How to earn from Google AdSense

How to earn from Google AdSense

How to earn from Adsense

Profiting from Adsense has become one of the trends that many young people are taking in the current period, as Google Adsense, which is affiliated with the famous Google global company, has provided the possibility to profit from it through blogs, websites or YouTube channels.

With the spread of the idea of ​​work and profit from the Internet profit from AdSense was at the forefront of the fields in which many worked, as the AdSense company is guaranteed and by fulfilling some conditions, this profit can be achieved.

In this article today, we will provide a full explanation about the profit from Adsense, what is Google Adsense, how to profit from it, and all the details you want to know about profit from Adsense.

 What is Google AdSense Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is one of the most important advertising programs affiliated with Google, and it is a program among the many diverse services provided by Google Its idea is to display ads for blogs and websites owners or on YouTube or any other platform according to certain conditions agreed by the owner of the site or channel.

And the idea of ​​Google AdSense came when ads increased and Google could not display them all alone, so we shared them with publishers, i.e. platform owners, and the system depends on profit sharing between Google and the publisher.

 Ways to earn from Adsense

Before you think about how to earn from Adsense, you must think about what you will provide of content and the place where Google Adsense ads will be shown on it, and in order to make a profit from Adsense, you must also comply with the policies set by Google Adsense.

You can earn from Google Adsense through the following methods
  • Profit from Adsense through your website and it must be compatible with Adsense policies and conditions.
  • Profit from Blogger blog or WordPress blog.
  • Profit from YouTube by creating a YouTube channel, fulfilling the required conditions and providing videos with good content.

 1- Earning from Adsense from a website or blog:

It is possible to profit from Adsense from your blog by linking it to the Adsense account and starting to display ads to them but it must be a good idea and have a hosting and a domain, and the content in it attracts visitors because the more visitors on your site the more clicks on the ads and the higher the Adsense earnings.

2- Profit from Adsense from YouTube:

One of the most popular and popular ways to profit from Google Adsense is among many people, due to the ease of opening the channel on YouTube, but not everyone succeeds. The idea is in what is presented to people and their interaction with it, and of course, what you offer on the channel must be attractive to the audience in order to achieve more views and therefore More profits.

In order to start making profit through YouTube, you must participate in the YouTube Partner Program after fulfilling the conditions required of you for that, which are:

  • You must not be less than 18 years old.
  •  That what you provide complies with the content guidelines.
  • Also, your channel must have more than 10,000 followers, and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • The country in which you live supports the YouTube Partner Program.
  •  You respect the copyright of the content.

 Create a Google AdSense account

Profiting from Google Adsense definitely requires opening an account on your Adsense so that you can link it to the platform you want to make profit from. Here are the steps to create an Adsense account to register in Google Adsense:

1. Log in with the Gmail account you want to use in Adsense, and if you do not have a Gmail account, you can create a new one.

 2. Go to the home page of Google Adsense.

3. Click on Get started, and the Google Adsense subscription page will appear.

4. Enter the URL of your website or platform that you want to profit from.

5.Enter your email address (Gmail).

6. Select if you want to receive information about Adsense on this email or not.

7. Click Save and Continue.

8. After that you have to choose your country and flag.

9. Select in front of your acceptance of the terms of the AdSense, read the agreement and agree to it.

10. Click on the Create account button until you are transferred to another page where you will fill in your data and activate the account on Adsense.

11. Enter the type of account you want, either personal or business.

12. Enter the name.

13. Enter the address 1 and the address must be written accurately.

14. Enter Address 2 and here you can write more details of your address or leave it blank as it is optional.

15. Type the name of the city in which you live.

16. Enter the name of the province and here it means the province and the postal code of the province.

17. Enter your phone number and it is an optional step.

18. Click Submit.

19. With these steps, you will have created a Google Adsense account, which you can then link to your site, blog or YouTube channel to make a profit from it.

Connecting Adsense to a blog or website

After completing the previous steps, the AdSense account must be linked to your site or blog, and this is what we will explain in the following steps:

1. After you click on the Submit button, you will be taken to a page with a code This code is the means that will link your site with your AdSense account.

2. Copy the code and place it inside the site HTML between <head> and </head> .

3. But if your blog is WordPress, the matter is a little different, then go to appearance and then widgets and then make a text widget in the article pages in the sidebar and drag it and insert it in the place where the article pages appear and put the AdSense code in the widget box and press save.

4. After completing these steps, go back to your Adsense account and select an option to paste the code on my site.

5. Click the Done button.

6. After that, Google Adsense will review your site and if it complies with the terms of Google and is accepted, a message will be sent to your email, but if it is rejected, a message will also be sent with the reason for rejection.

 Connect adsense to youtube channel

 If you want to earn money from Google Adsense from your YouTube channel, we will explain the following steps for that:

1. Log in to YouTube with a Gmail account.

2. There you will find a cog sign on the top right of the screen, click on it.

3. After registration, click on the View Additional Features option.

 4. Click on the Finance option Monetization.

5. Adjust the settings that appear in front of you, and the matter is simple and does not take you seconds.

6. After that, wait until you review your data from Adsense, and then a message will be sent to the email you registered with, accepting or rejecting.

You may find that earning money from Google Adsense is very simple, but the fact of the matter is that it requires effort, perseverance, and providing content that actually benefits people and gets a number of followers or visitors interested in what you provide until you finally find that you have achieved something.

By reaching this point, we have finished our article that talks about profit from Google Adsense for beginners, which is one of the most famous and best ways to profit from the Internet, and now that you know how to profit from Google Adsense easily, whether it is profit from your site or your YouTube channel, you can start  And try it yourself to profit and make money using Google Adsense.

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