How to win more than $900 in 5 minutes truth is behind the profit from YouTube

 How to win more than $900 in 5 minutes truth is behind the profit from YouTube

profit from youtube

Many beginner YouTubers think that profit from YouTube depends only on Google Adsense ads, but the truth is that there are many ways that you can earn thousands of dollars without opening an account in Google Adsense, so the question of collecting 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in order to profit from the Internet is not a requirement In fact, it is one of the conditions for profit from YouTube, but rather one of the conditions for making profit from the way ads appear in the videos.

If you are really looking to profit from YouTube in a big way and make thousands of dollars per month, and without the use of Google Adsense ads, you can do that without monetizing on YouTube, and without collecting 4000 watch hours, and if monetization is stopped in the channel, for this I will share with you The truth behind earning a lot of money on YouTube, and sometimes it enters the legitimate ways and sometimes it enters the forbidden ways, so if you are interested, you should only read the topic.

How to earn money from YouTube without ads

Profiting from YouTube without ads is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, and many beginners do not know that there are opportunities to profit from YouTube without creating a Google Adsense account, but I will share with you a method among the ways that you can actually make thousands of dollars per month But you must first know that there is a thing called (fear God among the servants of God), because this work that I will share with you, you must be frank about it and you must not bear false witness.

Before we get into the topic, I will share with you some ways that may be hidden from you in the world of profit from YouTube, and these ways you can actually profit from them daily and monthly without stopping if you behave well, and I shared with you a previous topic in the YouTube section on 04/03/2022 About all the ways to profit from YouTube, and for this you will know them now quickly, with the participation of the entire topic with you for the benefit.

Profit from Google Adsense: Conditions: 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours, as well as exclusive content and not violating the forum guidelines policy.

Profit from selling products: Profit from products does not require you to have Adsense ads, you can profit only by making video advertisements for the product, and the profit is either by selling your own product or profiting through the affiliate, and also the so-called shipping course, and there are also supported methods From YouTube selling Products Youtube and Teespring.

Profit from additional services: There are ways to profit from YouTube, but you require that your account be activated and monetized in Google Adsense, which are: Profit Super Chat, Profit from Affiliate, Profit from Super Tanks "Thanks".

We have now learned about three ways to profit from YouTube, but there is an effective, most widely used and profitable way on YouTube, and it is classified as one of the best ways to profit from the Internet because it requires you only a little patience and also how to deliver the message to the audience via a video video.

How to earn more than $900 in 5 minutes in YouTube videos

Really, how do we earn more than $800 from YouTube per month? Are there really people in this crisis offering such large sums of money on YouTube? The truth is, yes, it offers more than that, but you have to be careful from two sides.

first side may be you the victim: you will deal with unknown people in the virtual world, and these people will send you a link, image, PDF file or video and it will be a virus that penetrates your personal information.

second side, the follower, is the victim: when we say the victim, meaning you will bear false witness against this company and judge it by its credibility without knowing its truth. Where people have money, you claim that he is honest and there is no problem in putting money on the site, and the victim will believe you and risk his money and the story ends with defrauding him.

message has arrived, and the situation is understandable, and you must put before you these steps that I mentioned to you, we are looking for profit from the Internet, but we are looking for the halal in which the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them blesses us, for this I repeat and repeat, pay attention before you are the victim or a cause in the suburb.

How to earn money from youtube without ads

1 - You must have a YouTube channel with an interactive audience, and the higher the number of views and subscribers, the higher the demand for you from advertisers and at high prices.

2 - Whenever the channel was in one specialty, it was successful in meeting advertisers to make advertisements for them. The reason is because advertisers know that the product or type of advertisements will be popular because people will care more about it.

3 - You must add your information in the channel description and videos, which is an email and phone number, because advertisers are looking for your email and phone number to contact you about the type of advertisement.

How to add your information on YouTube

In order to add your information on YouTube and watch it by people, you must enter the channel, then to YouTube Studio, then go directly to customization, you go to the basic information page, you will find the name and description of channel, write the email, phone number and some information that does not exceed 1000 words.

The second method is to put your contact information in the video description.

Tip: (She cherishes you) meaning, do not be spoiled and accept at any price to make advertisements for people. Yes, in the beginning, there is no problem to accept a price of 200 dollars because you have a small audience, but you must learn to ask for the high price because the one who communicates with you earns from you very large sums Watch out for forbidden advertisements on all sides, watch out for scams.

As you can see, you do not need to communicate with companies via the Internet, just provide good and appropriate content and have followers who will communicate with you in large amounts. You can also search for companies that make advertisements on social sites and take advantage of this opportunity and communicate with them.

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