Explanation of the IFTTT site for publishing articles on social media and making a backlink to your site

Explanation of the IFTTT site for publishing articles on social media and making a backlink to your site

IFTTT is one of the Internet of Things service sites that connects a lot of things together. Here, some users considered IFTTT the future of the Internet and the form that the link will be between the various devices in smart homes.


IFTTT is an abbreviation for the long sentence If This Then That, which in turn means if a condition is met, do so and means that if your computer malfunctions, fix it.

The distinguished site IFTTT uses many technologies that help in reaching distinctive technologies by linking the various smart devices available in the home. You can eventually come up with an integrated smart home that you can control through the IFTTT application.

Explanation of the IFTTT site for publishing articles on social media and making a backlink to your site

About the IFTTT website

The IFTTT tool is distinguished by the pioneers of various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other platforms on which many people share their diaries.

But the majority of people get tired of publishing all the diaries on each platform and may be unable to participate on all platforms at the same time, but with IFTTT there is a solution and this is due to the many features it offers in linking the sites to each other so that the site will enable you to publish what you want on what you want From different social media platforms.

It is also used to publish articles, and this is what we will care about, as we will provide an explanation of the IFTTT site to automatically publish Blogger articles, so follow this article with me.

What is IFTTT

It is a service or a tool that is used on the web or through the application, which is one of the best smartphone applications, and you have to download it. This service is to connect various things from devices and sites through artificial intelligence techniques, and it is one of the tools that began to appear since In 2010, he was presenting a distinctive slogan to customers, which is "Let the Internet work for you".

The fully wholesale is divided into two policies and this is clear from the meaning of the sentence, the IFTTT site is done through the AppLets and this is the one that works to classify the publications for example. Instagram or more account on what you want.

Relationship between IFTTT and Smart Home

The relationship here is that smart homes depend mainly on a wide range of interrelated or online devices.

So this is the same idea IFTTT that helps you increase the interaction and bring more followers on different social media and this wonderful service allows you to create what looks like a workative or interrelated network to get a great interaction on your accounts through a program IFTTT.

Explanation of registration on the site IFTTT

We will now start how to register in the defeated IFTTT site to publish articles automatically for your site so continue with me.

  • It is beginning to go to the official website page.
  • And then press the word creation or Sign up.
  • After that, IFTTT will then allow you to enter using many ways to log on via Facebook, Google or others.
  • You will also be asked to enter an email and password because you are a new user and want to register in a different way from previous methods and then click on the following and you'll find it on the IFTTT and be registered with a free and will find it. This sentence knows that you have completed your registration almost college but successfully.
  • IFTTT will allow you to have many options that must be selected to see your interests.
  • These options must be at least three and then then you have to press Continue to be able to follow admissively.
  • Thus, you'll have your registration process on the IFTTT and completely free and you can start your business directly.

How to use the site IFTTT

Now we got to explain the method of use and you will find that the site supports or can begin almost college through AppLet and this will be completely clear through the main interface, whether on your phone or computer.

You will be able to search for what you want within the site through the search engine and located on the IFTTT site.

The IFTTT will be able to save your photos and tasks with automatic shape on Google Servers and other services you want and all of your publications or articles via social platforms automatically through the IFTTT site is very easily through the following follow.

  • It must be looking for the appropriate applet for you by searching for him and subjects similar to photos and any content.
  • So you will be able to look at the right way that will undoubtedly envisage you and will be able to get an appropriate result that enables you to complete your task as possible and without losing anything from your site or files.
  • But it must be well attended and but you see from what and how is that? It must be attended by the wrong check so that you will find a large number of applications that help you spread your articles and contribute to increasing the number of visitors to the site through the IFTTT site so it must be cautious by reading the description in the correct picture you will be able to recognize how it will work Apply the right tasks for you.
  • For example, you want to move on Facebook to Google Make it and move your photos from place to place successfully by starting your tasks in IFTTT.
  • After this, it is necessary to make sure that the application you have chosen successfully and devices have been linked to and as shorten so you will be able to see this point by going to the albums you have identified in advance and exist through your platforms and that has been linked to the IFTTT site If he found that synchronization has been made among themselves, you can be confirmed and make sure that the IFTTT site has made it ideally.

How to industry etiquette through the IFTTT site 

It is true that the IFTTT featured site contains hundreds of applications that you can use in the way you wish and but at times you may not find what you want on the IFTTT site so we will provide an explanation about the IFTTT site method through the following lines.

  • After you start entering the Distinguished Site IFTTT, press My Applications, which will be available in the IFTTT site interface and you will find an update as well as an old application that you used inside the IFTTT site.
  • Now click Add an additional application to be able to get an application as you want to service IFTTT.
  • After this, it must be pressed on the overload in the page in front of you on the IFTTT and this starts to add any application as per your personal taste.
  • I choose the service you want through you in front of you from the services that are considered the months at all or you can look for more through the IFTTT website and start for example in an explanation of the application of YouTube.
  • You will be asked to log on to your account with no doubt and then give the IFpTTT tool some necessary permissions to work and this point will be done on all social networking sites.
  • You will find that there are several factors that IFTTT and these factors can be summarized as they come.
  • The procedure will when admiring a videos, the IFTTT site will be taken when you lift any clip that is located on the podium, and when the owners of the channels you have subscribed to their new interrupts, the procedure will be made once a new message is received in the case of live broadcast or first display, and when one subscription People in your channel.
  • After you select the appropriate picture of you, IFTTT site will be asked for some of the procedures often, which are some unprecedented data at all.
  • After this, you will be directed to the next page directly in the wonderful location IFTTT and after you can press the overload to access the next step.
  • After this, choose the type of service you want to make any work in the way you have an IFTTT site and for example.
  • After this, you are your registration to calculate your gimp to be able to work on the IFTTT site and approach any application to start working on the site.
  • Thus, you will be asked to activate several properties through your gamel account and do not execute these things to continue your tasks on IFTTT.
  • Thus, all the requirements will be linked to each other and have been able to receive an appropriate application to complete the appropriate information and enable you to obtain a compatible application for what you want by the IFTTT service.

Thus, you will have to get an application on the platform as well as managed to learn how to do and other things we have shown in this article that spoke of the IFTTT site.

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