Profit from blogging: all ways and ideas to make more than 2000$ per month

Profit from blogging: all ways and ideas to make more than 2000$ per month

How to earn from blogging

We all noticed that in our time transactions have changed from the real world to virtual world, and reason that there are many services over the internet that people are making profits from the internet, and the second reason when the virus appears in the world, many people went to look for a job through the internet, and look for opportunities to earn a lot of money, and for this we will share with you one of the ways to profit from the internet to make money monthly in the blog.

What is profit from blog

Profit from a blog is a platform and a means of earning from a large number of ways that I will share with you in this article. And in fact there are hundreds of sites that make very large profits in the sites and blogs monthly, which exceeds dollar 4000 per month, and this is motivation that makes us work constantly in the blog to provide the best and the best constantly.

And profit from the blog is not a new thing in our time, but is one of the oldest ways to profit from internet in various ways that you can make money through visits in various places across the internet, which depends on the content makers and articles in order to make profits.

Profit from blog is not limited to one topic and articles, but you can profit from the blog in various fields, whether profit from the internet, technologies, information, cooking, form, education, phones, games, and a very large number of specialties.

Many underestimate profit from the blog and it is the least way to make money from the internet, but the truth profit from the blog is one of the strongest ways to earn money in the future without working on it daily, and it is possible that the profits reach hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in the leading Einglish and foreign sites in their fields, and for this there are still opportunities to achieve success in the site and blog and achieve wealth in the future.

That why if you are interested in making money from the blog and the site, we will provide in the blog profit from the internetr th Full A Complete Guide balkhbabh on how to profit from blogs from A to Z in order to start making profit from the internet.

Why profit from the blog?

Many ask why profit from the blog? In fact, an important question and this is what you should ask before appealing in the field of blogging on the blog and sites.

1 . Profit from the blog is 100% guaranteed and will not let you down completely, whether from the Blogger platform or from WordPress, and the reason is that 90% of people around the world search in Google search engines for various topics, so if you know to work on SEO standards, you will make a great fortune On site.

2 . In the blog, you become the manager and make profits the more you work hard and provide more information, unlike someone who works as a fixed monthly employee, which does not go down or rise, and the longer the time, the more the site becomes in a good ranking in the search engines and you have income on the Internet.

3. You can work freely without restrictions or orders from the manager and the boss. You can also manage your time freely, and this will make you achieve respectable amounts of money from the site and live a happy life.

4 . Profiting from the blog does not require more effort from you in the future, if you have good visits per day, you can only write 3 topics per month and it will earn you more than 1000 dollars per month.

But to be frank, it is not easy and there is no path without consequences and problems. The desert in which you will travel cannot be free of snakes, wolves, lions and deadly insects, so you must know that the consequences are necessary to achieve profit and success, and then you will find yourself overcoming all these difficulties.

Some people will ask: Is profit from the blog suitable for all people? answer is simply profit from the blog is suitable for all people and according to your confidence in the content you work on, the more skilled you are in your work and know more about it, the greater the success, but in fact there are some content that offers more profits than other content, including cooking content and children content. I recommend it.

How to earn from blogging

After I was convinced that there is profit from the blog, now comes the moment when you will learn how to start, I will draw you a path on how to start as a beginner in the field of blogging, but before that; You should know that there is not one way to the success of blogging, but there are many ways and also, almost every year, Google changes its policy, so I will share with you my personal experience from A to Z with how to earn more than 500 US dollars per month.

1 . Choosing "Niche" Content

It is easy to say I know what content I will work on because you are just imitating people, but the truth that you should know is that the blog should represent its personality and clear identity.

most important thing that you should focus on first as a novice blogger is that you must choose a specific category of topics that are in line with the content of the site, you should not distract followers with different topics that have nothing to do with the site, otherwise there is no need to think about profit from the Internet.

I will not say that the profit from a diverse blog is less than a profit from a blog specialized in one field, but it is preferable to have a site in one specialty for several reasons, including:

1 - Followers pay more attention to your site because it provides all their requirements in one area.

2 - Google classifies you in one section and makes the process easier for it.

3 - It helps you in prolonging visitors to the site because the site proposes to them similar topics in the same specialty.

4 - It is better in profit because visitors are targeted from one content.

As we mentioned to you that profiting from the diverse blog does not mean that there are no profits, rather the profits may be more than specialization, but specialization is good for what we mentioned to you in the first, especially building a target audience.

2 . Create a blog

blog you will be working on needs a template that is responsive to all modern devices such as smartphones and computers, because the template provides an interface that contains all the labels, formats, and layouts that will help visitors navigate and search for the topics you publish in the blog.

You can use the WordPress template and you can also use the Blogger template with the creation of a blog from a blogger for free, but it is preferable to use WordPress because it offers better features than Blogger, even if I use Blogger, but this is another story, but in general, you must choose the appropriate platform for you as a platform to work in blogging Articles are published in it, whether it is a paid or free platform.

For the record, profit from the site without a template is not possible because Google Adsense does not accept profit from it, so if you want to profit from Google Adsense, you must download a responsive template with all devices, especially smart phones.

After you choose appropriate template and platform to create a successful blog, the stage of buying a paid hosting, which is the official domain of the site, comes. For this, you must choose the appropriate site to purchase the paid domain, and I will share with you the best site, including namecheap.

3 . Start blogging

blogging stage is the most important stage of attracting people from Google search engines, without blogging you do not think about profit, visitors or anything, because blogging carries with it words and addresses that people search for in Google search engines, so you must rely on the keywords that people search for This is a lot if you want to attract visitors from Google, of course.

Do not think that blogging is an easy matter that is limited to words and the story is over, but blogging is a very large sea and requires you to be patient, work, search, think, arrange articles and categorize titles without deviating from SEO standards, and many believe that 10 lines are enough to attract people from search engines, but SEO experts SEO They said if you want to succeed you need a topic that carries with it 1890 words.

4 . Learn SEO

story of profit from blogs all depends on SEO criteria, meaning if you do not care about SEO, you should rely on social sites only. SEO plays a very big role in profit from the Internet because it helps in attracting people who search for topics in the targeted Google search engines. And if we say that it attracts people from search engines, this means that it offers you people targeted by advertisers, and that doubles profits on the site.

SEO is a phrase that is said about the content that contains all the requirements to make the article and the site in the first rank in Google, and we do not say that you must master it 100%, but at least learn what you can in order to improve the content in Google search engines, and the more it is in SEO standards It was better and better for you my dear brother.

Did you know that if you master the SEO standards, you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, if you try to search for SEO standards, there are very many topics that will help you achieve your dream as a blogger on the sites.

5 . Publish your site on social media

After you have learned the SEO standards and you have regular visits from Google search engines, the stage of sharing your site on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites comes, and this will increase the site visits and increase profits more and more, but the case will reach an increase in Your fame in the virtual and real world.

step of creating a page on social sites varies from person to person. There are those who want to create a page for the site immediately after creating a blog, and some of them create it until they have thousands of visits for two days from Google search engines, and I prefer to have visits from search engines after that You are creating a social site.

Social media is not only meant for social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest..., but even forums, sites that help you bring in traffic and also help you rank your site in search engines, which is called backlink.

6 . Continuous learning and research

It is necessary to promote your blog in order to double the profits, because the blog needs you to learn and research continuously because the policy of Google is constantly changing, so learning and research should be number one in your life as a blogger on websites, also you should search for new topics that people search for in search engines Google and even on social sites.

Ways to earn from blogging

In first topic, we mentioned to you what things you should rely on at the beginning, and now I will explain to you the ways to profit from blogs, and I will try to present you a comprehensive topic about profit from the blog from A to Z, of course I will share with you an experience about profit from the Internet.

1 . Profit from ads

Profit from ads is the most used on websites, and most blogs and companies use Google Adsense ads, of course there are a very large number of companies that provide a service similar to Google Adsense, in which they display graphic and written ads of various sizes on your site.

Profit from Adsense ads depends on clicking on the ad, there are companies that offer profit by watching ads, and some of them depend on both, but the profit from Adsense ads remains the most profitable and the best among the companies, but you need visits to the site to profit more, and the more and targeted the visits The higher the profits, the greater the increase.

2 . Profit from selling products

Profit from blogging is not limited to advertisements, as many beginners in the Internet world think, but you can create a site to sell your products or to other companies on your site and earn money from them monthly, and profit from selling products requires you to have tools on the site that are used by WordPress designers and not a platform Blogger.

Profit from selling products is not limited to one product. T-shirts, home equipment, cars and their equipment can be sold and anything that the sons of Adam buy on this land, but you need an advertising campaign to promote these products on social sites and bring traffic to buy the product.

3 . Earning from commission

method of profit from commission is not difficult, but at the same time you need experience, and this task requires you to have a large traffic to profit from blogs, because it has a relationship between visitors and the type of product and seller, and you are the mediator between them and you earn a margin of money that varies from product to product and from company to company. company.

How is the profit from the commission on the site? Simply, you will communicate with the company, we say, for example, “Amazon” or a seller on the Amazon platform, and you agree with him to display the product on your site, and anyone who buys takes your share of the money, and this is a very profitable process, but you need a strong source of visits from various platforms.

4 . Profit from a special idea

Profiting from a private idea is among the best ways to profit from blogs, and this service is provided on websites in order to provide people’s requirements on one page, and it consists of one or two pages containing one area in one specialty, which is as follows:

Create a prayer timing site, create a weather conditions site, create a match timing site in the world, create a currency conversion site, create a site to click on html codes .... and many special ideas that are in one field.

There is another very wonderful idea, but it needs credibility and in return, which is to set up a special site for consulting and educating people via the Internet from the site. This idea helps a large number of cleaners to engage and educate people and provide advice on the field that is being asked about in return for the monthly fee.

There is the field of selling courses, also sharing exclusive content in return on your site and only those who pay the money will see it, creating a training site for people in return, often teaching programming and others.

In fact, there are many ways to profit from blogs and websites, but we mentioned a few among many.

Secrets of earning from blogging

The secrets of profit from blogging are like the secrets of profit from all fields, there is nothing hidden 100%, but the complicated matter is the SEO secrets that they achieve in a short time, as well as the secrets of profit from the Internet that are related to sites in a short time, but I will share with you the things that You need it, even if it is simple, but it will give you a lot in your work.

1 . audience interest

A large number of bloggers do not succeed and will not succeed and will not win not a single cent from the blog, and the reason is because it did not study the requirements of the audience, and we all know that the audience is the source of permanent profit on the sites, so you should focus on the requirements of followers, especially modern ones, and this matter will be It has the effect of attracting a very large number of visitors from Google search engines, as well as people returning to the site constantly.

Here you will ask: How do I understand the audience's requirements, knowing that I don't have any audience at first? The answer is first, you must specify a specific content, and we say, for example, the field of “profiting from the Internet”, and with this content you will attract people from all over the world interested in profit from the Internet, and here you must search for the new and their requirements because after they were only visitors, they became loyal followers of the site.

2 . continuity

One of the biggest secrets is not to fail to work, whether online or offline, and for the blog in fact, it needs you to work continuously, and only submit 4 topics per month according to SEO standards if you are afraid of failure, because failure is the lack of success, continuity and profit, we know that profit from A blog is a long process that takes months and sometimes more than two years, but in the end I know that you will achieve your dreams, God willing.

What is meant by continuity is to continue to publish the new and the good without stopping and not getting bored, and not only the process of publishing and publishing for profit, so learn how to start your business with SEO standards, also not to fail, continuity, and publish more useful lessons, and the more you continue and provide the best, the more you have More visitors and more money.

3 . Introducing new

Did you know that the more the blog or the site presents the new and the requirements of the followers, the more their confidence and love for the site increases, did you know that the followers are interested in the type of content you provide, so in order to succeed in blogs, you must not stop presenting the new constantly, and this is noticeable in the news sites that She publishes news on news without stopping, because her audience is curious and looking for new world news.

If your blog specializes in smartphones, for example, you should hurry to provide the latest news on phones, and do not make any blog precede you in providing the new, because this interest contributes to a significant increase in profits on the blog.

In summary, people want to present them with the new and exclusive before any other site, and if you discover that you are presenting the new and exclusive, know that it will come to a thousand people daily.

4 . Constant communication with visitors

Constant communication with visitors benefits the blog in interacting and increasing its ranking in search engines, especially when there are questions by keyword with the answer with keywords, meaning someone will leave you with a question “What is the best way to profit from the Internet” and the word profit from the Internet is a keyword that has to be searched in Google engines, You must respond with an appropriate word as well.

Constant communication is in fact tiring, especially if you have followers and you also have a Blogger platform, because the disadvantages of the Blogger platform include that communication is not in the comments list, but you must go to the page, and perhaps this is not suitable for those who have an AdSense account for fear of repeating entering the pages.

5 . Spreading in social media

One of the reasons for the site’s success is the spread in forums, websites, and social sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites, especially YouTube. The more the site is mentioned in various platforms, especially well-known and approved by Google, the closer the success is.

Did you know that SEO professionals who profit in blogging, what do you say about the spread? She says that you should write one topic per week, and the rest of the days publish your site in various sites and forums, and this is called "backlink".

Mistakes you must avoid in order to profit from blogging

I remember the year 2014, when I started on the Blogger platform, I started publishing topics without any rules, no basics, and many mistakes and without correcting words, and the strange thing is that I called myself a professional blogger, knowing that I do not even know what SEO means, so before you also fall into the same problems In 2014, we will learn about some mistakes that you must avoid in order to profit from blogging.

errors are as follows:

1 . Spelling mistakes

Spelling errors are among the most things that break the site in search engines, and I do not say that I am fluent in the language and advise you to correct the mistakes, but I also suffer from the problem of spelling and form and everything related to English grammar, but the truth remains the truth and will not change, so if you repress writing Wrong may cause problems in search engines and reduce the site ranking, and when we say reduce the site's ranking, it means that it will reduce visits and profits.

2 . copy and paste

A lot of blogs use copy and paste and he believes that this process will make money from them and will become a site in the first place, but Google bots are smart and know where the article was taken from and whether it was copied from someone else, and this act will have a devastating effect on your blog and will destroy the chance of profit from blogging. This is because the Google search engine may block your site, and thus the number of visitors to your site will decrease or disappear, which will eliminate your profits.

Advice from professionals in the field of blogging is not to steal other people's content and work with your content only, and the more exclusive your content, the more successful the result will be 100%.

3 . repetition of thoughts

If you want to start in any field, know that it is a wide world and a large door, especially if you are masters of your work, but creating a site to return ideas is boring and will affect your audience because you offer them the same idea and the same story, so you should not repeat ideas and topics and present the exclusive new in a creative way And rare and not boring.

Repetition kills profits and reduces visits, so you must learn not to rush and look for new and be creative in your work.

4 . number of words in content

Many believe that profit from blogs depends on lack of words in the content, and infers the word “speak what is said and indicated”, but my dear follower, the world of blogging does not apply to this example because these words that you write are the main reason people enter the site.

One of criteria for SEO in words is writing content with more words, and as SEO experts mentioned that the more words are more than 1890 words, the greater the success, because words have a big role in Google search engines, especially if they carry with them keywords that people search for Also, in order to be accepted into Google Adsense, you must provide valuable content and not a little.

A lot of blogs use copy and paste and he believes that this process will make money from them and will become a site in the first place, but Google bots are smart and know where the article was taken from and whether it was copied from someone else, and this act will have a devastating effect on your blog and will destroy the chance of profit from blogging. This is because the Google search engine may block your site, and thus the number of visitors to your site will decrease or disappear, which will eliminate your profits.

Advice from professionals in the field of blogging is not to steal other people content and work with your content only, and the more exclusive your content, the more successful the result will be 100%.

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