How to make profit on YouTube videos more quickly and accurately | Self-certification

How to make money on YouTube videos faster

How to make profit on YouTube videos more quickly and accurately | Self-certification

After making a profit on your YouTube channel, you will be able to use the self-certification feature that YouTube provides for profitable channels, which is a self-evaluation of your videos in order to ensure that they comply with the guidelines on suitable content for advertisers, and whether your content is suitable for displaying ads or not.

The importance of self-certification

The use of self-certification is necessary for you to do in order to help YouTube systems make decisions related to activating profit on your videos faster and more accurately. video or not.

And if you rate your videos accurately on a continuous and regular basis, YouTube will rely on your rating instead of automated systems, and YouTube will use your ratings to improve the performance of the systems at the entire level of content creators who profit from videos on YouTube.

How do you rate your videos with self-certification?

You must first know that you must evaluate:

  • All new videos that you want to activate ads on.
  • Previous videos that you have already uploaded and you want to activate the display of ads on them now.
  • You are not required to rate old videos that you have already done ads on.

How to read the accuracy of your evaluation

The more videos you rate, the more easily you can see how your ratings match the ratings from YouTube automated systems as well as from reviewers.

To find the status of the reviews, go to the reviews page from here

What is the significance of each column on the assessments status page?

Video: The video that is rated on your channel.
Rating Date: The date you rated the video
Your Rating: What YouTube systems expect about the monetization status of your video based on your video rating.
YouTube Rating: The decision of YouTube's systems or team of reviewers on the monetization status rating of this video.

Type of review done on YouTube: You will see two different icons: an icon indicating that YouTube automated systems reviewed the video, and another icon indicating that it was reviewed by a policy expert.
Computer: This means that YouTube automated systems have made a decision on the monetization status.
Person: This icon indicates that a YouTube expert has reviewed your video.

Action: This column explains the action you can take on the monetization decision.
Request a review: YouTube automated systems have reviewed the video, but they can sometimes get it wrong So you can click Request a review to have a YouTube expert make a final monetization decision.
See notes: This means that an expert on YouTube has reviewed the video and made a final decision After the auditor decision is made, the profit making status cannot be changed. If you click on See Feedback, you'll see the differences between your video rating and our Policy Experts rating.

How do you rate your videos on your phone?

After downloading the video from the YouTube app. Enter the Google Chrome browser and activate the website mode feature to display your phone like desktop devices, then enter the YouTube Studio and choose the video you want to rate.

  1. Click the Monetize drop-down menu, Activate, and Next.
  2. Select any related features on the advanced settings page and click Next.
  3. Fill out the survey on the Video Ad Relevancy page and click Submit Next Rating.
  4. If the video does not include any of the content listed in the survey, you can go to the bottom of the page and check the box next to "None of the above."
  5. After you self-evaluate your video, the Verifications page uses our systems to verify its suitability for ads. After the verification process is complete, click Next.
  6. After the video ad fit verification process is complete, you can request a content review if you believe our systems have erred.
  7. Choose the display level of the video.
  8. Click Done

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