Profit from the internet for free: 10 ways that will change your life 2022

 Profit from the internet for free: 10 ways that will change your life 2022

Profit from the internet for free: 10 ways that will change your life 2022

The word profit from the internet has become one of the most searched words in Google, because this field has become a favorite among many people who want to have an additional income or that working on the internet is their main source of income .

 If you are not using the internet to get a financial profit, then unfortunately you are not using the best ways to profit from the free internet that exist in 2022 .

Of course, we must know that the ways to make money from the internet are many and there are many levels, including simple ways as soon as you click on some ads, you earn small money, and others need additional skills and money, such as setting up your own store and promoting the products you sell, but in this article I will give you the top 10 ways that do not need capital and bring you big profits at the same time .

This article will be a comprehensive guide in which I will share with you the summary of my experience and experiences in all ways of making money and honest sites that do not need much experience .

The methods we will explain in our today's article :
  1.  Profit from blogging
  2.  Profit from affiliate marketing or affiliateMini services
  3.  Profit from the sale of photos
  4.  Profit from shortcut links sites
  5.  Create an online store and profit from it
  6.  Profit from the sale of courses
  7. Making money selling T-shirts
  8. Investing in digital currencies
  9. GPS locations

1.Profit from blogging [how to make money from the internet for free ]

If your question is how to get money from the internet for free Blogging is the best field according to my experience for everyone who wants to make money from the internet quickly, he does not need any previous great experience or a large capital to start, and I advise you to always write in the field you like because it will make it easier for you to work in the language you are good at (do not believe who tells you that blogging is unprofitable ) and here I will give you the best areas that generate big profits in a short time .

Health and sports

If your question is, what is the way to earn dollars from the internet for free This type of blog has a wide fame, focused on the nature of weight reduction (especially in rich countries with overweight populations), and of course you must have extensive knowledge in the field of Health in order to start in this wonderful field, especially if you are a fitness trainer or a nutritionist, I advise you to immediately create your professional blog and add AdSense ads on it (I recommend AdSense ads) and you will achieve fantastic profits .

 Human development

With the development of the times, people have become depressed and many problems in their daily lives, and they are looking for ways to improve their lifestyle, so if you have experience in psychology or you have great information in the field of human development, make your blog and you just have to come to topics about everyday life and present the problems that people suffer from and the solutions that you offer them .

The best way to profit from this special niche is when you get the right audience, you create your mailing list and interactive, and periodically send them free tips, then you create an e-book that addresses one of the important problems that concern your audience, and you will get a number of sales and profits that you did not expect, up to Dollars 15,000 in one month .

Profit from cooking and food recipes

The presentation of food recipes is no longer exclusive to TV shows, a new generation of content and blogging about food and recipes has emerged today, through simple and easy ways to prepare food and provide tips for preparing desserts, as well as blogging in the field of cooking has spread in our world only through blogs and recipes provided through writing, photos or video blogging, especially via the YouTube platform by depicting the stages of preparing dishes attractively or using drawing and animation techniques .

The special thing in this field is that he does not need experience, but a passion for presenting successful food recipes and sharing your daily experiences with those who follow your blog .

Family and children

This area is of great interest to mothers and fathers , especially new ones, as I remember well when my wife gave birth to her first child and how we were looking for everything about the child on websites and blogs (eating , drinking, dressing, how to deal with the child and others) .

Of course, I am not the only one who did this, all new parents, due to their lack of experience in dealing with children, and problems of time management and organization, will inevitably resort to the internet as the first source to search for information, so you are the one who provides it to them through your blog .

The best way to profit from this type of blog is AdSense only
In my experience, the price of clicks is great in countries with this type of niche.

Jobs and job offers

According to my experience, this field is the best in the Arab world, whose youth suffer from a lack of job opportunities, if you create a blog and work on adding the latest job offers, your blogs will spread quickly, especially on social networking sites in our Arab world, which is known for high unemployment rates .
The best way to profit from blogging through this field is advertising (even pop-up ads are very profitable ) because it gets a large number of visitors and a rapid spread in the youth category .

Fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs among the category of girls, both in the world .

If my sister has a great experience and follow-up to new fashion trends or experience in using makeup and beauty tools , I advise you to immediately create a blog about this field because it is very profitable, especially by viewing ads, affiliate or reviewing products .

Of course, there are many other profitable fields that can earn you thousands of dollars a month, it is important that you always blog in the field that you know, which can be an area that you like or your field of study, and it is important that you have a lot of information and value to benefit people .

2 Profit from affiliate marketing or affiliate

If you are thinking of making a profit from the internet in a guaranteed way and without any effort and work, stay away from this field , because it really needs fatigue and a little capital at first , Personally I have been working for two years in the field of affiliate and I adore this field, it has brought me big profits in a short time .

Affiliate marketing or what is known as the affiliate field

Affiliate marketing or affiliate is simply to shorten the buyers to the seller's website to pay money for the purchase of real and virtual products via a special link previously provided to you by the owner of the site (so that he could know that the sale was made through you), and therefore the profit from the internet from this area is a commission that has been agreed in advance with the owner of the product (of course, the commission varies from one site to another and from one product to another ).

But unfortunately, if you follow the free explanations of this field on the web or via YouTube videos, you will find that most of those who explain affiliate for beginners start by choosing the product or offer that you will market, but you should know that there is an important step that must precede the choice of the offer or product, which is the choice of the marketing method itself.
There are many ways of affiliate marketing, including what is free and what is paid, and I will mention to you my brother the best methods of affiliate marketing and the most famous of them currently

 Marketing by e-mail

It is the best according to my experience, because people in the world care a lot about the emails sent to them, if you take care of your mailing list, which you collected by sending gifts and weekly tips, you will create great trust between you and the customer, which will make it easier for you to market any product you will send to him via email .

Marketing through the blog

Here I advise everyone who wants to work in the field of affiliate and marketing through his blog or website to study SEO SEO because it is very important for everyone who wants to earn money without creating paid ads, it will make it easier for you to get targeted and interested visitors to your site and convert them to your affiliate offers and make money without capital .

 Paid advertising marketing

Of course, using paid ads will make it easier for you to work in the case of marketing a particular product or displaying CPA, paid ads will quickly reach the target audience that you want to promote that product only through ads via the Facebook network by creating a page and bringing customers to it, or through Google ads, WordPress or Bing, by displaying your ads directly in search engines .

You should only know that your main task in this area is to choose the appropriate marketing method by a deep study of all the marketing tools that you will need and choose the method that suits your capital and also suits the offer or product that you want to promote .

 What are the best companies to make money from affiliate for beginners

There are many reliable companies that I personally advise you to work in affiliate marketing, but if you want my advice, Amazon affiliate is the best without a competitor for beginners and professionals, because you should know the secrets of Amazon, his candidacy is the best to profit from affiliate, it contains the highest conversion rate compared to the rest of the well-known stores, and according to statistics, the conversion rate reached up to 74%, and this is a record that you will not find in any other store in the world .

You should inform my brother that the Amazon affiliate system allows you to take a commission on any purchase made by the person you brought for a whole year, for example: "you brought a client from your site to the Amazon store in order to buy shoes, but that client you brought did not buy a phone, he bought a diamond ring for his wife, so my brother imagined "

Simply for everyone who wants to profit from affiliate on Amazon because it is better if you want to promote it, people always want to buy from it, especially because of the high percentage of credibility that this store enjoys compared to others .

#3 mini services

Perhaps some people think when they hear the word mini-services that I am talking about small profits or an unprofitable field ! On the contrary, the field of microservices is a wide field and you can work in it alone if you want to focus on one domain when working online .

 The best mini services that can be provided

    Write a review about a particular product and post it on your blog, YouTube channel, or even your Instagram account .

  •     Writing articles and specialized blogs .
  •     Create short or promotional videos .
  •     Make a video with your voice explaining a lesson or idea .
  •     Draw cartoon characters and turn pictures into cartoons .
  •     Draw a picture in a cartoonish form .
  •     Sell the photos you took with your camera
  •     Translation of videos and books
  •     Android application programming
  •     Design of logos and banners
  •     Help to solve any problem in a programming language that you find.
  •     Moderation of forums, websites, or Facebook page .
  •     Archiving and back-Link services

 Of course, this is not the complete list of services that you can work on, but it is the best-selling in my experience .

Here is a list of the top 4 authentication sites where you can work and start providing your services :

  1.  Pfeiffer Fiverr website
  2.  Freelancer website
  3.  Location of any service
  4.  SEOClerks website

Personally, I had a very successful experience with Fiverr and I recommend it to everyone who wants to work in this wonderful field, and I have achieved more than Dollars 2000 from it in a short time .

 4.Profit from the sale of photos

You can easily earn money from the service of selling photos taken with your phone or camera, but on the most important conditions are the quality of the photos taken and creativity in taking them compared to other photos available in the same category, especially the quality, and I personally recommend using a professional DSLR camera (I recommend Nikon camera, it is better than Canon for photos) with a good lens and professional background insulation .

In the event that you do not have a professional camera, you can use your phone, it is important that its camera has advanced specifications and quality to the extent that some people are unable to distinguish it from the same image taken with a DSLR camera.

  1.  Shutterstock
  2.     iStock
  3.     CanStock Photos
  4.     Dreams time
  5.     AdobeStock
  6.     Alamy
  7.     Etsy
  8.     Photomoto
  9.     Crestock
  10.     500px

 5. Profit from shortcut links sites

 The field of link shortening is the easiest way to make money from the internet quickly , it does not need a lot of skills and is very suitable as a start for anyone who wants to look for raising capital to invest in advertising or buying hosting, a paid domain, or another domain.

You must understand Brother first that you will not make thousands of dollars through this method, but with some effort you can achieve a satisfactory level as a start to profit from the internet.

This domain is very famous in 2019 in our world as one of the easiest profitable domains, as it is a service provided by some sites where it allows you to shorten any normal link to any site and turn it into a short and concise link, through which the company will display some AdSense ads for that visitor and then be redirected back to the original link he wants to visit.

Of course, here I advise you, if you want to work in this field, you should shorten important links and visitors are looking for them, because usually people hate advertising and shortened links, so what will make him complete following the link until reaching the desired site is of course an important link for him .

6. Create an online store and profit from it

E-commerce has become the most important source for everyone who wants to make money from the internet and achieve a large monthly income, so I classify the creation of an online store as one of the most important ways to profit, except you work in the field of drop shipping or you sell your product yourself .

  E-commerce is a modernization of traditional trade through new technology in our world. You can now sell your products that you make or own directly via the internet without the need to leave your home, as well as receive money directly through money receipt services that have facilitated the way for everyone, especially PayPal .

If you are a WordPress user, I recommend you to use the WooCommerce store because I see it as the best store for you that you can currently use compared to all the templates on the web .

If you are a fan of drop shipping, of course I recommend the Shopify store, it is the best and most easy to use .

How can I promote the online store

There are many paid and excellent promotion methods, and personally I see the Facebook and Instagram platform as the best for promoting stores, where you can use Facebook by creating a page where you praise the product and some of its features, discounts that you offer and coupons that you share with customers, and you can promote that page through Facebook ads to get the largest number of buyers .

As for the promotion via Instagram, it will be by adding great photos of your product and following the largest number of people interested in it, then promoting it by adding Your Store link in the description of your Instagram account or by direct messages .

#7 profit from the internet through the sale of courses

Selling courses is undoubtedly the best way to make a fortune online, but it needs smart strategies to convince people to buy your course .

I will give you a practical example that will make it easier for you to understand the method
First you have to build a target audience and the easiest way to do this is by creating a YouTube channel , suppose you have created a channel about cooking and desserts and you have given many successful recipes and many have become following you because of your delicious recipes, which are usually simple and easy .

If your channel has grown significantly and you decide to create a book about preparing a type of cake that is famous and usually women fail to prepare it , you will certainly have a great opportunity to sell many copies of that book because your audience is convinced that you will offer them a useful book and a successful way by virtue of following you and by virtue of the fact that most of your recipes were previously successful .

You might say to me that I don't have time to write a book and sell it, I want an easier way ,
Of course, the sale of courses is not limited to books, magazines or video courses, if we continue the same example of a sister who prepares successful recipes, imagine that she told her audience via YouTube that she would create a secret group via Facebook to give support, advise and help the sisters in their recipes, and that the entry price for that group will be By amount 100 for life, imagine with me that only 100 people will participate in that group, the profits will be Dollars10 thousand, my friend ! .

If you follow the same previous example with a focus of course in the field in which you work, I guarantee that you will sell your courses big and easy (the most important thing is credibility ) .

Benefits of profit from the sale of courses

Prepare the course once and sell it to an infinite number of followers .
You don't need any capital to start .
After your course spreads and the number of sales starts to decline, you can use the affiliate to market your product without your intervention by offering a currency such as 70% for each person who sells that book ! Isn't that great?'

8. Making money selling T-shirts

There are many youth who are good at designing, but nevertheless you find them looking for ways to exploit their skills and make profits from them, especially with the lack of job opportunities in the Arab world, so I personally advise them to start selling T-Shirts designs because it is simply one of the best current fields in 2019, it does not need capital, your experience and beautiful designs can be sold on sites that offer you the service of copying them and adding them to T-shirts and selling them to buyers directly for a commission that varies from site to site .

There are many websites that offer the service of selling T-shirts when you publish your design, but according to my experience I see that I prefer it

You just have to be creative and choose the best site according to your ink and capabilities , especially the way to withdraw your winnings, if you want to withdraw your winnings via pioneer card or your bank account, you have to choose merche Amazon, and if you want to withdraw your winnings via PayPal, you have to choose tispring .

You can promote the T-shirts that you design in many ways , including paid ones such as Google ads or Facebook, or in free ways, perhaps the most prominent according to my experience through Instagram .

You can create an Instagram account for the niche you are targeting to sell your designs and follow the largest number of people interested in the same field as you, especially publishing in the active hashtag, which relates to the same content of your T-shirts, and then you will get big sales .

#9 investing in digital currencies

After booming strongly in 2018 , and
the emergence of many new digital currencies, 2019 is the best time for everyone who wants to start investing in the field of virtual currencies, especially because of the current decline in the price of bitcoin, which is the best time to buy the largest amount of it currently and store it until its price rises again .

In the event that you do not have capital and want to enter the field of profit from bitcoin, you simply have to choose the field of Airdrop Airdrop .

This field for those who do not know it is based on collecting free coins that currently have no value and waiting for them to enter the market and start trading on well-known and reliable platforms , then they can be sold and converted into bitcoin and then into dollars , which means that you can earn money without any effort and easily .

What you need to enter this easy field is to always follow the news of new digital currencies and follow especially the analysis of experts to find out the real currencies that have projects and goals from the currencies that have no future .

My advice to you, my friend, is to enter the famous Bitcointalk forum, where you will find almost all the information you need in this area .

10. GPT sites

Conclude today this comprehensive guide to profit from the internet with GPT sites, because they do not need any investment and are suitable for all beginners who want to make a good capital .

First, What are GPT sites They are English Get-Paid-to sites , that is , to earn money for simple work such as downloading a program or voting on a site , posting on social networking sites, answering a questionnaire, placing an email or just searching in Google .
I want to warn you, my friend, if you want to work in this field, to choose a good company that you work with by verifying the proof of payment and a good reputation for the site, because of the large spread of scam sites in this field .

Personally, my start on the internet was in these sites, especially the gpt1 site, which enabled me to almost achieve more than 200 euros per month through easy services provided by the site and many payment methods suitable for all Arab countries, such as PayPal, pioneer, Neteller and others .

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