How to design an animated image easily - GIF animated images

How to design an animated image easily - GIF animated images



GIF GIFs have become one of the images that are used a lot on social sites, which are a phrase for a funny, sad and expressive little picture, and originally this process was either through videos or the photos themselves and divided them into too many parts to give you a small message . That's why we at the profit from the net hosting site will share with you one of the ways that help you make a photo with the GIF extension in order to share it on social sites such as Facebook and Pinterest ...

Dear followers of hosting frichi blog for information, technologies and profit from the internet, today in the free programs section we will introduce you how to make an animated image with GIF extension in a very easy and uncomplicated way with one of the best programs that I will offer you and download it for free, and I also advise you to use it because it offers many services for fans of professional photo editing and editing .

Many people like to make professional photos with multiple programs that edit photos, and at the same time you always need to increase your recognition of many ways to make the image impressive, and among these photos that many probably do not know how to create, which is to be with the GIF extension, and this name means animated images that you can add endlessly from photos, you can also create videos and make them animated and publish them on social sites . But in the explanation that I did, I'm not going to explain how to make an animated video, but the experience was on the images .

There are sites that actually offer a way to convert photos and videos to an animated image, as well as there are programs that have the same tasks that are also converted to animated . But you're going to ask, ' Why do people care about these pictures?' What are its advantages And why exactly .

Yes, many are looking for this feature, especially the owners of social sites and the owners of advertising on websites, the reason is that such animated images when you share them on Facebook or Pinterest, there is an interaction of people, which causes an increase in fans and followers on the pages and is also shared a lot with fans and friends .

The second feature is to add it in websites when you convert it to HTML . Yes, there are many who want to advertise their products and sites in forums and large sites by adding animated images . So, if you are one of those mentioned, I will offer you a program that will help you from this problem .

In fact, this lesson I gave was a request from a Facebook follower . He asked me to explain to him the best way to make an animated image with the GIF extension, and he thought that the method would be through Photoshop only, but after I put this video to you, you will learn that you can make professional animated images only through any program that specializes in editing and editing photos .

Download the Photoshop program

Photoshop is one of the best free programs that can edit photos in Arabic . It is also available on the new version with the addition of X, but often the GIF feature is not found in the new version, so you will download the first version 3.4 .
- This program is compatible with Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10.

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