A site to earn money by watching ads and receiving $25 from Western Union

A site to earn money by watching ads and receiving $25 from Western Union

Make money online for beginners

Many are looking for profit sites that support Western Union, and often these sites are among the site to earn money from watching ads and completing tasks, and this type of service enters the profit from the Internet for beginners in an easy and guaranteed way, but it is among the ways that offer few profits because You enter the sites targeted by beginners in the Internet that want to earn some dollars only, so I will share with you a site where I have proven to withdraw a certain amount.

If you are interested in profit from the Internet for beginners and earn some dollars from it, we will share with you among one of the sites that I tried in terms of credibility and receiving payments in the electronic bank bag, and I found that it is an honest site in terms of payment, but the profits are weak, like all similar site, except that this The site that we are going to present to you is among the profit sites from Western Union.

 A site to earn money by watching ads

There are many sites that you earn from by watching ads, and there are also many sites that support making money from Western Union and other electronic banks available in our time, and I mentioned to you in a topic about what profit sites support Western Union, including this The site that I will share with you is called divbux, it is honest in terms of payments, but it has one problem and it publishes too many ads.

I have previously talked about divbux in terms of profit from the Internet for beginners, and I mentioned to you all the ways to profit from the site in detail with a video that often does not exceed 8 minutes, but I did not prove the withdrawal from the site to assure you that the site is really honest, even if it offers a very small percentage of profit Money, for this we will first learn about the service of the site and how you withdraw money from it only from the referral as an experiment to prove the withdrawal.

What payment services does divbux accept?

Among the advantages of this site, which enters the category of profit from the Internet for beginners, is that it accepts more than 10 payment services, of course the payment varies from platform to platform, for example, we say that payment in Western Union needs 25 dollars, and payment in Perfect Money only needs 0.02 dollars, and so on with the other electronic banks supported by the site, which are as follows:

Service: $Perfect money 0.05

Service: Western union 25$

Service: Payeer 0.03$

Service: coin2send

Service: Vodafone Cash

Service: bank 50$

Service: Alawneh exchange $25

Service: airtm 0.50$

Service: Y djezzy

Service: CCP

Service: Advcash

Service: Paypal 0.70$

Service: bitcoin

How to register on divbux

Log in to the site from here 

1 - Choose Register

2 - Enter the full name in English.

3 - Enter your email (Gmail).

4 - Confirm the email.

5- Determining the date of birth.

6 - Enter the username.

7 - Enter the password (it must be strong).

8 - Re-confirm the password.

9 - Determining the gender (male or female).

10 - Verify the captcha code by writing or verifying it.

11 - Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site.

12 - Press to register

At the end, a message will be sent to you in the Gmail to prove the account, and of course you choose to activate and add the name with the activation code, then it will provide you with the normal registration box with the name and password, and then the last stage will confirm your account with the date of birth and gender, after which you will begin to profit from the Internet.

How to earn from divbux

In order to profit from this site, you must first know that for beginners who want to earn some money from the Internet, the site does not require you to have experience or knowledge in the field of profit, but it is considered a site to earn money from watching ads, of course the site offers you a share every time You see ads, and the site does not only depend on profit from watching ads, but you can profit from four available ways and earn money from them.

Earn money by watching ads

This site is among the sites to earn money from watching ads without having any experience in the field of profit from the Internet, only the site asks you to bypass pages containing ads, and the more you exceed a large number of pages depending on what is on the site, the higher the profits according to The percentage of profit from advertising.

Profit from viewing advertisements is made by choosing and watching the type of advertisement (fixed advertisements, bonus advertisements, PTC advertisements), and this type of advertisements are either long-term or short, depending on, but advertisements that require you for a longer session will have greater profits than short advertisements, Profits range from $0.02 to $0.99 for viewing one advertisement.

Profit from CPA Offers

Profiting through offers is the best way to earn more money than the site, and these offers consist of downloading an application and a program and installing it in the device, and also completing the tasks of registering on the site, and many small services that you can complete and earn money from behind, according to each task.

This service is the most widely used method because it is the most profitable. Yes, I know that it takes you a little time in the process of downloading, registering, confirming the account and other conditions of registration, but it will help you in collecting respectable sums, something better than profit from ad views.

 from referring friends (referrals)

Divbux is like all sites that offer profit from referring friends and followers on social sites. If you invite a friend through your link, complete the registration process, the process of profit from the referral begins, the site offers you a percentage of profits that may reach 80%

The beauty of referral links is that if you have a source that brings visits such as Facebook, YouTube and other well-known sites, you will earn money constantly without working on the site at all, and this is what makes many people work on the site and earn money from it daily.

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