Create a PayPal account 2022

How to create a fully activated PayPal account | Create a PayPal account 2022

How to create an activated PayPal account to use it is one of the most important things that many people are looking for, as PayPal is one of the most famous electronic banks that provide its services online.

Statistics indicate that about more than 254 people in 200 different countries use PayPal, and this is of course because it is characterized by ease and speed when dealing, and the most important thing is the security that it gives users, so you find research on how to create a popular PayPal account.

Given the importance of this distinguished service site or what is called an electronic bank, because it has many advantages and characteristics found in regular banks, but online on the Internet. Today, in this article, we will present a full explanation of how to create a PayPal account, how to activate it, and the features of a PayPal account. Paypal, and all the other details you need to know about your PayPal account.

How to create a fully activated PayPal account | Create a PayPal account 2022

What is PayPal?

Paypal is a very famous electronic bank in the world that facilitates physical transactions between people over the Internet from withdrawing, receiving and sending money, and allows anyone to create an account for free on it.

Paypal can also be considered one of the most important tools that provide financial intermediation services between people, and the distinction here is that no one has to share private financial data, as it is a completely safe bank, which you find widely spread among many people.


It is possible to deal through PayPal on most international and England websites as well, and by owning a PayPal account, you can buy and shop through various Internet sites and pay through it, receive and send money, and withdraw your money that you get on PayPal account to your bank account and other features the other.

Types of accounts in PayPal

Before we learn how to create a PayPal account, you must be familiar with the types of accounts on PayPal to be able to identify the type of account you want to create and the features and uses of each of them. There are two types of accounts on PayPal: a personal account and a business account , and you will find that each account of them use it.

A personal account can be created if you want the account to shop online or receive and send money between acquaintances and friends.

If you are a business owner or start your own business selling online and find that you need to accept debit and credit card payments for a small fee and to other people managing the account with you, a PayPal business account is most appropriate in that case as it allows more than 200 employees That they reach the account and has special features that help you do that.

How to create a PayPal account

Opening an account on PayPal is not a complicated matter and is not very difficult. All you have to do is just follow the steps you find when registering, and below we will explain the steps for creating a PayPal account step by step:

  1. Go to the official PayPal website.
  2. Click Sign up or Sign Up to create a new account for the first time and sign in.
  3. At the bottom of the page you will find a group of flags with all the countries supported by PayPal. Choose your country in it.
  4. Then choose the language to complete the registration process in it.
  5. Then choose the type of account, whether personal or any commercial.
  6. Click Continue. A form will appear for you to register your data in.
  7. Enter the required data from the email address and password.
  8. After that, another form will appear for you asking you to enter other data such as your first name, last name, date of birth, nationality, address in detail, and so on. Enter data, but these data must be real.
  9. After that select Agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  10. Click Agree and Create an Account.
  11. You will find that a message has been sent to you on the email you used in the registration process, so click on Activate.
  12. You will go back to PayPal and you will find that it asks to choose two security questions so that you can use them when needed, such as losing the account password, choose the two questions and enter answers for them, and you must remember those answers well.

With these previous steps, you have finished creating a PayPal account, after that comes the activation of the account to be able to use it in various financial transactions.

How to verify and activate a PayPal account

Activating a PayPal account here is intended to confirm your email address and add a credit card to the account to deal with, and we will explain the following steps for verification and activation:

  1. To confirm the email address, log into your PayPal account.
  2. Click on Confirm Email address.
  3. Go again to the email you received and click on the activation link that was sent to you in a message, and you have completed the confirmation of the email.
  4. Next comes the step of adding a card to the account, then click on Add Card or Link a card.
  5. You will find that a form for adding a card has opened with you.
  6. Fill in the data that you will find such as card type, number, expiry date, etc.
  7. Click Save.
  8. After you finish the previous step, you will find that PayPal has withdrawn $2 from your card, so it must contain a balance of at least $3.
  9. After that, you must contact the customer service of the bank from which your card was issued, within 24 hours of adding it, in order to inquire about the number of the financial transaction.
  10. The number you are inquiring about is a 4-digit number after you recognize it, and enter again to your PayPal account and from the control panel choose the wallet and choose from there your card that you entered and enter the PayPal code in the space provided for that.

With the completion of the above, you have completed the activation and verification of the PayPal account and that your profile is complete and you can start dealing with it.

You can also add a card other than the one you added previously if you want, whether this is for another bank account, but you must know that PayPal has the right at any time to request an identification form, and this mostly happens when you exceed a certain amount in order to ensure safety.

Advantages of creating a PayPal account

There are many advantages that you can get from creating a PayPal account, and we can list these advantages for you in the following points:

  • Buying and shopping online from many very popular sites is very easy via Paypal. There are thousands of sites that accept payments through it
  • Receive and send money between people very easily, as you only need the email used when you register on PayPal
  • Complete security of credit cards from hacking attempts, or your data or money, as it is considered one of the most professional and secure electronic banks
  • The money you get on PayPal can be withdrawn to a bank account, credit card or Visa card.
  • It helps people who work online in self-employment to receive and send money with ease across different countries, allowing them to deal globally.

These were some of the most important features that you get when you register on PayPal, and of course there are many other features that you will learn about with your use of it, as it provides solutions to many problems.

How to receive and send money via PayPal

You may find many wondering what next, after we learned how to create a PayPal account, how it can be used to receive and send money, and below we will explain how to receive and send your money via PayPal.

1- How to send money:

  • Go to the section of sending and receiving payments from the list that you will find at the top.
  • Then choose to pay for goods or services.
  • Enter the e-mail of the recipient, that is, the e-mail of the account that belongs to the person you wish to send money to.
  • Click Next.
  •  Enter the amount you wish to send, as well as the currency in which it is sent to you and the recipient.
  • Write down any notes you might want the recipient to know.
  • Type the shipping address.
  • Click Continue.

With these simple steps, you will have sent the money to the person you seek to send from your place while you are at home with ease.

2- How to receive money:

  • From the list of receiving and sending payments.
  • This time choose Request Payments.
  • Enter the e-mail of the person from whom you wish to receive money.
  • You will then receive a message to the person who is supposed to send you your money and will send it to you.
In the previous way, you can claim to receive your money via PayPal, and you can then withdraw the balance from it, and you find that in, for example, there are two ways to withdraw the balance from PayPal: the first is to withdraw the balance on an American bank account, and this method is distinguished by the fact that there is no commission taken on it, and the method The other is to withdraw the balance on the visa and here there is a commission of 5 dollars, so the minimum withdrawal must be 10 dollars.

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