Conditions for monetizing YouTube videos 6 videos that cannot be achieved with 4000 watch hours

Conditions for monetizing YouTube videos 6 videos that cannot be achieved with 4000 watch hours

4000 hours and 1000 subscribers

Many YouTubers are looking for ways to get 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in order to make profit from YouTube, but when you start working the wrong way, you lose hours completely.

There are many ways to get 4000 hours of real and proper views, but there are some ways made by content makers that YouTube does not fully accept, so we will share with you 6 ways that you should avoid to accept hours on YouTube.

But before we get into these ways that do not help you achieve the conditions, we will learn about what are the conditions for profit from YouTube and some of the information you will need as a content maker on YouTube.

Youtube earning terms

conditions for profit from YouTube are not very different from profit from sites in terms of Google Adsense laws, but YouTube requires conditions and we may say a little complicated, because many YouTubers have a short time that does not exceed 12 months, in which you must achieve 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers.

But if you fulfill these conditions on YouTube and start to win, know that you will start a new project that will bring you sums that may be the official income for living, and that is why YouTube is among most powerful sources of profit from Internet.


Profiting from YouTube as an experience from me can be considered one of the best ways to make money from the Internet, which you should know that the YouTube platform has become many families rely on it as a source of monthly income, but it has become the first and last source and without it you will not be able to earn money on the other hand.

beauty of YouTube is that it does not really require you to have much experience, but as you continue to learn and master the field and build an audience for the content that is presented.

For the record, you should know that YouTube can make more than $1,000 a month if you behave well.

What are the conditions for profit from YouTube?

1. You must create a new YouTube channel.

2. The channel's cover and logo design.

3. Download videos with exclusive content at an added value.

4. Do not post sexual content.

5. Not to publish movies and anime videos and broadcast matches with rights.

6. Not to steal other people's content.

7. Not to spread malware, cracks and general theft.

8. Not to spread hatred, racism, weapons, medicines and everything related to black markets.

9. Proof of ownership of the channel on the smartphone.

10. Create two-step security information.

11. The channel does not contain alarms.

12. Collect 4000 hours of views.

13. Gather 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

After we learned about the conditions for profit from YouTube, which may change, but in general, one policy and one law has not changed yet, we will now learn about the videos in which it is not possible to get 4000 hours of views.

Videos that dont get 4000 watch hours

Many channels publish videos on YouTube, and in the end, they do not get the conditions for profit from YouTube, and among these unaccounted videos are short videos.

YouTube stated in its policy that YouTube offers the opportunity to publish videos to collect views 24/24 without any problem, but it made some exceptions about collecting 4000 hours on YouTube, which are as follows:

Video types that dont count toward the YouTube Partner Program minimum requirements:

- Private videos: Private videos mean that the video was public, anyone could find it on YouTube, and then the video became private, or the video was published in the private. The point is that the video is completely hidden from people.

Unlisted videos: Unlisted videos will not appear unless you share their link with others, and this is also included in the law not to accept their hours.

- Deleted videos: deleted videos are the ones that have been uploaded and deleted. For example, we say you collected 2000 watch hours, then you deleted them from the channel, so know that 2000 hours will disappear from the channel.

- Advertising campaigns: If you run an advertising campaign to increase hours on YouTube, you have made a fatal mistake, because YouTube does not accept hours that do not come from advertising campaigns for Google ads, and perhaps even Facebook hours, and God knows best and I do not think so.

- Stories videos and short videos: What is meant by videos are stories, which are story videos, and this type of video does not accept the hours that come from it on YouTube.

Short videos are shorts youtube videos. If you think that short videos are a reason to increase the hours, then know that you only consume your time in space, and 4000 hours cannot be achieved.

- Live broadcast videos: Live broadcast videos where you talk live without any editing or modifications. If this live broadcast was unlisted, deleted or hidden and was not installed like the videos, YouTube will not accept the hours that came from you.

This is our lesson today about the law of videos that do not fall within the conditions of profit from YouTube, and the reason is that these videos are not allowed to accept hours, and as you know that hours are a condition of profit from YouTube in Adsense.

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