buying and selling operations through it Guaranteed and safe, as it acts as a guarantor of the rights of the seller and the buyer with a commission that he gets.
  6. Payer allows dealing with many of the best and most expensive currencies, whether banking or electronic, such as the ruble, the dollar, the euro, the bitcoin, the litecoin, the ethereum, and others.

Payeer e-bank services

payeer Bank, like many electronic banks, offers its customers a lot of comprehensive and diverse services that guarantee them a good experience. We can summarize these services in several points, the most important of which are:

  1. Receive and send money electronically.
  2. Receive profits from investment sites to your portfolio.
  3. Transferring profits from Payeer wallet to your bank account or credit card.
  4. Transferring currencies, whether banking and digital, and withdrawing and depositing them.
  5. Provide an international card for the bank.

Steps to create a Bank Payeer account

How to create a Payeer account and create a wallet in Payeer is neither complicated nor very difficult, and below we will learn about steps to explain how to log in to Payeer Bank that can be followed step by step to open one:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Create Account button.
  3. Enter your e-mail, which is the first step in registration.
  4. Click on Create an account to move to the next step.
  5. Enter the code that was sent to the email you signed in with to confirm.
  6. Click on Create Account again to create a password for your wallet, a Secret Code that you can use when there are any problems with the wallet, and a name for your account, preferably leaving it as suggested.
  7. Click Next to move to the next step, which is entering your personal data. Here, when you enter your country name, you may not find it. Enter any other country to complete the registration.

By completing the previous steps, you will have successfully created your account on Payeer Wallet, and when you open the account for the first time, you will see a message that appears at the beginning in yellow, save the information you find in it for your account in a safe place.

Payeer account activation

After creating the account, you need to do it and choose its type, whether personal or business, and you can do this through the following set of points:

  1. Go to the home page of your account on the bank's website.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Select the type of membership you want, either Personal or Business.
  4. Enter your first and second name.
  5. Upload a copy of your ID or passport to prove and confirm your identity.
  6. Upload a copy of any invoice or bank statement to prove your residence address and it must be recent up to a maximum of the last 90 days.
  7. The evidence you have submitted must be valid and in English in order to be accepted.

With the previous simple steps, you have activated your Payeer account and you have an activated Payeer account ready to use.

Recharge the account in Payeer

There are many ways you can charge your wallet in Payeer, which are:

  1. Buying from a broker: Buying the balance from the financial broker is one of the easiest ways to charge the wallet, all you have to do is find this reliable broker or person
  2. Digital currencies: Yayer provides the possibility of charging from your currency wallet such as Bitcoin, for example, transfer it to your address in the Payeer wallet and the transfer from digital currency to a balance in Payeer.
  3. Transferring currencies from one electronic bank to another: It is possible to charge in Payeer by transferring from any of the well-known electronic banks such as Paypal and others.
  4. Shipping by Visa or MasterCard.

Withdrawing money from Payeer

  1. There are many ways to withdraw your money from your wallet in Payer, including:
  2. It can be withdrawn through your e-mail.
  3. Withdrawals can be made by credit card.
  4. Withdrawal by instant transfer or the so-called Money express.
  5. Transferring directly to your bank account.
  6. It can also be withdrawn as cryptocurrency by direct transfer to your currency wallet.

Commissions at payeer Bank

Although Payeer Wallet takes commissions, it is considered the lowest among other e-wallets. These commissions are:

  1. Transfer commissions between accounts and some of them (sending) are estimated at 0.5%.
  2. Various commissions on deposit.
  3. Commissions on your withdrawal of funds range from 3% to 5%, depending on the method used.
  4. Commission on transfers from one currency to another is estimated at 2%.
  5. No commissions for withdrawals in crypto and digital currencies.

The most important features of Payeer Bank

Your tendency to choose a particular electronic bank over the other is due to the advantages that this bank offers, and Bayer Bank is an electronic bank that has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  1. Payeer is licensed with high credibility, and a good reputation.
  2. Payeer is a secure system for its customers, and provides a service to support them available 24 hours.
  3. The work on your Bayer account does not need to be linked to Visa.
  4. Commissions on withdrawals and transfers are not as high as other electronic banks.
  5. There are some free transfers that it offers.
  6. Cryptocurrency can be deposited in your wallet.
  7. Customers do not need to pay any fees, whether annually or monthly.
  8. Payeer provides its own credit card.
  9. And you can use your wallet without activating it with your personal identity.
  10. Its ease of use.
  11. In the event that you do not activate the account, transfers and withdrawals can be made up to $ 999 per day.
  12. payeer is supported for a very many and varied currencies.
  13. It provides support services i its users.

How to use a Payeer account

At the top you find the number of your wallet on Payeer. This number is the one you use. If you want someone to send you money on Payeer, you send him this number so that he can send you money.

From the + (Add) icon on the left of the screen, you can add money to your Payer account, and then choose the wallet you want to add money to, and then choose the payment method, whether it is Visa or MasterCard, etc., and then enter the amount you want to enter And he will tell you the commission he will take.

From the Transfer icon on the side menu, you can also transfer money by choosing the currency you want to send and then the account you want to send it to, and the amount of money you want to send to that account.

After that, from the option that follows them in the list, you will find many statistics about the price of different currencies such as the dollar, the euro, bitcoin, litecoin and other currencies, and also statistics about the rate of rise or fall of the currency.

There is then the option of Exchange and from it you can convert from one currency to another, whether that currency is a digital currency or a financial process used, for example, you can transfer from dollars to bitcoin if you find the price of bitcoin is rising.

And a sequel to explain the account in detail, you will find at the top the possibility to control the language of the account, as well as if you want to make the Bayer account in Dark Mode and there is a support icon.

After that, you will find the settings through which you can control the profile and fill in your data correctly and completely, and you will find that the Payeer account does not need to be activated unless the currencies of the Payer account exceed a thousand dollars per day and you will not find a problem to deal with Payeer.

You will also find the Security option for security to secure your account, and from it you will find that you can specify that when you enter the account it will send you a code to verify your person, and you can choose if you want this code on the email, SMS or Telegram, but note that when you receive any An e-mail will take you some financial fees, so try to avoid them. .

After that, you will find the password option if you want to change the password of the Bayer account that you created, as well as a box for notifications to specify whether you want to receive notifications from it or not.

Hence, we have come to the end of the article in which we talked about everything related to creating a Bayer account with all possible details.

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