Site to make money from the Internet are guaranteed to earn more than $ 10 per day and without experience

Site to make money from the Internet are guaranteed to earn more than $ 10 per day and without experience

Make money online for beginners

Guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet are now available on many platforms on the Internet, and you can profit from these sites more than 10 US dollars per day if you improve your daily work.

There are many ways to profit from the Internet, including profit for beginners and receiving profits with full guarantee and safety, for this we will share with you all guaranteed money-making sites from the Internet, from which you will achieve more than $10 per day without experience.

I personally tried many sites to profit from the Internet, which really do not need you to experience, and I will share with you the honest ones, with which I did not find any difficulty about payments, in fact there are some of them that are late and some of them may have a problem with the system, but it is considered among the best profit sites From the Internet for beginners.

In this article we will provide you with:

  • Guaranteed earning money online sites for beginners.
  • Best online earning sites for beginners.
  • Profit from shortening links.
  • Profit from file upload sites.
  • Earn money online by completing tasks.
  • Profit from selling photos online.
  • Earning from Honeygain.
  • How to make money online for beginners.

Guaranteed earning money online sites for beginners

There are many sites to profit from the Internet, but not the big profit, and in fact there are many beginners who go directly to small areas to earn at least 10 dollars a day, and we know that you should not rely on these areas because they will not offer you a happy and dignified life, but there are people who desperately want to Such services with full joy.

For this, on our Hosting frichi website, we will share with you many sites that I personally tried from A to Z, we will also learn how to profit from them, and what we must do before starting to work on the Internet and many things that you need in order to make money.

Best online earning sites for beginners

Profit from the Internet for beginners are platforms that are likely to be platforms that are 100% for the unrepentant or are integrated with areas that offer huge profits, and these platforms offer money in return if you complete some small tasks, such as: entering the site, watching ads, skipping pages, watching videos and many more Tasks that do not require Internet experience.

These sites that I will present to you do not imagine thousands of dollars and also do not imagine 1 dollars, the reason is due to how you work with these sites, and do you really have what makes them a strong source of income, for example, I personally work on profit sites from the Internet for beginners, but I earn Of which more than 5 dollars per day, the reason is that I have a rule of profit, which I will explain to you at the end of the topic.

But now we will offer you all the sites where you can work on the Internet and earn money from them with all guarantees, which are as follows:

Earning from shortening link

Profit from shortening links is one of the oldest ways that beginners in websites and blogs profit, because shortening links is sharing a link to a topic, video or program in a short link, and this process is provided by Google and also from the Bitly site, but free of making money.

That is why the idea of ​​profiting from shortening links came, and this process is easy and uncomplicated, and you only have to shorten the link of the video, site or anything that contains a URL link on the site from which you will earn money.

When you shorten the link on the site, you share it on YouTube, website, blogs, and even forums, and the more clicks there are on the link, the higher the percentage of profits. For example, for every 1000 people, you win $5.

Among what I personally experienced in profit from shortening links, which is the EXE site.


A site that I have dealt with since about the year 2015 if my memory does not fail me, the site is one of the strongest site so far in providing profits compared to competitors, and supports several payment services, which are as follows:

$5.00 for PayPal withdrawals

$5.00 for Bitcoin withdrawals

$5.00 for Payeer withdrawals

$5.00 for Airtm withdrawals

$10.00 for Amazon Gift Card withdrawals

Profit from file upload site

Profit from uploading files is one of the ways to profit from the Internet for beginners and sometimes professionals and depending on the platform they work on, because the file upload site helps you to upload files for free with a certain amount of space, but this time it is a space accompanied by profitable ads for both parties.

There is a site that offers you to store your files such as programs, applications and files with many extensions, and these files turn into a URL link to share on your site and with people via social sites as well as YouTube, and whenever there are visits to download files, you earn a percentage of the profits and the site earns from the ads that appear in your files.

Among these sites that profit from uploading files is the file-upload site.

The file-upload profit site, is among the best sites to upload files over the Internet, with a space of 117 gigabytes for free, and you can pay monthly fees to the site in case you want to increase the storage space.

As for the profit from the site, it is honest in paying your PayPal account whenever you reach $1 or more, and it also supports the profit from the referral.

Earn money online by completing tasks

Profit from the Internet varies from field to field and from platform to platform, and among the work that beginners do in the virtual world to profit from the Internet, which is completing tasks and watching advertisements in return, of course the profits are few, which range between $0.10 and $10 per task.

There are actually some sites that offer a profit rate starting from $0.001, a very small amount and it will not be possible to work in it completely, but there are types of people and most of them love this type of field, and the reason is because they do not have any experience and do not like to study or search for A suitable field on the Internet.

That is why if you are interested in completing tasks and earning money from them according to each service, I will offer you many sites that have almost the same thing, except that each one has its own way of completing the tasks, and the profits also differ from one platform to another.

 1. Paidera website

Paidera is among the honest sites for profit from the Internet for beginners, and this site offers you two ways to profit from the Internet, the profit is by completing tasks, and profit through referrals, as well as a site to earn money from watching ads.

Payment is via PayPal when you reach $30 and the transmission is fast, but if you have more than 150 subscribers with your referral link, the payment will be $20, which you should know is not monthly or weekly, but whenever it arrives, you will be paid in Your PayPal bag.

2. Profit from Bacha code

Profiting from the Pacha code is one of the oldest ways that beginners use to profit from the Internet, and in fact it is a process that does not require you to have experience or skill, it is enough for you to just write some numbers in the boxes and thus earn some dollars.

These sites that provide a service to complete the task of numbers are called the Patcha code, and the Pacha code is a small box that appears frequently on the sites to check whether you are among the robots, and they also ask you for it when you subscribe to the sites when creating a new account, and I do not really know what is the merit behind my writing this Numbers, but this is a task that you take a share of every day.

First site: captchatypers

Second site: kolotibablo

3 . serpclix site

Serpclix is ​​among the sites that offer between $0.05 and $1.00 per job.

This site only works in the mozilla firefox browser, and your task on the site is to install the site in the Mozilla Firefox Play Store and complete the tasks.

process is that it tells you to search for a word in Google search engines, and you will find this word as a site of a certain color, and you enter the site and often sit a minute or less, when you are interested in sitting on the site, you are offered $ 0.05, with the possibility of profit from the referral Of course.

A penny to pay and credibility: 100% honest in terms of payment, and accepts sending money to your PayPal account.

The picoworkers site is number one in completing the tasks, which are hundreds of tasks, and the tasks differ from one task to another, and also differ even in terms of profits, or we say the percentage of profit that you earn from completing the task.

This site made more than $100 through the referral, I actually received the profits in Paypal, and the law on sending money starts from $ 5 and above, and it also supports some electronic banks such as litecoin and skrill.

picoworkers is among the guaranteed sites for making money from the Internet, and you can also earn money from watching ads, also from completing tasks such as entering pages and so on... .

A penny for payment and credibility: 100% honest in terms of payment, and accepts sending money in your PayPal account, you also profit from the referral.

5. Profit from YouGov

YouGov, which has impressed millions of English about the profit that is provided from the referral, I personally earned more than 14,000 dollars from the referral, but the role of the site is to complete tasks in answering surveys.

The site was at first sending money in Western Union and receiving payments in about 5 weeks, but in 2022 they stopped the Western Union feature, or perhaps only for some countries, and the alternative became the bank and PayPal according to each account in YouGov.

The process of profit from the site is to collect 5000 points, whether from the referral or the survey, and if you collect this number, it turns into 50 US dollars, and you can directly withdraw it without any problem.

Profit from Coinpayu

Coinpayu is one of the most powerful sites for profit from the Internet for beginners. In fact, the best thing I liked about this site is that it offers you the advantage of selling the accounts you have subscribed to for the amount you want, meaning the people who subscribe to the accounts turn into dollars and digital currencies.

The idea of ​​the site is to provide people with profit by completing tasks, which is a site to earn money from watching advertisements and completing some tasks. 1 to 1.5 dollars per account.

The site supports electronic banks such as: (Bitcoin, Payeer, Dogecoin, Faucetpay, Ethereum, Litecoin).

In the first stage, when you send the money to your electronic bank account, it is delayed about 4 days, but in the second time, it often does not exceed a day.

Profit from divbux

Divbux is among the site to earn money by viewing ads, this site is honest in terms of paying money in your electronic bag.

The site offers the completion of tasks as well as profit by watching ads. The site is classified for beginners in profit from the Internet, but it has one drawback, which is the large number of annoying ads, but the profits are, of course, very few and not worth the trouble and fatigue.

Profiting from this site is one of the easiest ways that is similar to the ease of profit through the captcha, you do not need experience or skills, but it is a repetitive process of watching ads and taking a share about this service, and the site offers 4 ways to profit from the Internet and each one and its financial level, there is profit By watching ads, profit from short links, profit through CPA offers, profit by referral (referral).

Profit from selling photos online

Profit from selling photos is actually a great idea, useful and profitable. If you are good at behaving, you should only have a smartphone with a high-quality camera or a professional camera.

The process of profit from image upload sites is to publish a high-quality image without copyright, or draw a picture with your skill on the Photoshop program, you publish it and the site offers you an amount for each image, and if the images are sold, you take your share and the site also takes its share.

Shutterstock is one of the best sites where you can sell photos and earn respectable amounts of money daily on the Internet.

The site has more than 500 thousand subscribers, and these statistics are only for the year 2014, but for the year 2022, it may have exceeded 2 million subscribers, and this is what makes the site a great success among a large number of competing sites.

The site offers millions of photos and videos of designers, illustrators and photographers, from which they earn very large sums.

When you upload the image to the shutterstock site, you earn $0.25 when selling it, and it increases to 0.33 and sometimes to $0.40, but this is due to the quality of the images you publish and the number of images you publish, as well as your rating on the site.

There are also some sites that provide the same service, which are as follows:

iStockphoto is one of the very big website for selling photos online.

This site offers in every picture, of course, if it is sold 15% of the profits, but there is a great opportunity to increase profits from 15% to 45% for each image, but the beauty of this site dears, the troubles of our site is that it is not limited to selling images only, but also You can also sell videos, flash and Victorian works, sounds and other things that you can earn money from.

In terms of payments, you must reach $100, then you can withdraw money from it.

bigstockphoto This site in fact offers a higher percentage of sites to profit from images, which reach between $0.50 and $25.00, and the larger the image is, but the price rises more, which reaches $3.00, and the site offers payment via Paypal service and MoneyBookers, and the payment is when you reach more than 50 US dollars.

fotolia website fotolia is also among the best sites to sell images that it sells at a price between $0.25 - $0.40, but you can also profit from the site in each image between 20% to 63%, you can also withdraw money when you reach an amount 50 US dollars.

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