How to create a payeer account to receive profits 2022

How to create a payeer account to receive profits 2022

How to create a payeer account to receive profits 2022

Many people who profit from the Internet and find that they must receive profits from the Bayer banking site. That is why you are always looking for how to create a Payer account in 2021 in a sound, uncomplicated and 100% effective way. Of course, Payer is an alternative to the electronic bank account Paypal, which most people who work in the Internet world use in order to profit from the Internet, especially the owners of Facebook advertising campaigns and other social sites. That is why if you are interested and would like to know how to create a payeer account to receive the profits for the year 2022, we will provide you with an explanation with video and audio on our website, Profit from the Internet, Hosting Frichi.

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for what follows, dear followers of the blog hosting frichi for information and technologies and profit from the internet. Today in the explanations section that is provided from some sites such as coinpayu and other sites for it. If you are interested in making money from the Internet and paying to your bank account, please explain the site (you will earn more than 20 dollars a day and withdraw it 100% | Mythical site to make money from the phone). In general, we will provide you with an alternative website for Paypal to receive the money and pay the money, and perhaps buy some sites that support this service. Also there are many ways to convert foreign currency exchange methods.

Many bloggers or wishing to profit from the Internet through sites that provide tasks or profit through referrals and applications, are looking for an acceptable electronic bank in one of these profitable sites. But from these sites, you are often required to add either the Paypal company or the Payer company, and also even Payoneer and other electronic banks in high credibility. Among the conditions that some site offers, such as, for example, coinpayu, which we explained to you, is that it provides you with profits through referrals, assignments, and sale of accounts, that you provide it with an electronic Bayer bank account or a bitcoin bag.

 How to create a Payer account 2022

Many people do not know the electronic bank account Bayer, and do not know whether it s really an alternative to the PayPal company, and do not know what services this electronic bank provides, many hidden things for beginners. Therefore, before we explain to you how to create a new Payer account, we will talk a little about this company so that you have extensive knowledge about this bank.

Bayer Company was established in 2012 AD under the name Payeer LTD, and this company has several offices in the world, especially Russia and Britain. From the day it appeared, this company was developing until it became one of the first 5 companies in the world, and the thing that made it more popular is the ease of working in it with the provision of many services, especially the owners of hard currencies.

mission of PAYEER is to deal in electronic financial transactions. In the sense that this site will provide you with a means of paying money or transferring electronic money between the paying party and the receiving party, and it is also considered a guarantor of the rights of the seller and buyer to complete the process of buying and selling legally and safely, and in return the bank obtains percentages of The financial transactions that take place through it.


Advantages :

1) It is safe and has not yet recorded any hacking or hacking problem.

2) His commissions are very low compared to others.

3) Deposit is free without any fees.

4) He has his own debit card.

5) Very fast support.

6) It has a referral system that enables you to get profit through whoever registers your link.

7) Transferring between accounts is free.

8) Support in all languages. You can contact them for inquiries and problem solving.

9) Supports the profit feature from referral links.

Register on payeer site

Information on how to register:

In order to register on the site you need Gmail.

You can choose the language you want and you can change it whenever you want.

In order to start the registration, click on ouvrir un compte, then you will add your Gmail, for example [email protected] and click on Create Account.

It will prompt you to add a code consisting of 5 numbers that will be sent to your gmail account, then you will add it, then you will choose to continue without confirmation. Then you will change the password, re-confirm the password, and click Next. Congratulations.

If you modify the information, you will choose profile, fill in all the fields, and the phone remains optional. As for adding the Gmail box, you must click on UPDATE to send you an activation code in Gmail and then click on VERIFICATION.

At this stage, we will upload a copy of the identity card to your passport or ID box, matching the information you added in profile or passport.

In Rpoof of address field, you will upload a picture of the residence address via the electricity or water bill. Then SEND.

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