Top 7 Ways to Earn from WordPress Templates (Earn $9000)

Top 7 Ways to Earn from WordPress Templates (Earn $9000)

Dear Media WordPress site visitors, today we explained how to profit from English WordPress templates, and that WordPress I was using and recommending it to anyone looking to create a content-based website especially beginners who are chased by web programming companies with their own paid stuff with little money and features while there is an alternative Free and backed by a plethora of features, plugins, and themes that help you earn money online Here is a list of ideas that can help you get started with WordPress.

Top 7 ways to earn from WordPress templates (earn $9000)

1. Website development and design

With WordPress script being the most popular content management script, more than 74 million sites use WordPress and more than 65% of sites that use content management scripts rely on localized corporate WordPress themes.

What do these numbers mean?

The market is large and growing, and this means that the expertise of web developers and designers is always required. Whether you have to create, edit or customize WordPress themes and plugins, this is a very profitable field for those who have experience in programming, design and coding. You can work in different forms, whether it is for yourself as a freelancer or selling your own products

Or even work for a niche company even if you see that this market has become crowded you can specialize in for example by providing audit and security monitoring services for WordPress-based plugins, themes and sites.

2. Dedicated WordPress Hosting Services

With the increasing spread of WordPress, companies that provide web hosting services have begun to offer private and optimized servers and packages to install WordPress on. You may also be interested in WP Engine, Flywheel and Site Ground

3. Content Services

While the previous two ideas revolve around a small niche segment, content is king and so it's open to anyone who has something to say about using WordPress to get their word out to the world. You can take advantage of WordPress by creating a content site in any area whether it's news or blogging.

Content marketing services can be provided by publishing sponsored content on WordPress sites in addition to search engine optimization (SEO) services to reach an advanced level ranking in Google search results WordPress can also be used as an online store and thus work on the product list, description and details and there is a field for creating a landing page .

4. Profit from WordPress themes

One of the ideas that the world has used technically to work on making money from resources from a technological point of view this is the future for all future generations where the machine will be trusted in many stages and then dealing with humans is greatly reduced

5. Selling digital products

You can make money from the phone by selling digital products on your online store that you build with WordPress The answer is credit cards These plugins turn WordPress into an online store:

  • Easy digital download
  • Gumrod
  • sales

6. Selling themes and plugins on WordPress stores

So make money from the Internet from your commercial sales, a store that sells them in reference to a large group of their commercial companies.

  • canyon code
  • mojo themes
  • mojo code
  • creative market
  • Bicalika
  • attribution

The basic picture here is that WordPress is different templates for personal sites, for example, its market and demand template.

Using WordPress as an Online Store

In the past we have used WordPress to sell digital products i.e. users downloads to their devices and use them as plugins and themes but what if we want to use WordPress as a real product store but on the internet who sells real products in the form of T-shirts can WordPress do that and through add-ons turn it into an online store as well .


  • Maryam Al-Dakhil's books for the Richa Academy
  • WP E-Commerce
  • Jejushop

7. Subscription and paid training

If you provide high quality content and you think some people can pay for it, it will be a crime for you to give it for free.

Whoever pays for it will take care of it and implement it too You can also provide customized content in the form of training for a specific segment so you can turn WordPress into a paid content platform that only sees content by paying the subscription either way

This is an opportunity to change your site profit model instead of getting ads to display paid content without ads These plugins allow you to create discussion forums, exclusive blogs, paid content, etc.

Explanation of the program Theme forest

It is a website or online store that offers hundreds or even thousands of WordPress plugins and themes for sale such as news templates, personal templates, business templates, and much more and is your first destination if you want to buy a unique WordPress theme for your site.

There are many theme developers in Forest Theme offering their themes for sale at a special price with tech support for a limited time Keep in mind that these themes are in an advanced and premium level because the Forest theme is only limited to premium themes

That is why it has many theme developers, thousands of templates and every site owner destination He is satisfied only with the franchise. It is one of the Envato sites that has many online stores that sell designs and templates. Theme Forest also acts as an intermediary between the template developer or designer on the one hand and the buyer on the other.

And here, my dear ones, we end this explanation about profiting from WordPress templates from home in exchange for money. Do not forget to share this topic with all your friends so that everyone can benefit on all social networking sites.

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