wordpress website design

Wordpress website design: Nowadays anyone in the virtual world has something to say and knows a little about how to work on website and social networking sites on the Internet and has a passion for establishing a business to earn profit online. Anyone can, based on his desire and according to his passion, build a business online, it is enough to make the right choice and act wisely, but your question may be if we are a WordPress user, how can we make profit and money from it? I'm sure you've thought about this topic many times! You may also have achieved good results and run your own business. If so, then you should definitely share your experiences with us in the comments section, but if you still don't know what you can do with WordPress, I suggest you follow our article today so you can make money online.

wordpress website design

wordpress website design - make money with wordpress

Wordpress website design: In your opinion, what are the features of the content management system that we use in order to launch a business online? Does it work just like other website building systems or does it have better features?

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If you made up your mind and decided to make money online using WordPress, you should definitely know the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress, here are some of these resources:

the positives

WordPress creates competition, because 28% of websites are built on it, and there are also 59% of website building systems based on WordPress, so it can be said that making money from WordPress is a desirable and acceptable option.

There are approximately 75 million sites built using WordPress, how many sites do you think were built through programming? If you are new to WordPress, you will not need any programming information. Since its levels are completely intuitive, you can add the features you need with the help of plugins and you can have a powerful management for each section.

There is no need for a specific approach to making money on the Internet through WordPress, you can in any field you want to earn profit using WordPress.

The negatives

Earning money depends on your energy and the path of your movement, so working online using WordPress has been profitable so far and at worst, and working online using other programs at worst is little profitable, so choose the right method for yourself so as not to lose!

If you want to make good money from your business like the rest of the other companies, you have to commit and you need a little time. Can you accept this commitment?

There are many plugins available to WordPress users that tempt the user to install them and test each one of them. Their test environment in the first place.

Now that we've seen these resources together, we'll discuss some ways to make money with WordPress, we've listed 13 practical ways to help you set up an effective business.

1. WordPress website development and programming – wordpress website design

Wordpress website design: Many people have good programming and development skills, and they can make money through it. This is one of the specialized ways to earn money. You only have to create a professional website and put some of your work on it. Then provide a full description of the services you can provide and encourage people to take advantage of them. In this way, anyone who needs you for their site can easily review you and request the service for a certain amount of money and fees. This is a great option for WordPress programmers and developers, for people to get to know you you have to present and explain your type of work on social networks.

Operational stages

You may be a WordPress programmer nowadays, and you may not be, but you want to have all the skills that are related to WordPress, so you need to learn the PHP programming language to be able to master the functions of WordPress dependencies, you must have come across WordPress in (codex) so far , You can learn them from there, and if you need to learn PHP, use the W3Schools website, which is the main language resource.

2. wordpress website design

Wordpress Website Design: You might be one of those people who have some interesting ideas for easily designing a website. Nowadays, many people who use Photoshop and other design software are submitting the required design, and submit it using HTML and CSS. If you are a graphic designer or have good taste in design, we suggest you to try this WordPress earning template.

Operational stages

If you love to become a professional designer and want to choose this specialty, you must first familiarize yourself with graphic programs such as Photoshop. The way to work with these programs is available everywhere for free and not for free, so you can learn it easily, then by learning HTML and CSS, program the proposal that you designed, for learning you can visit the W3Shools website

3. Expertise in WordPress SEO (Experience in WordPress SEO)

Wordpress Website Design: Do you have a major in WordPress SEO? When we talk about SEO and WordPress it means someone who can fully understand all the special methods of developing a website and implement them on websites, (of course in a very principled way!) If you are then I will congratulate you because you can easily earn exceptional income from this thing.

All you have to do is create a website and fully explain your services. There are many experienced people who review in order to develop their own websites. You too be one

From these professional experts by properly introducing yourself, if you do well in this field, you will have a great income!.

Operational stages

Wordpress website design: In order to become an expert in WordPress development, you must first know how to work with yoast seo plugin well. Check all its sections and get enough information about it. For this purpose we have provided complete information in the online marketing course The Internet, you better read it. The tool that you must use in your business is google analytics that you should not ignore because it is the best way to provide accurate stats for your site performance.

Their saying that SEO is an endless sea is true, but by updating the information you have, you can learn to swim easily in this sea. Check for updates to Google's algorithms permanently and accurately so as not to stay away from any change. Searching for and keeping up with all kinds of disciplines is essential but even more important for website development.

In the Internet Marketing course (Smart Webmasters in the World), the topic of WordPress SEO was fully covered from A to Z. If you are qualified to learn precisely, you can register for this course and complete your education.

4. Offer WordPress Support Services – Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress website design: There are many users, both novices and professionals who are willing to pay to have their questions answered. Do you have good experience with WordPress? So why are you waiting? Run a standard WordPress support website and gather information about the services you will provide.

Introduce your site to others and slowly gather users to it. Take an amount of money for the support you provide, in this way, you can make money online from WordPress and thus help many people to solve their problem.

Operational stages

To do this, first of all you have to increase your skills in the field of WordPress, templates and icons everything related to WordPress so that you can respond to people. In the first stage, we suggest that you watch a series of WordPress and WooCommerce courses in the Internet Marketing course from A to Z, and then install and work fully on the plugins and templates that you are asked about so that you can answer them correctly.

5. Launch an online store

Building an online store might be the first option that comes to our mind but you should think about it well. Do you want to sell physical products with figurative products? Think about the type of product and service well and you should research all the ways that you must follow in providing this service, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this service and write a strategy to sell and develop it.

Then simply launch your site online by using the plugin and camris and install it in WordPress. Choose your online store template and recommend it, choose your products, set the price you want and start advertising for your store in different ways, here is where internet marketing comes first.

Operational stages

If you are just starting to design and design your online store by using Woocommers, I suggest you read the complete Woocommers education guide in the Internet Marketing Course from A to Z to build your own store

6. Offer wordpress website design tutorials

Wordpress website design: WordPress itself contains features and capabilities that encourage users to learn it, better than that if you specialize in different areas of it and teach them as well, WordPress educational programs, WordPress programming, updates, models and educational extensions … all of them can be taught as applied skills.

Operational stages

To be able to provide lessons, you must first have sufficient knowledge, to learn there are many tutorials on the WordPress helper page about plugins, we have presented complete lessons about WordPress and wikis that you can learn from, try to share your experiences with others as well

7. Launching an online market

You can create an online marketplace to make money from WordPress, you only have to select the type of market activity and create it using market plugins, and not only will you make money yourself, but also others will be greedy to earn money through your market.

8. WordPress management and maintenance – wordpress website design

The ability to maintain and manage WordPress site is also a skill that can make money online, if you can do this, you need to have enough experience and find people just like you, design a website and explain your skills, there are many people who want to convert a site their web. You can be a good choice for them as such.

Operational stages

But how should we manage and support the site well?

In general, the person who will manage a website must have full knowledge of all the sections.

Some of his most important responsibilities include:

  •  Managing team members
  •  Site content management
  •  Review options for improvement and development
  •  Suggestions about the appearance of the site and what changes the user would like to make.
  •  Providing site services
  •  The presence of information about users of the site
  •  Website performance analysis
  •  Configure a regular backup (backup) (you can do this with the help of backup files like UpdraftPlus)
  •  Study ways to increase rating and attract more users.


There are certainly other ways to make money online using WordPress, but through our reviews we have identified the best and most useful ones for you. If you are working with WordPress and looking to start an online business, one of the mentioned methods can be a good choice for you.

In this article, we have come up with 8 standard and proven ways to make money online:

  1.  WordPress programming and development
  2.  Website design using wordpress
  3. . Experience in WordPress SEO (Experience in WordPress SEO)
  4.  View WordPress Support Services
  5.  Launching an online store
  6.  Provide WordPress lessons
  7.  Online market launch
  8.  WordPress management and maintenance

If there seems to be an option other than the above, feel free to let us know about it by mentioning it in the comments.

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