Learn the secrets of cyborg and release search results in Google 2022

 Learn the secrets of cyborg and release search results in Google 2022

SEO is divided into several sections through which search engines are optimized from inside and outside the sites, and here we mean the activity carried out by individuals to increase the ranking in the search results, and by paying attention to the implementation of all strategies related to ON SEO, the results appear clearly.

To complete the matter correctly, go to the external SEO section and all its steps such as backlinks and other factors that ultimately lead to achieving the remaining 50% of search engine optimization correctly.

What is external search SEO?

OFF PAGE SEO is defined as the activity of the site owner and competitors to increase the ranking in the results, and although the aforementioned rules of ON SEO are adhered to, it is of paramount importance to use OFF PAGE SEO rules.

The importance of OFF SEO appears in that it contains 50% of the factors that contribute to raising the site to the first results on the search engine, as it offers 10 modern and important techniques to improve the external search engine, as follows:

1- Pay attention to external links

Here we mean the need to pay attention to the external links on the site, and in order to build those links, the quality and reception of links related to the content must be taken into account.

2- Promote and strengthen the brand

This process helps to strengthen the brand, which increases clicks on links, and this mark can be strengthened through videos that are shared on YouTube, and the brand appears in front of many through social media platforms so that the brand is stable.

3- Increasing the EAT rate

In short, EAT stands for Expertise Authority Trust, by which we mean an assessment of the quality of content, and this element improves results and increases trust in the brand, thus increasing trust in the articles placed on the site.

4- Increase the strength of the site with guest articles

When publishing the content of the site's domain on other site, the site owner will be presented as an expert in this field, thus increasing the number of visitors and providing various services and experiences.

Therefore, the site must be found that is similar to the domain of the original site, to allow guest articles to be published to gain experience and increase the ability to appear in the first search engine results.

5- Advertising and marketing on social media platforms

The ads that are published on social media platforms attract the audience of all kinds to the site, and they work to restore visits that were lost for a variety of reasons.

It is one of the most important ways in which the sharing of information on the site can be increased, and therefore the participation on social media platforms must increase in order for the site to achieve the desired results.

6- Email marketing

Many are interested in this guaranteed method of gaining many visitors to the site, considering it a fast, flexible and accurate way of offering products and services to many customers with flexibility.

7- Availability of questions

There are many common questions that many users and visitors want to know the answer to, so there should be a section for questions and answers through which external SEO can be better improved.

8- Bookmarking

This falls under the category of social tags in which the URL address can be saved and shared. The most popular tools that use this tag are Digg, Reddit, and Google Bookmarking.

9- Get comments and opinions through blog comments

Many people think that comments on blogs are not very important for SEO, but in fact we find that this is important for external SEO, as it can be used to send links to other pages.

10- Registration of work in local companies

When you add business details to the Google Business platform, it is used for external SEO.

11- Answer all the questions

The site owner should be interested in answering the questions that are asked at all times on sites such as Quora, Answer and Yahoo, and this is similar to the technology of forums and the way to participate in them, and this element serves internal SEO greatly.

What are the benefits of Technical SEO

Ordinary SEO experts do not use technical SEO, and therefore it needs those who have the professionalism in dealing with this type of advanced techniques that are related to the changes that have been made to Google ranking algorithms, and there are 14 tips that can be adhered to to improve Google rankings, which are as follows:

  1.    The need to use keywords within the main paragraph in addition to the descriptions of the meta correctly.
  2.     Improving the quality of the site's content by using pick-up menus.
  3.     Please use the FAQ Schema which is the page with questions and answers.
  4.     The force available must be used.
  5.     The need to update the content in proportion to the different stages of the site.
  6.     Make those comments available on the site.
  7.     Strong association with reputable and high quality sites.
  8.     Combine duplicate content with canonical URLs.
  9.     Distribute links to pages that rank low.
  10.     Lazyload must be used for videos and photos.
  11.     Use a keyword-containing URL that is as short as possible.
  12.     Using tools for finding keywords and identifying trends through them.
  13.     Find all SEO technical errors.
  14.     Reduce the bounce rate of pages.

 What is a robots.txt file?

The robots.txt file tells all search engines the places it can reach on the site, and it can be used, and there is a user agent called the user-agent for each search engine and it is as follows:

  •     Google: Googlebot
  •     Bing: Bingbot
  •     Google Images: Googlebot-Image
  •     Yahoo: Slurp
  •     Baidu: Baiduspider
  •     DuckDuckGo: DuckDuckBot

Do we need a robots.txt file?

The robots.txt file fulfills many necessary tasks besides its main task, and these tasks are as follows:

  1. Contributes to maintaining the privacy of all sections of the site.
  2. It prevents crawling of duplicate content on the site.
  3. Helps reduce user server overload.
  4. Prevents crawling of internal search pages.
  5. Prevents google from wasting your crawl budget.
  6. It prevents all clips and images from appearing in Google search results.

 How to create a robots.txt file

In the absence of a robots.txt file, this file can be easily created by opening a txt document, writing directives in it, and saving it as robots.txt. Also, a robots.txt generator can be used, which reduces syntax errors, and this generator helps protect The site is one of the mistakes that can lead to a disaster in SEO.

The role of a sitemap in attracting visitors

When you want to get a lot of visitors through the search engine, you must provide good crawling of Google links with their indexing and attention to the site map called sitemap, which appears in the form of a file uploaded to the server of the site, and contains all the links in it and this file is in the form XML.

How to submit a sitemap to Google search engine

The importance of a sitemap appears in the following cases:

  1.     The site should be new and when you want to introduce it to the search engines in the easiest way.
  2.     The site should be large in size and contain a lot of internal pages.
  3.     In the absence of a valid link between the internal pages of the site, or when there are some pages without a link with other pages.

Top Sitemap Creation Tools

There are many paid or free sites that can create a sitemap or sitemap as follows:

  1.     Sitemap writer pro is a paid program for creating maps.
  2.     Slickplan is one of the most popular paid professional tools for this purpose.
  3.     XML-sitemaps This tool is free to use with up to 500 links.
  4.     Inspyder is a paid program that creates unique maps.
  5.     Dynomapper This tool can be used to create maps, learn site crawling, and detect all broken links.

 What are the internal links of the site

Internal links are the process of internal linking to all pages of the site, and these links are used to search for content and navigate through the site by the search engine and individuals, and they are from one page to another on the same domain.

Internal links come in several forms, including the main menu, navigational links on the home page, page links, and contextual links that exist within the content. And creating a hierarchy of all the information on the site, and helps to clarify the relationship between the pages, increase the conversion rate and ensure a higher ranking.

What is meant by external or backlinks

There is a direct correlation between the number of visits within the sites that come through the search engine and external links, as linking between trusted sites contributes to obtaining distinguished visits and rankings.

There are also only two types of these links, which are Nofollow links, and Dofollow links, and they must have the criteria that make them high quality and are as follows: 

  •  Appropriateness.
  • Authority.
  • Link text.

The creation of backlinks is done in several important steps and depends on writing unique content, creating it manually and the need to communicate with influencers to republish it and write in blogs in the same field and restore the strength of broken links, adhere to the strategy of search and search for the brand, and there are some free tools used to verify all links External are as follows:

  •     moz tool.
  •     Ahrefs Tool.

In order to maintain the validity of external links, they must be tracked through some tools designated for this purpose, which are as follows:

  •     SEOprofiler.
  •     SERPSTAT.
  •     SEMRush.

 What is the difference between internal and external links

The difference between internal and external links is that internal links are specific to the page within the site, and external links link the page of the site to the pages on the other site.

The internal links can also be easily controlled with the possibility of creating or deleting them, unlike external links that are difficult to control, such as the first.

What is Anchor text?

Anchor earns is defined as the text that contains the internal and external links, and if you click on it, a new page for an article, product, topic or site in general opens. It comes in several forms as follows:

  •     It appears in the form of general words used in the topic, such as keywords.
  •     Use some synonyms for that keyword.
  •     Use of the brand name.
  •     Direct use of the link.
  •     Putting images with their own link.

Thus, we have learned about the concept of external SEO and how to use its factors and know the importance of each of them separately to achieve the greatest benefit for website owners.

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