How to earn more than $1,000 from Google Adsense (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

How to earn more than $1,000 from Google Adsense (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

How to earn more than $1,000 from Google Adsense (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

How to profit from Google Adsense is the most common word in our time, because Google Adsense has become very popular among people outside and inside the virtual world, and what made it succeed only because it provides real profits on the Internet, but is one of the best ways to make money from the Internet.

Many people have become living a decent life because of the income in Google Adsense, she was living outside the virtual world with an amount of less than 300 dollars per month, and she has pressures in the company, she has responsibility and time that she must commit to daily, but after she created an Adsense account, her life changed 360 Degree.

Profiting from Google Adsense is a fact that must be recognized, because of Google Adsense, people are making thousands of dollars per month, because of Google, many people lives have changed thanks to God Almighty, so if you are interested in profit from the Internet, this topic interests you a lot.

In this article, I will provide you with all the information from all sides about the profit from Google Adsense.

The reader does not think that we will focus on profit only from the site, but we will talk about everything related to profit from Google Adsense, mentioning all the details from A to Z, God willing.

What is Google Adsense?

Before you start to profit from Adsense, we must first know what Google Adsense is, what is its relationship with Google, what is its history and how it was originally established.

Google Adsense is an advertising company affiliated with Google, if you create an account with it, you can start as a publisher to profit from the site, channel and applications by placing ads.

In order to understand the picture more, we must first learn about Google Ads, because Google Ads is linked to Google Adsense.

Google Ads: Google Ads is also a subsidiary of Google. Through this platform, any marketer or advertiser can benefit from the process of attracting more visitors for any marketing purposes, and in order to get visitors, his work and site must appear ... in Google Adsense ads.

So what is your role in this movie? Our truth is that you have a very important role as a publisher in the site, channel and applications, and without you this marketer will not be able to benefit from visitors, also Google Adsense will not benefit from the money provided by that marketer.

Google Adsense will be an advertising mediator between you and the marketers who want to get visitors, and you as a publisher benefit from the profits offered by Google Adsense through those ads that you put on your site, your channel or your applications.

I will give a more illustrative example for beginners:

John has a site to sell products on the Internet, and John wants to market to this site to bring people into the virtual world and benefit from it, John will do a marketing advertisement in Google Ads.

In this advertising campaign, John will provide $1,000 for a whole month, meaning that he will pay $33 per day.

Google Adsense will display John's ad on Careem's website or channel.

Kevin, what will benefit from John ad, which Google Adsense put for him on his site.

If Kevin content is targeted by John, he will earn a percentage of the $ 33 that John provided in Google Ads, and these profits vary on the type of content, age and country in which the site is located.

Of course, this is through a very smart targeting system, so that ads appear on your site that are compatible, or related to the content you provide on this site.


- The company buys visitors from Google Ads.

- Which will show the company advertisement, is Google Adsense.

- As a publisher by placing Google Adsense ads, you benefit from a percentage of the profits if anyone enters that ad.

So, Google Adsense is a mediator between you and marketers, and you are a mediator between visitors and Adsense ads.

The marketer pays 100% money in Google Ads, and Google Adsense divides these profits with you and each one takes his share, you may take 30% or 60%, God Almighty knows, I do not have real information behind how much Adsense earns and how much you earn.

Google Adsense history

Google Adsense or we say Google Adsense according to how it is pronounced in French, but in English you write Google AdSense, this company, like all companies, has a history, has officials, and employees, but this company is affiliated with Google.

Google Adsense is an advertising program belonging to Google that helps you earn money on websites, YouTube channels, and even applications, and these ads vary in sizes and colors, either text ads, image ads, or video ads.

These ads serve advertisers and marketers who have contracted with Google in advance, so that Google displays their ads for a fee that Google shares with the owners of the sites and channels in which the ads appear.

Ads are paid for either by counting the number of per-clicks made by visitors or by counting the number of times the ad appeared on the advertised site's per-impression.

Before the word Google Adsense even existed, I dated it in 1998 with Oingo company in Los Angeles, after the development of the logarithm which is a word-based search led by George Miller, its name was changed to Applied Semantics in 2001.

Google bought it in 2003 at a price of 102 million US dollars, then it became Google Adsense.

How to start earning from Google Adsense

Profit from Google Adsense is not limited to one service or one platform, but you can profit from sites, blogs, forums, as well as from YouTube, applications and flash games, and perhaps there are services that will come in the future that we do not know yet.

Profiting from Google Adsense is not an easy thing, and it is not a difficult thing in reality, because Google Adsense requires you to work continuously, patience, a strategy to walk on, and necessary equipment, and the most important things that make you succeed in profit from Adsense are patience and order in your daily work.

As for how to start earning from Adsense, you must meet all the requirements, conditions and laws set by Google, and do not hear the terms and laws and think that the profit process is complicated, but it is easy and easy for those who have the desire and know where to start and where they will stop.

Profit from Adsense is divided into three sections:

  • Profit from websites.
  • Earning from youtube.
  • Profit from applications.

profit from websites

Profiting from websites is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet through Google Adsense ads, and our truth is that you can make more than $1,000 per month from ads, but in order to reach this amount you need equipment and conditions to make a profit.

To profit from the site through Google Adsense, you must create a site or blog that contains Adsense terms, and these 13 conditions are:

1. You must create a blog or a site, whether from Blogger or from WordPress, or from any service for creating free and paid sites.

2. You must purchase a paid template or a free template that is free of mistakes, especially SEO.

3. Buying a paid domain.

4. If you are using WordPress you must buy a space.

5. Privacy Policy.

6. User Agreement.

7. Content of good value, preferably more than 600 words per subject.

8. It is preferable to exceed 20 topics on the site.

9. The Labels and Links section is 100% working without directing you to the 404 error page.

10. Not posting sex content.

11. Not to publish movies and anime videos and broadcast matches.

12. Not to steal other people's content.

13. Spreading malware, cracks and general theft.

14. Not to spread hatred, racism, weapons, medicines and everything related to black markets.

15. Add ads.txt in the site.

In this topic, I discussed how to install these requirements: Conditions for making profit from Blogger blogs 2021 | How to link a blog to a Google Adsense account

What do you need to start earning from Adsense?

To profit from Adsense, you must meet many conditions that I personally find very easy and uncomplicated, and as long as you want to profit from the site, be sure that you will make a miracle to achieve this dream.

The site is one of the best ways to profit from Google Adsense, and you can even make thousands of dollars per month, and if you do well, you do it daily, yes daily, and I am fully aware and know what I tell you.

Ok, now we will directly enter into how to profit from websites and blogs using Adsense ads.

1. Website Idea

Before creating a site and starting your new project, you must choose an idea for your site, and the idea has a very big role in attracting people from Google search engines and also has a big role in doubling Google Adsense profits.

It is not necessary to be proficient in the field in which you are working on the site, and it is also better to be a professional in your field, and the reason is that there are many competing bloggers in the virtual world, and this helps in finding a very large number of information that you can read and rewrite in private format.

And for the knowledge that even if you understand your field well, you should search other sites that speak the same content as yours, and the reason is because even if you are a professional in your field, there are professionals who are stronger and smarter than you, and you will find with them the new and exclusive that is hidden from you.

The bottom line is to start with a special idea on the site, and if you are interested in profiting from the Internet and doubling the profits of Adsense, you can enter the google adwords site and search for the most profitable and interesting content from people.

2. Buy hosting

Hosting is very important in order to work on websites, and you must choose the hosting and domain name carefully, because hosting is a title for the content you provide on the Internet.

For example, if you are interested in the iPhone field, type in search engines, for example, iPhone 14. I find many topics with hosting in this form: (, iphonet, phone-tv) and other similar domains in the name.

The witness, the closer the domain is to the content, the better it is, and this does not indicate that the site must have a similar domain, but it is preferable only to choose the domain carefully and have a name that is not far from the type of content that is offered.

3. Create a website

Creating a successful site requires you to have a well-thought-out strategy and thinking session, because the site is like a military base, you must choose an appropriate location and atmosphere for it.

The site can be created in the Blogger platform, which only needs you to buy a domain and template only and start profiting from Google Adsense, or you create a WordPress site and pay the fees for the domain, space and template, and for this you must think carefully about what is the best platform to work on first.

WordPress is financially expensive because every month you have to pay expenses, and the larger the site, the more expenses become.

Blogger is a Google platform, this platform is free for life and anyone can work in it, you just have to buy a domain for $10 and add a blogger template for $10 and start earning from Google Adsense.

4. Create good and useful content

When you create a site, buy a domain, and have an idea of ​​the type of content, the stage of creating useful and exclusive content for your site comes.

The content is similar to what is found inside the store or the company, the more good, new, paper and high-quality products you provide, the more customers you will have, and when we say many customers, this means that you will have very many profits.

When you provide exclusive content with high quality, not in terms of language, nor in terms of SEO, you provide content that attracts people from Google search engines, and the more the content is compatible with the SEO standards accepted by Google, the more you will have very large visits and this means that Google's profits will double Adsense.

5. Add the site in Google Analytics webmasters

Adding the site in webmasters is very important for acceptance in Google Adsense, because Google webmasters helps prove ownership of the site, archive articles in search engines, provide commands to robots in search engines, and many things that you will need on the site.

Adding your site in Google Analytics is not obligatory for you to approve in Google Adsense, but it will help you to identify the movements of people in your site, the target countries, and from where you came, and many things that help you in the success of the site, and even help Google get to know you more .

You will find everything related to webmasters, Google Analytics, and the blogger course from here.

The most important things that you must provide for the success of the site are:

  • Exclusive content in high quality.
  • Popular paid template for google search engines.
  • A suitable domain and carries a tag with it.
  • Rely on tags.
  • Keep up with the new.
  • Share the site in forums and social sites.
  • Provide useful content with many words because it helps your visibility in Google search engines.
  • Patience, certainty and trust in God.

If the site offers exclusive and valuable content that is compatible with Google Adsense policies, know that you will start earning from Google Adsense.

The site is among the sites that offer profit from Google Adsense, and the profit is by clicking on ads, not views, and the more people are targeted and their mission with your content, the greater the profits.

How to create a Google Adsense account for a website

How to create an Adsense account in order to profit from the site is very easy and uncomplicated, all you have to do is log into the Google Adsense account.

After you enter the site, it will ask you to add the hosting, for example (, then it will ask you to add the gmail, in the penultimate stage, you will choose “Yes” as evidence of approval to receive Adsense information in the gmail.

After this stage, it will ask you to add the name of the country, agree to the terms set by Google Adsense, and then it will transfer you to Adsense and fill in your personal information as it is in the ID card.

Then comes the stage of adding the auto ads code inside the html below the <head>.

After you add the Adsense code on the site, you wait for the review, which extends from one day to a month, and if you are rejected, either because you are not qualified and things are fine, you just wait for some days and try again, or you actually left one of the conditions of Adsense or committed a violation.

Types of Google Adsense ads on the site

There are six types of Google Adsense ads, including automatic ads, and you can’t profit from Adsense ads unless you place them on the site or only auto ads, but we will share with you the most used ads.

There are five advertisements, which are as follows:

1. Display ads: This ad is among the best ads that bloggers rely on on websites, because it offers five appropriate ad formats on the site, and is also one of the oldest ads in Google Adsense.

If we go into the display ads, we will find a horizontal ad, a vertical ad, a square ad, there are also responsive ads, which is the best ads, and you can control the ad size.

2. In-article ads: In-article ads are also one of the best ads that we all rely on, because this type of ads provides an image with information about the type of ads with the addition of Read more, and for this if you want to double your AdSense earnings, I advise you to advertise within the article.

3. Multiple ads: This is a type of ads that is similar to a list of common posts or posts in a Blogger blog, meaning that the contents you publish in this ad will appear with ads of the same size.

I think that multiple ads are delusional to visitors that he will enter any of the site's topics, but suddenly he finds himself in a different site from your content, and this type of ads is responsive and consistent with all devices.

4. Search Engine: The search engine is little relied upon to profit from Google Adsense ads, and this type of ads is in the form of a search engine to search for any word in Google, and when you click on the search word, accompanying topics appear with ads, and it is an opportunity to increase profits in Adsense .

5. Automatic ads: Automatic ads are really the best thing that Adsense has provided to site owners, because this type of ads was the reason for doubling Adsense profits in a big and imaginary way, but you can rely on it alone without adding any ads to the site.

Automatic ads can be controlled by choice as an automatic ad will appear on one page, and this type of ads places ads in any suitable place on the site, and it does not matter if the ads are placed in a misleading place, because Adsense chose the place and it bears the responsibility for choosing the place of the advertisement.

6. In-feed ads: This type of ads is intended to be placed among the list of displayed articles, whether in the sections or tags page. And you can make the appropriate settings in size and dimensions, in order to be completely identical to the display of articles in the list of articles on the home page.

How to receive payments via bank transfer

In order to send money in your bank account, you must pass some stages, and without these stages you cannot receive not a single cent completely from Google Adsense.

In order to receive the money, you must first prove the ownership of the AdSense account through the coffee code, and you will not receive the coffee code number until after you get $10, and it will be delayed for about 30 days, after you activate the Adsense account, and this is the first stage.

The stage of proving ownership of the AdSense account will come with an ID card or passport, and the card information must be identical with the Google Adsense information you provided.

The stage of adding the bank comes, and this stage is easy, and all you have to do is add the RIB and the name of the bank account, then in less than five days you will be sent an amount not exceeding 2 dirhams.

For example, we say: 1.45 dollars have been sent to your bank account, then you must prove the validity of your bank account in Adsense when you add 1.45 dollars, then congratulations.

Profits are added to the total balance on the 1st of each month, and on the 21st, the money is sent to you in your account.

Comprehensive additional information about profit from Adsense on sites:

What are the banks to which Google Adsense profits can be transferred? Banks to which you can transfer Google Adsense profits, which are as follows:

1. Bank Transfer: You must create an account in the bank and submit to the AdSense RIB, which consists of numbers, as well as your full name in the bank.

2. Bank Checks: If you choose to choose a bank check, you do not need a bank account, and you will be sent a message containing a bank check.

3. EFT via SEPA: Only available for some countries.

4. Western Union Bank: It is the fastest way to transfer Adsense earnings, but it has been discontinued in most countries.

profit from youtube

Profiting from YouTube is also among the most powerful ways to make money from the Internet, and many people rely on it because it does not really need you to have much experience, but as you continue to learn and master the field and build an audience for the content that you provide.

YouTube You can make more than $1,000 per month from posting videos, but it needs patience, care and a strategy that you work on with a system, but in order to work on YouTube in a correct way, you need necessary equipment.

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To profit from YouTube through Google Adsense, you must create a YouTube channel that contains YouTube and Adsense terms, and these 13 conditions are:

1. You must create a new YouTube channel.

2. The channel cover and logo design.

3. Download videos with exclusive content at an added value.

4. Do not post sexual content.

5. Not to publish movies and anime videos and broadcast matches with rights.

6. Not to steal other people content.

7. Not to spread malware, cracks and general theft.

8. Not to spread hatred, racism, weapons, medicines and everything related to black markets.

9. Proof of ownership of the channel on the smartphone.

10. Create two-step security information.

11. The channel does not contain alarms.

12. Collect 4000 hours of views.

13. Gather 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

What do you need to get started on YouTube?

To profit from YouTube through Google Adsense, you must meet many conditions that you should not deviate from, and as is the case in the determination to profit from the site, you can also profit from YouTube as well.

YouTube is one of the best ways to earn from Google Adsense, and it is the most used way to earn thousands of dollars, whether you are a professional or a non-professional, but the more you understand in the field you provide, the more success is 100% guaranteed.

Ok, now we will directly go into how to profit from YouTube using Google Adsense ads.

1. YouTube Idea

Before creating the channel, you should think carefully about the idea of ​​​​the content that you will present in your channel, and you should know that the idea of ​​​​the content has a very big role in collecting a large number of subscribers from different parts of the world.

The beauty of YouTube is that you do not have to have a certificate or master the language well. There are many rural women who profit from YouTube only with the idea that was presented, but the more professional you are in your field and the more you understand, the better the results. The reason is that there are many From competitors in the same niche you are working on, and the more you master the work, the more skilled you are in presenting the new.

Choosing the idea is one of the most important things that make people succeed in the channel, both in building a troubled audience and also in making money from Google Adsense.

2. Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel does not need you to be quick and neglectful, just create a channel and the story ends, but the channel before the creation process, you must draw a successful plan from A to Z, because the channel is a successful and profitable project, you must develop a well-studied strategy in order to provide you with high results .

Creating the channel is done through YouTube itself, unlike sites that need different platforms, but YouTube is very easy in the creation process because it does not require you to be a professional in designs.

In order to create a YouTube channel, you only need Gmail and enter it into YouTube, then click on your channel logo, at the bottom you will find Create a YouTube channel, and you go through one step to agree that you want to create a channel and congratulations.

Some requirements for posting the video to the channel:

1. You must create a cover in the background of the channel, and in order to create this background, you go to YouTube and then to the studio, then go to Personalization and then choose the brand.

2. Proof of ownership of the channel by phone.

The policy may change in the future, so try posting the video with the thumbnail and you will find a message telling you what are the requirements.

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