How to profit from Instagram ( 7 ways to earn thousands of dollars 2022 )

How to profit from Instagram ( 7 ways to earn thousands of dollars 2022 )

How to profit from Instagram

Profit from Instagram has become one of the things that top professionals rely on in many fields . In fact, there are a large number of Instagram users, even millions of people around the world, but you don't know that this platform you can earn thousands of dollars from it daily or monthly . Therefore, on our site we will share with you ideas, methods and secrets that they use in order to earn money from Instagram, which you can work on personally and make it a platform to profit from the internet, whether with capital or just using your genius and skills .


 Many people use Instagram for fun, entertainment, dating, as well as posting photos and videos, or for fame and sharing their own daily ...  Yes, you and I share photos and look for followers, but we have no purpose, we just swim on this social site and consume hours without any result, but in the same desert where you were swimming there are people who throw money behind you in thousands of dollars a day Therefore, on the hosting frichi website for making a profit from the internet, we will share with you eight ways for 2022 that are used to make a profit from Instagram .


 If you are really ready to learn about the field of profit from the internet through the global social site instagram, you are in the right place and I will share with you all the information that I have and that we have learned without leaving you any information hidden from you . That's why we want you to focus a little and if you don't understand any information, you should look for it, I'm sure you will find many explanations talking about the area that will be the door to profit from Instagram .


 1-profit from Instagram through advertising

Many of us when he enters the Instagram platform and is a follower of a page for children and education, for example, and then he finds that the page displays children's clothes or children's food and toys, and there is a phone number or website link and the name of the company and provides us with an incentive to buy and communicate with them in private . Of course, this is something we come across again and again on Instagram pages . The reason is that the page makes them a product advertising review in return and often puts the link at the top of the Instagram page .

So you can start to profit from the Instagram platform by making ads and cooperating with companies, but you must have an interactive audience and interested in one specialty or have a very large page, even if it is not specialized, but it has loyal followers . What you should know is that the profit from Instagram starts from Dollars 150 and above, depending on the number of your followers . The more audience you have, the more profitable it will be .


2 - Profit from Instagram via affiliate

There is the most widely used and most profitable method IS affiliate marketing, but this process is not monthly or official earnings, such as making advertisements for products, but this process is called affiliate marketing profit through referral links .

For example, say you have an Instagram page, Facebook, YouTube, or a website ...  And you put a picture of a shoe or a video talking about this shoe . So I entered your site, Channel or page and entered from the referral link that I put in order to buy shoes, when I buy shoes, you win a percentage of the shoe amount .

If you really want to make money from affiliate marketing, you have to be honest in saying and acting . In other words, you must provide complete information, even if it has flaws .  You should provide advice before the person starts buying the product . Why do you tune in Here you will gain the trust of people and when you want to buy any product you have Trending and looking for does it offer the kind of products you are looking for .


 Measure this for yourself . When you search for a product, program or application, you go directly to the person you trust, this is normal because he gives you honest advice and information, and if he tells you not to buy, you will not buy and you will not ask why . Here's the idea .

3-profit from Instagram through e-commerce

This trade is the strongest and best trade at all, from which you can earn profits on social sites, and this process depends on the sale of products via the internet . In fact, this trade has provided a great success to a large number of traders via social sites, especially Instagram and Facebook . It is also no secret to you what happened in the world about the spreading virus and it was the reason for the success of a very large number of merchants via the internet because people were not going out and needed many products and delivery to the door of the House .

- Before you start in the field of profit from e-commerce in Instagram, you need to think carefully about what are the most searched products in that month that have a demand and the price of which is unknown . As a note, the best sellers are clothes, cosmetics, everything related to sports, as well as selling animals and everything related to the House ... .


 - You should like an Instagram page in one specialty, for example, a specialist in cosmetology . Then you should publish topics, lessons, tips and at least 3 publications a day . Rely on the hashtag to be ranked with the people that are searched for in the site's engines . This way you will build an audience with the same goal and here you will start trading science because you have gathered an interested audience .


- Try to create your own online store, many will probably find it difficult . No, brother, you will open a store from ready-made sites such as, for example, the Shopify website or the expandkart website . It helps you to create your own online store with the advantages of selling, adding the account number, where the product images appear and complete information .

- Do not forget to put the store link on Instagram and mention information about the store and the page, and from here you will start promoting products without mentioning the prices of the products until they contact you .

 - Do not make all publications a promotion, but always post tips, topics and videos about the field you are working on .

- Respond to comments and messages constantly and the follower is more interested in you .

4-profit from Instagram by promoting your business

This service is called profit by services that are offered a lot on the site of fives . The idea is that you are providing services on Instagram that you master well and have knowledge of and a specialist of the latter . For example, if you know the types of oils and know how to make them professionally, you can promote your business on Instagram in return .

Oils are just an example, because you may be good at designing and drawing, and you may be good at understanding sewing, writing articles, translating words, and many services that you are either talented in or specialize in, such as providing audio introductions or creating an internet for them as an introduction to videos, and also there is a presentation I think like if you are a profit specialist, you provide a service to help people develop the field you are working on in return, of course .

5-profit from Instagram by promoting publications

This method is used by many people and is like qifway, in the sense that there are people who want to enlarge their Instagram pages and have products or a channel, but you need large pages to promote them to increase followers, whether through offers such as a contest or something like that or just publish a link on your page . This service is used by a very large number of channels to direct the Instagram audience to YouTube .

6-profit from Instagram through visitors

In fact, if this process succeeds with you, you will earn very large sums, especially if you have a site, Channel or applications, here you will make the Instagram page a means of bringing visitors to the site or channel and profit from AdSense, which places ads on your site, and anyone who clicks on the ad earns you by country, meaning maybe in one click you earn 0.02 or you earn Dollars 10 or maybe you earn Dollars 5 or Dollars 0.00 . Depending on the quality of the content, what countries it targets, the age at which it clicked and many of the criteria you need to profit from AdSense .

There is a very important way that many people overlook, which is to collect the number of 10,000 followers on Instagram, and of course they are real followers and follow-up, not by exchange . When you reach 10 thousand followers, the feature of posting links in the Instagram story will be opened to you, and in this way you can have a very large number of visits and earn money .

7-profit from Instagram by selling photos

Sometimes we enter the Instagram pages there are a large number of funny and professional photos and very strange forms in many fields , and we say with ourselves that this person takes photos and shares them on his page and has followers, but what is the purpose of publishing them! Maybe because he likes photos and wants to entertain followers or maybe I just want to share them randomly because it's his page and he has full control over them. But the truth is this is all untrue, my beloved brother .

I am right, my beloved brother, that this person has a talent in drawing and is proficient in using Photoshop, he can provide professional images such as logos and expressive images, which he shares for free on Instagram to present a review of his professional experience in this field, and then here he contacts with companies, channels and sites to provide them with the service and they see the photos in Instagram and demand to create for them one similar to what they saw on Instagram the way he wants . This type is included in the services as well . If you really are one of them, you should start now and try your luck in this area .

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