Game loop 2022 program for PC | Pubg and Free Fire games from the computer

 Game loop 2022 program for PC | Pubg and Free Fire games from the computer

Game loop

Game Loop is one of the best and most powerful programs to play on the computer for free. Also, these programs or similar programs that perform the same role have features that many game lovers need, especially online games such as PUBG MOBILE and FREE FIRE and many games that are found in smartphones with high and low quality. For this, on the Earnnet website, we will offer you the best program with the best settings that you need as a game lover on the computer.


 In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, as for what follows. Dear followers of the Hosting frichi blog for information, technologies and profit from the Internet, today in the free software section as well as the PC GAMER section, we will offer you one of the best and highly reliable programs to run games on computers without any problem with speed and provide many features that game lovers need And, of course, let's be honest, there are very many programs that have strong features, such as, for example, the bluestacks program, the Nox program, and many other programs that we will talk about, God willing, on our site. But as an experience, I think that the Game loop program is the best program that must be installed on the computer.


 This program had a name known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, and then after it became very popular, it became known as GameLoop. This tool that you can run in the Windows system in all versions windows 7 - 8 - 10 is called an emulator to run android emulator pc games. This application is dedicated to people who play on the computer and live smart phone games such as Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile ... because it has become the best choice in the year 2022.

GameLoop Requirements

GameLoop Emulator program in fact does not require a computer that has powerful tools as many people think, this program works on medium specifications on the computer and we will provide you with the least requirements to start with this program.

Starts with processor → Dual-core from Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz


 Graphics Card → NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600
RAM At least 4 GB
Storage space at least 1.5 GB
Windows 7 - 8 -10

Game driver: Directx version 9.0c
Of course, if you have a computer more than these recipes, you will play many games, depending on the type and strength of the game.

This program came in order to run applications and games that run on smartphones with the Android system in the Windows system on the desktop of the computer, and as you know that many games are difficult to control because they operate by touch, and this in fact requires continuous practice to learn more, but now The matter has become with the keyboard and mouse that you can deal with in a very, very fast way and provide you with comfort on large screens, unlike the phone, which has a small screen.


Download and install GameLoop for PC

The process of installing programs is very easy because you will download a file whose size is 9.0MO and then you will click on the program and you will click on Install, then you choose to install the file and of course leave it default because it will install it in C then it will be downloaded via the Internet, which is almost up to 400MO. And in the end, you click on START and you start as if you were on the phone and download the game you want.


 How do you download the program? It is also very easy. You enter the official website and you will find in the first interface the word DOWNLOAD, click on it and you will be taken directly to the download of the Game loop program.

Download Game loop 2022

Adjust GameLoop Emulator Settings

Of course, in order to adjust the control settings in the program, it is according to each person, but the matter is not as you think that the settings will be for all games, because the settings for the PUBG game are not a control panel in Free Fire also is not a control panel for many games. But I will share with you a picture that I have modified according to the correct method of the game Peggy, in which there are actually many game lovers comfort. As we told you, everyone has their own opinion.

Note: The program settings can be accessed from the options button at the top right of the interface, and from the settings you can set several useful options such as choosing a special button to close the emulator completely Boss Key, or choosing the folder in which the screenshots will be saved, and also specifying and restricting the download speed of games and restricting them according to your desire The performance of the program can also be adjusted by determining the performance of the processor, RAM, resolution, and display density while playing games.


Now I will share with you the settings of the PUBG game from this program, which I find the best programs to run games on the computer.

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