How to write an SEO friendly article and make more than $1,000 per month

How to write an SEO friendly article and make more than $5,000 per month

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Profiting from the Internet by writing an article is one of the most difficult ways to profit from a blog, because blogging is an applied process that requires experience and follow-up to SEO news and updates made by Google, and also requires patience and determination, and this field does not need to imitate others and rely on one idea, but rather You must be professional in the field of blogging in all aspects to provide a quality that is popular with search engines and also for the reader to enjoy.

A large number of bloggers have made millions of dollars by writing an article in Blogger and WordPress, and this is what made us also follow the same approach in the field of blogging and achieve respectable amounts in the future, but imitation is not enough, but you must learn all the SEO standards that Be a reason for the success of the articles and the site in full, and who does not know the meaning of SEO and what is his role in profit from the site and what are the rules of SEO ... We will provide you with a complete explanation from A to Z in order to achieve thousands of dollars per month.

Before we start to profit from the Internet by writing articles, we will first learn how to write the article, what I should focus on more, what are the correct steps for the success of the article, the meaning of SEO, and many basic things that are the reason for making money from the Internet.

How to write an SEO-friendly article to top Google search results

Writing an article is easy and you do not need to be an expert in SEO, and it is enough to be fluent in the required language, for example, and start blogging, but do you think that you will succeed in the post and make it in the first order or on the first page? Can you make people prolong the topic? Is this article searched by people in Google search engines? Will I really make money from this article? That is why I want to make it clear to you that the idea is not to write articles, but rather how to make them attract a large number of people and turn them into dollars a day.

You will tell me that there are articles that appear in search engines and in a good order without SEO criteria, and the author of the article writes randomly, what is your interpretation of this point? Yes, there is a clear explanation for this point, which is as follows:

1. blogger wrote a random topic, but he inserted tags in it without his knowledge, and this happens a lot because, for example, if we say the word profit from the Internet is the keyword, then 99% will write profit from the Internet more than 5 times in the topic, so you find him suppressing the tags without his knowledge at all.

2. duration of the article that this blogger wrote. The longer the article, the higher it rises, especially if it has a long audience session.

Are you convinced that you want to start profiting from the blog and want the SEO standards, then do not waste time, you only have 10 minutes to read the article well to learn the basics at work and create a future blog to make money on the Internet.

What does SEO mean?

SEO in English: (Search Engine Optimization), known for short as (SEO), SEO is one of the rules and basics that most professional bloggers rely on in the field of blogging and profit from the site, and it is an addition that is installed in articles written by bloggers to improve the article, or In other words, we say it is to improve the appearance of your site or blog in the results of Google search engines for free, and SEO is not limited only to writing articles, but to several factors that must be available on the site.

seo terms for beginners

There are many factors that you must know, but you need a stage of professionalism, because not everyone who knows SEO means that he is a professional in SEO, because there are people who have secrets that make the article top a good ranking in a very short time, but I will share with you the most important terms of SEO for beginners In the field of writing an article in the blog.

1. Before you write the article on the site, you must have an idea about the topic in order to adopt keywords for it.

2. Focus on the keywords that will be the main topic.

3. Persuading visitors to sit longer in the content, and this requires intelligence from you.

4. Try to understand people's ideas and start spreading their requirements.

5. Choose the main title.

6. Tags in the pictures.

7. The number of words in the content.

8. Share external and internal links in the article.

9. Present the topics that people are looking for, especially the exclusive ones that have the talk of the hour.

10. Avoid spelling errors.

11. Add videos in the topics because it prolongs the visitors.

These are just some of the things you need as a beginner in the field of SEO, and they are the reason for making you succeed and develop yourself for the better. Now we will start at the stage that you must apply, and we just want you to take a little time to understand how to write an SEO-friendly article and make more than $1,000 per month.

We will now enter into what you must do in order to achieve success in the articles. Of course, I will talk about my personal experience with some secrets in archiving articles in no more than 10 minutes.

How to write an article that agrees with the terms of SEO?

In order to write a professional article that meets the conditions of SEO, you do not need a magic wand or a secret of writing, all we will talk about in this article is only a set of simple SEO rules and conditions with a great impact that means the quality of the article internally and its improvement to appear in The most beautiful picture possible for visitors.

1 . Directing the blog or website

The blog is similar to the post-baccalaureate stage, you must choose a direction for the blog and one specialty or general, and what type of content you are working on, which countries do you want to target more, and what are the keywords that you will rely on on the site, what is the language of the site and the countries that target the most You need a well-thought-out plan to start working and succeed in the field of SEO and achieve great results in the future.

2 . Responsive website for smartphones

Google has become more interested in smart phones than computers, but it has reached the point of not making a profit on the site unless it is responsive with smart phones, and for this you find most modern templates focus on the design of the site to be consistent with different sizes of phones, not in terms of shape and also from In terms of ad size, you should be careful not to make this mistake.

3 . Website Indexing Equipment

The site needs equipment to index topics. This equipment is located in the Google Console site, which determines for you the archive files, the pages you want to stop, and many services. It even reaches the point of disapproval by Google Adsense if you do not link your site or prove ownership of the site in Google Console, For this, you must add a robots.txt file and also sitemaps, then continue to work without any problem about archiving, God willing.

4 . Check site speed

The speed of the site, especially in smart phones, is the most important thing that you should focus on. The speed of the site has three important roles in the lifelong success of the site, which are:


The speed of the site is important to the success of the site because Google depends on the speed of the site more than anything.

- The speed of the site is important in the success of the site because it helps people spend more and more time, because people move from page to page and from section to section without delay, and this helps people to find what they want very quickly with the possibility of extending the site and helping to archive articles in The Google .

- The speed of the site is important in the success of the site because it helps increase profits in Google Adsense, the reason is because the weight of the content delays the appearance of ads, and we all know that the more ads are delayed, the more profits become less, or we say the clicks are few, so you must from the last learn how to do Site acceleration in search engines.

5 . Install seo add-ons

If you are using a popular content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, you can make it easy to improve your site by installing an extension. These plugins will help you improve the basic elements of your content (title, meta description) much easier. It will also fix some common SEO issues on different platforms.

Some of the suggestions are: Yoast SEO and All in one SEO Pack for WordPress, Easy Frontend SEO for Joomla, and SEO Tools for Drupal.

6 . External and internal links in the article (backlink)

External links are very important for the success of the site and the blog in the Google search engines, and it is called the backlink, and as it was said by SEO experts that the backlink relied on it more than writing articles on the site, meaning if you want to write two to three articles a day, write One article and free up your time to share the site link or articles in forums and sites in the same specialty.

There is also a point about the external and internal links in the article, especially the people working in the Blogger blog, which is that it does not differentiate between Nofollow links and Dofollow links, and what are the risks and what are the advantages.

When do we use Nofollow in links? We use Noflow links in the event that we add a link that is not related to my site, for example: I want to add a page, this link must be a Nofollow link, the reason is that we give orders to Google robots not to follow this link so that it does not leave my site.

When do we use Dofollow in links? We use Noflow links in the event that we add a link to my site or an article link on my site, for example: I wrote an article about profit from the Internet, in this article I want to add a similar topic to profit from the Internet, I will share with them a link to a topic from my site and make it Dofollow in order to allow Google robots to navigate It is because it will remain on my site and will not come out, and this helps in archiving the article that I added in the topic.

7 . Write a readable article

Your role as a blogger and writer of articles on the site is to provide the requirements of people from A to Z, so you must take care to make the article easy for the reader and understandable in all aspects.

Keep sentences short, and try to make paragraphs shorter.

- Try not to make mistakes in writing, Google loves the correct article (I personally suffer from this problem).

- Make the font color unobtrusive with the background of the site, the more there is harmony between them, the more it will make the reader enjoy reading.

- Do not bother the follower with pop-up ads and a lot of ads.

Clarify to the reader the location of the title, sub-heading and secondary sizes.

- Put clear links without redirecting several links, but rather a link that takes it directly to the desired.

As for how to write a topic in the right and proper way, I will share with you an entire topic in the video as well, in which I will talk about how to write an article from A to Z without rewriting it in this article.

8 . Tags

Keywords or keywords are your capital in the world of SEO, without them, you will not succeed and will not attract and not one person from the search engines, you will suffer from visits, suffer from profits, so you must search for the words that people search for in Google search engines, and without them you will not You will succeed, you will not make profits, and you will not continue your work, so we will present to you what are the benefits of keywords in order to strive in them more.

- Tags are the words that people search for in Google engines, this means that they will benefit you in increasing people's entry to the site more and more.

- Tags increase in Google Adsense profits, because companies compete for words and offer sums for them whenever they are targeted, meaning for example that the word (profit from the Internet) is searched by one million people per month, companies will provide for this target word 10 dollars per click if The person was interested and came from Google search engines.

Question: Where will I find keywords that have search and profit? Answer from Google Keyword Planner

There is also a Google indicator that offers you the most searched titles from here

9 . Competition in tags

You are at the beginning of your work. It is not in your interest to compete with the big sites about keywords. Otherwise, enter the competition and be patient until the site becomes big. If you know what you are doing, I personally started competing with the big sites with the same words, but I take into account the SEO rules more and more as far as I know, of course, In general, I will share with you what the rule is at the beginning of the search for keywords.

10 . Data collection

Gathering information is very important for the success of the article on the site, because you will provide an encyclopedia on the topic that is presented and the follower benefits and returns to your site over and over again, and this helps in archiving.

For example, you want to write about how to profit from Merch by Amazon, you have the idea and know where to start and where you will stop, but at the same time you must enter from 3 to 5 sources at least and read them, perhaps you will find what will benefit your audience, in this way you write A powerful article that gathers all the information, opinions and ideas.

11 . Writing a successful article

After I understood what you should do about organizing your work in the post, the stage of writing a refined and pure article in all aspects will come, and of course I will share with you the steps you need and you just have to apply them literally.

1 - Rely on dividing the article by title, sub-title and sub-title H2 and H3 ... This will be an explanation for the reader what part he is reading in, also Google likes this clarification and helps in archiving it.

2 - Make the paragraphs shorter for Google to understand well. It is preferable not to exceed more than 5 paragraphs in the sentences.

3 - Rely on the keyword in the paragraph at the beginning of any topic, so that Google understands what topic you are talking about.

4 - Try to motivate the reader at the beginning of the topic to lengthen the session, for example, tell him do you want to win $1,000 a month, the more motivating the topic is, the more it is in your interest.

5 - Expanding the keywords in the content: Try to make the keywords at the beginning of the word, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes at the end of the topic. For example, I relied on a keyword in this topic, which is “how to write an article,” you will find it sometimes in the first and sometimes in the middle and so on, but Don't overwrite it, write it only at the right time.

The process is that you wrote 1000 words on the topic, for example, here you must add at least 5 keywords, meaning in every 100 words one keyword and so on.

6 - Related searches have a very big role in helping you target people who search for these words in the Google search engine, and these related words are found at the bottom of the search engine. For example, if you type in the search engine “profit from the Internet” you will find below operations The relevant search carries with it relevant titles such as, for example, "Is profit from the Internet real" and so on.
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