Facebook changes its name to "Meta"... What does that mean?

Facebook company recently announced its new name through a video by CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, who also said that he will change the Facebook platform to the new name META, but the question is what does “meta” mean and will this change cause a problem for trade, people and everyone who benefits from it? Facebook platform?

Facebook, the world's social media giant, announced Thursday that it has changed its name to Meta (Eric Risberg/AP). Facebook changes its name to "Meta"

Facebook changes its name to "Meta"... What does that mean?

Facebook in the year 2021 month 10 happened to him what has not happened to him since he founded the company, an incident that destroyed his reputation in the world, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram stopped for more than 6 hours around the world, and this process caused a very big problem for Facebook users, especially merchants And those who rely on profit from the Facebook platform.

The reason why Facebook changed its name to Meta is not known one hundred percent, but this change occurred after Facebook was suspended for more than 6 hours, and also the second reason was rumors about it by a former employee of the Facebook platform that his only concern is to make money from the Internet in various ways and that It was immoral, and it was also rumored that the platform had been hacked, and this does not bode well.

But the second question: Why did WhatsApp and Instagram also stop at the same time? The reason is that Facebook’s services are not separate from WhatsApp and Instagram, and it was said that he had been previously warned by some employees to make each server platform its own or something like that, but he did not care, and that is why the services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were suspended.

The services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp witnessed a sudden interruption in service in the year 2021, the month of 10 on Monday, and this interruption affected all users of social sites around the world, and because of it, Facebook shares declined by 5.72% after the disruption of both the site services and the services of the Instagram and WhatsApp platforms, and precisely in It's 2:37 a.m. US time.

Why Facebook changed its name to meta?

Many users of social sites ask about the meaning of the name "meta", which will soon appear in Facebook. The real meaning of the name meta is in ancient Greek and means "after", to show that "additional things should be built".

This name was not added randomly, Mark Zuckerberg knows what he is making, and the fact that this new name is in line with its policy to create an integrated virtual world based on three-dimensional technology known as the Metaverse.

The Facebook company revealed in one of the videos its new name with 3D technology, and as he mentioned that the word Metaverse means “Metaverse” between the words “Meta” and “Universal” in English, meaning “the superuniverse”, and it constitutes a kind of digital alternative to the world. The material can be accessed online.

These are the reasons that made the director of Facebook change its name, but the second reason, which was stated by many employees and the general public, is the scandal revealed by “Francis Hogan,” the former official in the civil integrity team at the site, and actually as an experience from me that Facebook committed a lot of Violations, including, as mentioned by "Francis Hogan," fueling ethnic violence in Ethiopia and Myanmar, and the silence of the site about this and other acts, and the second thing is privacy and its interest in money more than users.

The shape of the Facebook logo, as he mentioned, will change from the white letter "F" with a blue background behind it, to the word "Meta" and next to it a sign similar to the "infinity" sign in blue.

The sign of infinity means infinity (in English: infinity) denotes "what is infinite", "infinite" or "unlimited". It is used in many different concepts, but all of them have one idea, which is "there is no end".

The sign presented by the director of Facebook is very convincing as if he masterminded this process, and that the suspension of Facebook for 7 hours intended by the company itself, perhaps, and God knows best, because the idea of ​​this brand with 3D technology, which is known as the Metaverse, cannot be made within a month or two, especially since The new Facebook name Meta logo is identical with 3D, and it means that you can always make something new, develop things that already exist, and constantly update them in line with reality.

"I think it was premeditated from the start."

Here some people will ask, will a new account be created in Meta? How will the Facebook domain be changed to a "meta" domain? And how is the situation of those who carry out advertising campaigns on the Facebook platform? What is the condition of the links you shared on the sites? And many of the questions asked by Facebook users.

In fact, there is no clarification, but the process is quite simply, there is a so-called redirection of links, we say, for example, you wrote facebook.com, you will be redirected to meta.com and the same is true with all links, and often even people who will conduct advertising campaigns, there will be no changes Often, God knows best.

The most difficult thing is if the "Meta" application works in advanced Android systems and the new version, this will be an obstacle for a large number of users.

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