Explanation of illegal clicks and how to protect your Adsense account

Explanation of illegal clicks and how to protect your Adsense account

Illegal clicks and Adsense account protection are important things that you should keep in mind when relying on profit from Adsense, as illegal clicks are one of the biggest problems you face that may cause your AdSense account to be closed.

So, protecting your Adsense account from illegal clicks is one of the most important things that you must learn so as not to cause your Google Adsense account to be closed or disabled and have to open a new one and lose all the profits on it, whether the Adsense account is linked to a channel On YouTube, blog or website.

Given the importance of protecting the Google Adsense account from illegal and valid clicks, we will talk today in this article about everything related to illegal clicks and the protection of the Adsense account, as well as how to identify these illegal clicks, and report them to protect the account.
Explanation of illegal clicks and how to protect your Adsense account

What are illegal clicks?

They are attempts to inflate the advertiser's costs on ads, as well as increase the publisher's profits, that is, increase the number of ad impressions and increase the number of clicks on it, and all of this is false.

In other words, they are invalid clicks that lead to an increase in the costs that the owner of the company or advertising pays to Google Adsense to publish his advertisement, due to the presence of false clicks on his advertisement that make him increase the money he pays without real benefit from the advertisement he publishes.

You also find that the profits of your channel or site associated with Adsense increase, but not in a real way as well, because those who click on the ads in this case are not from the target group that is interested in the advertisement, but whoever clicks clicks with the aim of increasing profits illegally.

Illegal clicks can be ad clicks that are caused by a single user, or clicks that result from a publisher clicking on his displayed advertisement in order to increase the number of clicks that result from demand from followers or users from clicking on and viewing advertisements.

A common example of illegal clicks is placing ads on important links that visitors go to, such as download links that most users click on. And clicks, whether it is a bot or deception programs.

All of this was some of the examples of illegal clicks that may lead to closing your account on Adsense or suspending the account. You should avoid them so as not to cause a loss for yourself, as Google Adsense policies prohibit any method that results in invalid or illegal clicks in order to protect advertisers.

It is worth mentioning that after we knew what illegal clicks are, valid and legitimate clicks are clicks that result from the real target group that is interested in your content, and they are already interested in the displayed advertisement and therefore click on it to view it.

Now that we know what are illegal clicks and invalid visits that can harm your account on Adsense, it is necessary to know how to identify these illegal clicks to protect your account on Adsense.

How to identify invalid clicks:

Illegal clicks can come to you, either unintentionally from you or there is someone whose intention is to harm you by increasing illegal clicks on your ads, which harms your Google Adsense account, so it is necessary to know a way to know the illegal clicks.

If you own a YouTube channel, you can know the illegal clicks from the rate of daily profits that you get. If you are used to getting a daily profit at a certain rate and suddenly you find this profit has increased by many times, there is certainly something abnormal and most likely it will be illegal clicks on the advertisement.

To make sure of this, you must stop the ads from your YouTube channel for several days in order to protect the AdSense account from any illegal clicks, and restart these ads after these days and note whether the profits are still increasing at an abnormal rate or not.

If the profits are still increasing, then you already have illegal clicks and you must report to Google using a contact form you designated for illegal clicks.

But if you own a website or blog and want to know if you are getting illegal clicks or not, then enter Google Adsense, and then choose the reports on the right of the page, and choose how long you want to know if you are getting illegal clicks or not.

Next, click on the three dots at the top left of the Estimated Earnings and Page Views chart, and then choose Edit Metrics from them, select Estimated Earnings, Page Views, Impressions, and Click to appear and then click Apply until you see a chart that includes all of this.

And do not forget to choose the country so that you know which country the illegal clicks are coming from, and note the proportions of all of this in relation to some of the views and impressions in relation to the click-through rates. What would be illegal clicks.

To make sure, you should also stop the ads on your site or blog for a few days and then turn them on again and note if the click-through rate is still high than normal, then there are illegal clicks when you must report to Google.

There is an important thing that before you inform Google, you must stop the ads again from your site, blog or channel so that you do not suffer any harm from illegal clicks during this period in order to protect your AdSense account.

Those were the ways to identify illegal clicks on your site and your YouTube channel in a completely free way without using any paid sites or tools.

After you have learned how to identify illegal clicks, we must know how to inform Google of these illegal clicks and invalid visits.

How to report illegal clicks to Google

What do we do if we find illegal clicks on the Google Adsense account, and these visits do not know their source? A question that may come to the minds of many people, as sometimes it is possible for your account to be subjected to an attack and illegal clicks from someone with the aim of harming you, so what should you do then?

In this case, it is reported to Google that there is a problem of illegal clicks and that there is a problem on your AdSense account so that Google can take the appropriate action to solve this problem without harming your AdSense account.

The invalid clicks contact form that Google has designated for this is reported, so that Google sees your account and deletes your false earnings without harming your account.

And if your Google Adsense account has already been closed or suspended due to illegal clicks and fake visits, there is another form that Google provides, which is the form for reviewing illegal visits, in which you inform Google that they review your account to make sure that you are not the reason for the illegal clicks.

Below we will provide the steps to fill out the form regarding invalid click contacts so that you can tell Google about the problem you are facing:

  • After opening the form, you will find several fields that must be filled out.
  • First, you must enter your name, but note that your name here must be the same as the name in the AdSense account.
  • Then enter your email address for the Google Adsense account.
  • After that, enter the identity of the publisher, which is a code that begins with -pub and you will find it in your Adsense account in the address bar.
  • Enter your site domain address or channel link.
  • Then choose to report unusual activity in your account.
  • After that, you must enter the timing of the illegal click activity, which means the time when you found illegal clicks in your account.
  • After that, you must enter the reasons that made you submit in this form or made you think that there are illegal clicks on your account.
  • If you know the IP address that comes to you with invalid clicks, you must enter it, and this can be found from some sites that provide this service, but they are paid.
  • Finally, press Submit to send the form to Google.

Now that we know the steps for filling out the form for reporting illegal clicks and submitting it to Google, we will learn about the form for requesting a review of invalid visits as well in a few steps:

  • After entering the form, there are a few boxes that you must fill out.
  • Writing the name, as we mentioned before, must be the same as in the AdSense account.
  • Enter the publisher code.
  • Write your email address on Adsense.
  • Enter links to sites or YouTube channels that placed ads on them.
  • It is also necessary to put the link of the channel or site on which you want to place Adsense ads when your account returns.
  • Click No when it asks if you have purchased any visits to your site or channel.
  • Tell Google how most visits come to your site, which traffic sources are, and can be identified from the statistics for the channel or site from Google Analytics
  • When you find a question about violations of Adsense policies, you must tell them that you did not violate the policies set by Google Adsense and that you know very well the terms and laws.
  • After that, Google will ask about the reasons for the incorrect activity on your account. You must tell them that the activity is out of your control and that your account has been closed by mistake.
  • You should also pay attention to the question that asks about the changes that you can make to improve the quality of your visits. You must tell them your policy, whether you follow the SEO system in search engine optimization or other things.
  • And if you know which IP was the reason for invalid traffic on your account, you can leave it
  • Finally, choose that you have read the form well, and press send to send the request.
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