How to make money from Internet for beginners 2022: proven methods

How to make money from Internet for beginners 2022: proven methods

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How to make money online for beginners. A topic that has always formed a knot for many, some of whom lost a lot of money and were defrauded, and some of them wasted valuable time of their life in applying profit strategies from empty Internet.

I will try, God willing, to explain to the novice brothers what they need to succeed in this field, away from those false and seductive headlines, so my article is directed at:

  • For every beginner floundering here and there looking for a thread of hope in order to start making money from Internet in the right ways.
  • For every beginner who does not know where and how to start!
  • For every beginner, he has watched many videos of making money from the Internet, and read dozens of articles, but he is confused and cannot start!
  • For every beginner, he tried simple things, but soon he stopped and could not continue due to despair and lack of knowledge.

This method is called work and not profit, but because this term has often prevailed in the Internet arena, I followed it in this article so as not to create a distraction for some.

And since you have read dozens of blogs such as (How to make money from the Internet for beginners in magical ways - How to make money from the Internet for beginners by applying a dangerous strategy...) and other such topics.

There is no doubt that you want something new, something that convinces you, something that motivates and motivates you to get up today or tomorrow and start in the way that suits you.

That is why I will try to make this article a personal space between you and me, as if we are sitting in a café, and I will put in your hands golden tips that will put you in front of the reality of profit from the Internet in 2022, step by step and in the best ways.

What is the profit from the Internet?

Profiting from the Internet or working on the Internet, as we should call it, is simply to create a private business for you on the Internet that will bring you a material gain to support yourself and your family, and achieve the financial freedom that you dream of.

Since it is work and not magic or luck, it requires things that you must know and keep in mind in order to succeed, and I will define them in the following seven tips:

Earning money online requires research and effort

Any business or project, whatever its nature, requires research on its importance and feasibility for you. There is no such thing as: I want to be a skilled trader, and tomorrow you will be like that!

Rather, it requires searching in the market for the best and cheapest goods, renting a store, and dealing well with the customer so that you can gain his trust and he will come back to you repeatedly.

Also, working on the Internet requires a willingness from you to make an effort to search for profitable methods, read extensively about them, and watch videos for long hours.

This is something that requires you to strive for yourself that gets bored quickly, and you wish that the profit was like magic. You close your eyes and then open them, and you find dollars raining down on you!

Earning money online is business, not luck

Many people associate the word profit in this style with an opportunity, a quick gain that comes easily, a treasure, or a door of luck.

But the truth is that this method is a work, like any other work, that requires commitment, diligence, and effort from you in order to be able to reap its fruits in the end. The advantage of working on the Internet is that:

  • Be free and do not adhere to working hours, such as a job.
  • You work in your home comfortably, away from any external pressures.
  • You are responsible for your work, your system, and your vacation, and you are not restricted.
  • With this work, you can achieve the financial freedom that you have been dreaming of, which - unfortunately - you may not be able to achieve if you are working in a low-paid job.

But on the other hand, everything has its downsides, and the downsides of working from the Internet are:

  • Sitting for long hours in front of the computer will undoubtedly affect your health.
  • Nervousness and psychological thoughts that continue to give up and stop, especially if you fail in your first attempt.

But you can overcome these negatives by exercising and organizing your time, and when your project grows and you are able to achieve important numbers, you can use a team to do the tedious work for you, and only then will you monitor your profits and some other simple things.

Earning money from the Internet is a fact, not a fantasy!

It is really strange that you find at this time people who ask about the reality of profit from the Internet, and I excuse these people because their education on the Internet does not go beyond watching videos and movies on YouTube, or participating in social networking sites.

On the other hand, there are many people who have had a bad experience in which they have been defrauded in the name of profit from the Internet, so he lost (his life) and formed a knot of anything called profit from the Internet, and he considered this field and its owners just swindlers who sell illusion and lies!

Therefore, they are excused for what they say, but they must wake up and wake up from their shock and realize that this is real, and real profits can be obtained by following the right methods, and honest people.

Earning from the Internet requires investment

The problem of many is that they dream of free profit, free learning, and a free website... and the truth of this business is that you give it and it gives you.

  • It is true that you can start by creating a free blog based on Blogger, but there is a big difference between it and buying your own domain and hosting that you control however you want, and you install a WordPress blog with a great template and plugins, and move your website whenever and wherever you want.
  • It is true that you can profit for free from selling your services on microservice sites, but what if you do not have any experience! Not to mention that this method also requires a great deal of time and patience in order to build your confidence and audience.
  • It is true that you can earn from creating a YouTube channel for free, but you will spend a long time and effort to get subscribers and views.
  • It is true that you can watch free courses and lessons on YouTube, but your investment in a paid and worth course will undoubtedly add something new to you, because its owner made a very great effort to share his successful experience with you.

So . In order to continue in this way and succeed in it, you must believe in something called: investing.

I mean here: the real investment in your project (hosting - domain - courses - ads) and not that investment whose owner convinces you to put your money on his site and you will earn a certain percentage according to the amount paid. Your money will be lost and your ambitions and dreams will vanish!

How to make money online for beginners

Choose the method that suits you. A sentence that I still hear from its owner, great marketer, and it is the key and the secret of success of anyone who wants to make a profit from the Internet.

You will find many people who follow hundreds of courses, so today they try to create a YouTube channel, and after a month he moves to creating a website, then he tries this riskin, which he heard that its owners are making millions of dollars, and he tries it and fails as well.

If he concentrated in one method and put all his effort and time in it, and did not give up at the first failure and fall, he would have set his foot on the right path and would eventually be able to make the first real dollar from the Internet.

Below I will show you the 6 most popular ways and methods in the world of profit from the Internet, according to my personal view:

1 - How to make money from the Internet for beginners: create a website

I consider this method the king of all methods, and personally, I do not imagine myself to start my own business without thinking of creating a website or blog of my own.

On your site, you act like a king, designing your pages however you like, organizing its sections, publishing the content of your audience and presenting it to them so that they interact with you according to what you provide to them, whether by writing information or news, providing a service or selling a product…. etc.

The two most profitable methods of blogging are:

1 - Adsense

It is the method that many bloggers love for its extreme simplicity. It is enough to choose a market and words that advertisers pay for, then build a blog and put articles and pages, then submit your application for Adsense to review your blog.

And then you still have the difficult task, which is to bring visitors who will interact with the ads so that you get profits through their clicks.

I have put together a comprehensive guide to earning from the Google Adsense program, you can view it in the link below:

 Earning from Adsense for beginners

Affiliate or affiliate marketing

A much better method than the previous one if you choose the right field and good marketing of its products or services to famous sites and companies, such as Amazon, Clickbank and others, or shopping for people who provide services directly.

And you can rely on bringing visitors for free by relying on improving your site to appear in search engines or what is known as SEO, or you can resort to the fastest way and rely on paid ads, and this undoubtedly requires capital.

I have put together a comprehensive and detailed guide to explain the affiliate method, you can view it in the link below:

Earning from affiliate marketing

2 - How to make money from the Internet for beginners: Create a YouTube channel

An easy way that many resort to because it is free, but profit from YouTube does not come overnight.

It also requires that you own a channel and content, bring subscribers and achieve the number of viewing hours accepted by YouTube, and above all that the channel’s specialization must be profitable and its audience is interactive, and advertisers target it in order to profit from it.

Like building websites, profiting from a YouTube channel also depends on two famous methods:

1 - Adsense: When YouTube accepts monetization on your channel, you will be able to display ads on it, and you will earn for the views, which whenever they are targeted and large, but the profit is good.

2 - Affiliate marketing: There are many people who market the products of many companies and stores (Amazon - Click Bank, etc.) through their channels, and they earn large amounts of money per month.

It is a smart idea that channel owners resort to to market a product, as they make a review of it, mention its advantages and disadvantages, and display the purchase link at the bottom of the video.

3 - Earn money from mobile apps

Designing applications for smartphones is a very wide world, as it requires you to learn to design an application, whether by relying on ready-made sources and you only modify them, or learning programming languages and designing an entire application from scratch, then offering it for sale or profit by displaying ads on it.

Personally, I do not like this method - I mean riskin - because your AdSense account will be subject to closing at any moment, but it remains a profitable area.


4 - Earn money from dropshipping

Drop shipping simply means that you offer a commodity in your virtual store with a profit margin that you specify, and market it through advertisements.

This selling method has often sparked a wide debate about its legality, as many see that it is forbidden and comes under the rule of the hadith “selling what you do not own”.

Assuming that you will work in this way, be prepared to provide good capital, as the cost of advertising has become high, and competition is intense in foreign markets - especially America - but it is a very profitable field and its owners achieve great numbers.

5 - How to profit from the Internet for beginners: e-commerce

One of the most widespread and profitable fields, and my intention here in electronic commerce, is to build an online store to sell physical or digital products directly.

I mean, the net profits will be yours alone, you are the one who will ship and distribute the goods, and of course there is no need to mention the advantages of e-commerce, the lion's share of the profits come from it.


6- Earn money from selling services

Providing special services for a fee, a free method as well, and it requires you to master a certain skill (writing - design - montage - translation ... etc.) and register on famous micro-service sites such as: Fiverr, presenting your services and experience, and waiting for purchase orders from customers.

And as I told you at the beginning, the method that I always consider the king, which is to build a website or blog based on visits determined by your goals and budget (visits of organic search engines, or paid visits through advertisements).

It should be noted that you can earn through social networking sites, where you offer your services in Facebook pages and groups, for example, but this method is very tiring, and it consumes you a lot of time.

I did not want to talk about trading platforms, whether trading currencies in the forex market or trading stocks, because it is a large and complex world, and frankly I do not like this method, and the same applies to investing in digital currencies, as it must have a large capital in addition to the spirit of risk.

Profit from the Internet does not have to draw high hopes

“Don't set high hopes and it will be broken.”

I honestly consider it the most valuable advice. I remember my bad experience in profit from Clickbank, as I followed many courses, bought a paid course, and saw how marketers make good profits from marketing Clickbank products.

I got very excited, so I created a blog and did marketing through Facebook and Google ads, and I lost about $700 and didn't make even a single dollar!

I felt very disappointed, and I felt that all the doors were closed in my face, and that this course was just nonsense and lies - a really difficult case -, but I was patient and changed the method and thinking, and I took that loss - and before and after it other failed experiences - I took experiences from which I learned many things that made me Thankfully, I continue to work and do not give up.

And here I am writing to you and sharing my experience and advice with you so that I can prove to you that this field is possible to win and succeed strongly in if you are patient, invest and fight with all your might frustration, negative society, circumstances and lack of money, and anything that might hinder your path.

The reason I gave you this important advice, is that as a beginner, as soon as you follow a course or participate in a paid course, you will talk to yourself about millions, cars and luxury, and you keep holding high hopes to eventually be shocked by a massive loss and failure.

I am not saying that you cannot dream of luxury, rather you can be a millionaire, and there is no doubt that you have followed many marketers who have achieved wealth and numbers that you cannot imagine in this field.

But what I want to reach is: to make your goal at the beginning, since you are a beginner, to develop yourself and the style that you love, so you search and learn a lot about it, and set your eyes to reach one dollar!

Yes, only one dollar. If you can achieve it with your hard work and effort, you will be able to climb the dollar ladder one step at a time until you finally reach what you aspire to, and remember my words well.

How to make money from the Internet for beginners with the art of profit

I do not consider myself a role model, but the difference between you and me is that I have preceded you in several experiences and I learned from them that made me share with you what I see appropriate so that you follow it, and what I see as harmful so that you avoid it, and we all learn in the end in this broad field trying to reach our goals and achieve our dreams.

It was easy for me to make the blog academic and fill it with repetitive and movable terms, and resonant and bloated headlines like (earning money in an easy and guaranteed way - how to earn from the Internet 50 dollars a day by following the watermelon method…..etc).

But I wanted you to set your feet on the right path and the right start, because like you, I have always been running after magical strategies whose owners promise to win a specific amount of money after applying simple steps, only to find myself spinning around and losing money without achieving any income or profit.

What are the easiest ways to profit from the Internet?

Ease is determined by the extent of your understanding of the field in which you want to work, and the size of your investment and knowledge, and accordingly the ease is determined.

What are the best ways to profit from the Internet?

  • Create a blog and profit from Adsense or affiliate marketing.
  • Create a YouTube channel and earn from Adsense or affiliate marketing.
  • Profit from service sites.
  • Profit from dropshipping.
  • Profit from mobile applications.
  • Profit from online stores.
  • Profit from marketing your own services or products.
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