What is Affiliate Marketing? How can you profit from affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing How can you profit from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common terms among many people in recent times, especially with the spread of the idea of ​​making profit online, whether this profit is a primary or secondary income.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most famous ways to make money from the Internet at the present time, where anyone can work with it. In short, it is the marketing of a product or service in exchange for a currency.

So the profit from commission marketing is unlimited, but how is it done, how can you start commission marketing, and what are the most important and best sites for commission marketing, this is what we will provide a full explanation about today in this article, and we will also learn about everything related to commission marketing ( Affiliate Marketing) in detail.

What is Affiliate Marketing? How can you profit from affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?

To learn how to profit from affiliate marketing, we must first know about the concept of affiliate marketing and its mechanism. And the commission marketer takes a commission on every sale made through him.

Affiliate marketing, in another definition, is a marketing system through which the benefit is exchanged between the commission marketer, or it can be called the publisher, and between the owner of the product and service, where the benefit is achieved for both parties.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the oldest types of marketing that was used even before the existence of the Internet or social networking sites, but with the advent of e-marketing, marketing products and goods has become easier for them through online stores or various websites, and from here, affiliate marketing appeared in its current concept.

How to work with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing mechanism is based on a person promoting products, goods or services to others, whether they are institutions, companies or individual product owners, through a link belonging to each marketer, and this link is called Referral Link or Tracking ID or according to the name that called.

The idea with the previous link is that it is specific to the marketer alone, and through it the marketer markets the service or the commodity, and the service owner knows and follows up the visitors coming through it, and therefore every visitor comes through the affiliate marketer of the link, and through this link he knows which visitors have made a purchase as well.

Affiliate marketers take a commission on each sale made through this affiliate link or every action taken, such as filling out a questionnaire or registering on a site, based on its agreement, and the agreed-upon commission is often a percentage of the value of the product or a fixed amount determined on each transaction Sale completed.

So the more visitors who enter the link through you, the more profits you get through commission marketing, and the whole thing is without any risk or loss.

Affiliate marketing can be done by promoting the product or commodity and posting the link on any marketing platform, including Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat or any other social networking site. From which .

You can start working with affiliate marketing easily by following the following tips that will definitely help you:

  • Choosing the right products that you want to promote, but you must take into account that it is suitable with most of the category on the platform through which you will be promoting.
  • Choose a high quality product and maintain your credibility among users and customers.
  • Try as much as possible to try the product or service you are marketing for and be 100% sure of it.
  • Choose a well-known and guaranteed affiliate network that provides the product you want to market to, and the affiliate network is the one that acts as an intermediary between the affiliate marketer and the merchant if the transaction is not between them directly.

Best affiliate marketing sites

After we know what affiliate marketing is, and how to start working with it, and understand its mechanism, we must learn about the best networks and sites that provide affiliate marketing programs, and the most famous of these sites are:

1- Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the largest and most famous international companies that provide commission marketing. It is one of the major institutions that are distinguished by their high quality services, and they are known for their credibility and reliability in all the products and services they provide.

In it, you find various services and products, even the uncommon ones, for example, the service of child rearing, skin care, as well as dog training, among others, emphasizing various other services.

One of the most important features of Clickbank is that its commission reaches 75%, through which profits can be made in excess of $100 by selling only one product, meaning that the amount of profits through it is large.

2- Amazon Affiliate website

Amazon Affiliate is one of the most prominent and famous affiliate marketing networks in the world. Amazon is one of the largest electronic stores in the world that provides a lot of goods and products, starting with accessories for digital products such as phones, laptops and others, of course, of clothes, perfumes, etc.

Amazon is distinguished by its high credibility, which made many people trust it and deal with it, and the fame of Amazon increased, especially in the Arab world, after it included Souq.com, and this was for $ 650.

Amazon is one of the best affiliate marketing networks, as it offers a commission ranging from 4% to 15% and has a high reputation and credibility in paying profits to marketers, and therefore it is a very good opportunity to profit from the Internet from commission marketing.

3- eBay Affiliate

eBay is one of the largest competitor sites for Amazon, as it is one of the most important and best stores that have an affiliate marketing program, as it includes many goods and products that can be marketed and profited from.

Although eBay is not very popular in the Arab world, it is one of the most electronic stores that provide a highly credible and guaranteed commission marketing system, and the commission rate is very high.

4- Noon website

Noon is one of the most famous electronic stores and websites in the Arab world, especially in , the and others, which provides an affiliate marketing program for beginners in particular and certainly not beginners as well, by marketing and promoting millions of goods and products from phones, perfumes, clothes, devices and others.

To start commission marketing on Noon, you need to create an Affiliate Noon account and start marketing to achieve the desired profit, and profits can be obtained from it through coupons, as it provides coupons that can be marketed and money can be earned through.

5- TubeBuddy

Tube Buddy provides you as a marketer with your affiliate link in order to share the link with people interested in purchasing the Tube Body tool. With each purchase of the tool, you earn a certain amount according to the percentage provided by the company to you as a marketer also. After a number of purchases through you, the company upgrades your account With an increase in the percentage of profit from each sale, and this is something that distinguishes Tube Body.

6- Hostinger

Hostinger provides a great advantage for affiliate marketers, which gives a percentage of the purchase and renewal process, unlike the rest of the companies that give you a commission on the purchase process only. Provided by Hostinger.

7- Udemy

Udemy is one of the most famous platforms that provide all courses around the world and in various fields as well. Without exaggeration, it provides many language courses to better suit all visitors. The Udemy platform provides to those interested in the advantage of commission marketing. 

If you purchased a course from within Udemy and it helped you, you can market this course and get Marketing commission You can also, with your profits from commission marketing on the platform, buy other courses in order to benefit from a large amount of information and also save the price of buying the courses. Once you are marketing, you win through the people who register through you on the platform.

Most Important Affiliate Marketing Tools:
When affiliate marketing, sometimes and in certain cases, you may need certain tools to help you succeed in the marketing process, according to the conditions of your work in which you work. The most important and most famous of these tools are the following:

1- A tool for creating landing pages

If you rely on commission marketing on your website, creating a landing page is one of the most important ways that enables you to create a dialogue method with customers, as it is a web page designed to motivate the visitor to enter the advertiser’s page and helps increase conversion.

2- A tool for following up and analyzing the results of advertising campaigns

It is imperative to know the finer details and results of your advertising campaigns for marketing. By obtaining these analyzes and details, you can understand visitors as well as make adjustments and changes that you deem necessary and appropriate to improve the results of your campaign and attract more customers to you.

3- A tool to view and follow competitors’ campaigns

Seeing the advertising campaigns of other affiliate marketers, knowing the sources of visitors and customers who come to them, and the data on targeting, all of this helps you to develop from your campaigns and your currency, and the idea here is not to imitate and copy other people’s campaigns, but to get more developmental ideas and work on development from yourself.

4- A tool to view advertisers pages that are not available in your country

If you are marketing an offer for a country other than the country in which you reside, you will need tools to view the offer page for that country, and it is necessary to check the advertisers page first to make sure that it is a good page and that it works correctly and attractively. From your job as a commission marketer.

Advantages of working in affiliate marketing

Working as an affiliate marketer has many advantages and benefits that accrue to both individuals and companies, as affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that has a large and important role in achieving profits for companies and marketers, and among those features are the following:

  • It provides companies with a wider spread of their services and goods, as they reach a large group of consumers of all kinds, of course by dealing with several commission marketers.
  • Increasing sales for companies, of course increasing spread will lead to higher sales and thus higher profit rates.
  • There is no risk in commission marketing, whether it is on institutions or on marketers, as the company does not pay any money until the sale is completed, and also marketers do not pay any fees to start marketing for a company.
  • Affiliate marketing is one of the most important ways to earn money from home or from anywhere else and at any time via the Internet without any restrictions or conditions and can quickly achieve huge profits.
  • A person does not need capital to start in the field of commission marketing, all that a person needs is to search for a suitable affiliate network and start marketing in the most suitable way for him.
  • A person does not have to buy a product or a commodity and therefore needs a storage place for it, and he does not enter into the processes of making deals and so on.

This was a group of the most prominent and most important advantages that accrue to a person or company from their work in commission marketing, and from here we have finished our article in which we talk about everything related to commission marketing and profit from it in detail.

Top tips for beginners in affiliate marketing

Before starting commission marketing, you must take into account some of the points that distinguish you in marketing and become a professional marketer:

  1. You must constantly develop yourself in order to keep pace with the rapid development that occurs in the field of marketing.
  2. Searching for unique products or services at a special price in order to get a large number of sales.
  3. Providing a warranty or refund period when an error or problem occurs in the product or service you provide in order to gain the confidence of customers.
  4. Owning professional and paid marketing tools to study the market situation in order to reduce the failure rate and increase the percentage of sales.
  5. Continuously reviewing all that is new and providing Alaa.
  6. You can take courses and courses in affiliate marketing in order to be more distinguished and professional in marketing.
  7. Clarify all the details of what you offer to the customer and the extent of benefit in order to assist in the purchase.
  8. Stay away from devious methods in order to deceive your customer and make him buy what you offer (this will negatively affect you).


Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Yes, affiliate marketing is profitable, so there are many people who work in affiliate marketing who earn thousands of dollars per month, but this question is asked by people who start in the field of affiliate marketing.

You can profit from marketing products and services quickly and without conditions or things that you must own. Affiliate marketing is easy and simple. You can make an advertising banner on a site and inside the banner your own affiliate link for one of the products or services available on affiliate sites, as we mentioned the most important affiliate marketing sites.

Products can be marketed on various social media platforms. All you want to own is only details about the product and its set of images with the price of the product (basic data and details) with making the appropriate offers for the product at the right time, as an example, discounts on clothes. You must make an offer before starting A new academic year or before the holidays in order to get many buyers and those interested in the offer.

Also, if you are the owner of a YouTube channel, you can make a review of the products on the channel and leave your affiliate link in the description box so that the followers can purchase the product that you have reviewed. This method can be applied to Facebook, Tik Tok and Snapchat.

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