Protect the blog from fake visits and invalid clicks | Blogger course 2022

Protect the blog from fake visits and invalid clicks | Blogger course 2022

number of Internet users increases and with it the number of fake visits on your Blogger blog increases. So it was necessary to know how to protect your Blogger blog from fake visits and illegal clicks. Today we are talking about a very important place for every person who owns a blog on Blogger.

Everyone knows that the most important thing for the owner of the blog or website is the visitor and visitors. Without the visitor, the content is of no value. The visitor is one of the main factors for the success of any website on the Internet. In a previous topic, we talked about how to link a Blogger blog to Google Analytics in order to obtain various analyzes and statistics about your website.

Among the statistics that you can learn from Google Analytics is the source of the visits that come to your website, whether the visits are from the Google search engine or from social media sites, or if the visits are invalid and illegal.

And this is the topic that we will talk about in today’s episode, and we will learn about the meaning of fake visits, the types of invalid or fake visits, how to get rid of those visits, and how to preserve the Google adsense account from theft.

Protect the blog from fake visits and invalid clicks | Blogger course 2022

Types of invalid visits

  1. Clicks or impressions resulting from publishers clicking on their advertisements displayed online, meaning that you, as a platform owner, click on the advertisements that appear on your website.
  2. The number of repeated clicks or impressions of the ad resulting from one or more users, meaning that one person clicks on your ads continuously without reasons, which may cause some problems.
  3. Encouraging publishers to click on their ads, meaning that you tell your friends to enter your website and click on the ads, and you think that you are starting to increase your profits, but in fact, the matter is otherwise.
  4. Auto-click tools, automatic visit sources, bots, or other deceptive programs, meaning that you rely on programs that send fake visits to your site or you start placing your blog link on a platform to send fake visits to Blogger.
  5. For someone to put your site link on sites that send illegal fake visits in order to cause you harm in your blog or with the aim of closing your Google Adsense account.

The effect of fake visits on your website

Invalid and fake visits cause many things that are harmful to your website, so you must get rid of them as soon as possible and protect your account. Among the things that happen on the site due to invalid visits are the following.

  1. Increasing bounce rates within the blog because the fake visitor does not stay on the site for only a very few moments.
  2. The negative impact on the blog’s ranking in the Google search engine as a result of the high bounce rate, which makes the Blogger blog unreliable for visitors.
  3. The large number of invalid visits lead to the closure of the Google Adsense account as a result of increasing the profits of Google Adsense in a fake and illegal manner.

Therefore, the clicks on the ads in your blog should be from the legitimate sources of visits and from the real interest of the user, because the ads that appear in your blog appear to each visitor according to his personal interest only.

Steps to prevent fake visits from the blog

  • You can protect your site from fake visits by adding a code to prevent fake visits. After adding the code in your platform, you can divert any visit that comes to you from a platform that sends fake visits to the Google search engine automatically, and therefore you will not receive that fake visit.

  • Or you can start by contacting Google Adsense via the contact form for invalid clicks, after you submit this form, the Google Adsense support team will review the visits that you have reported in this form and will delete the fake visits and delete the earnings that you have obtained from those visits, Through this step, you show your good faithm

  • Important note:

On a daily basis, you must follow the traffic of your electronic platform so that you know the sources of visits directly every day and so that you do not fall into the trap of sending fake visits to your platform without your knowledge and so that you can take the necessary measures to prevent invalid and fake visits as soon as possible.

One of the important measures to protect the blog is to get rid of bad backlinks and remove backlinks in order to improve the search engine of your blog You can view.

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