Best phone screen recording app without watermark for Android 2022

Best phone screen recording app without watermark for Android

There are many ways that you can record the screen, but some of these methods will put a watermark and others do not provide you with the required quality, so it is necessary to know the best way to take a screen capture for free and without the annoying watermark and this is what we address in this article The shrew.

Recording your phone screen video can be done through more than one application, and today we will talk specifically about X Recorder, which helps you to get high-quality video, control the number of frames, and many other interesting things that we will talk about in this article that talks About free screen recording Screen Record without water mark.

Best phone screen recording app without watermark for Android 2022

About the XRecorder app to record your phone screen

The X Recorder application is considered one of the most important and most popular screen recording applications without a doubt, and this is due to the many advantages it offers, and it is distinguished from the rest of the applications that work to record the phone screen. The video is in the highest quality possible.

And it can also start its work as your own voice recorder and gives you the ability to control the quality in the way you want and the ability to specify the phone screen recording vertically or horizontally and video recording with a resolution of up to FHD +.

Recording the phone screen video through XRecorder will open new horizons for you so that you will be able to record the screen video, as well as open the front camera and the ability to completely hide the screen recording signal from the interface.

You will be able to take a screenshot through X Recorder as well as it contains some tools such as brush and the ability to display the touch paths of the phone screen.

How to record phone screen by using X Recorder

  • At first, after installation, you will go to the settings, and then we will start adjusting the settings step by step.
  • Now select the quality of the screen capture and you will be able to shoot a video with a resolution of up to FHD with a resolution of 1080 pixels.
  • After you have determined the resolution, we will now specify the number of frames, and you can choose what may be up to 60 frames per second and record the screen on this basis.
  • And you will be able to set the quality so that it can reach 16 mega-pixels, and you will be able to shoot a video of the phone screen in this quality.
  • Now you have to set the screen capture method between whether it is horizontal or vertical and you can let X recorder choose automatically and make a screen recording as it sees fit.
  • Now decide if you want the audio to be recorded as well with video recording of the phone screen or not.
  • After this, you will be able to specify the location where the recorded clip of the screen will be saved.
  • You can set a countdown timer before you start shooting a video, and it can be up to ten seconds.
  • Now click on the word pop-up window to be able to hide the recording badge from the screen with complete ease and you will not have to make a video montage.
  • And you can press shake the phone to stop recording your phone screen and keep the video live.
  • After that, press to keep recording the screen while the phone screen is turned off if you want this feature and you can leave it if you want.
  • Now we have come to some optional tools that can be activated or deactivated, which are the brush, screenshots, or turn on the front camera of the phone.

Features of X Recorder app to record screen video

There are many great features that X Recorder has, which we will show you in the following:

  • Free screen recording application without paying any additional usage fees.
  • The application does not have any watermarks, so you will be able to take a video screen capture the way you wish.
  • X Recorder application does not consume a lot of phone resources.
  • The ability to record your phone screen video through the X-Recorder application with high quality and a good frame rate.
  • You will also be able to record the sound with your screen recording at the same time and with high accuracy.
  • Screen capture with a resolution of 16 mega pixels, which means that you will get great quality.
  • The presence of a large number of utilities in the recording of the phone screen.
  • You can start your screen recording with your phone locked and stop recording by just shaking your phone.
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