A site to find out the profits of YouTube for any channel - the truth about the profits of YouTube channel

A site to find out the profits of YouTube for any channel - the truth about the profits of YouTube channel

youtube earnings

Have you been looking for the best site to see YouTube earnings? Do you want to discover the profits of the big channel? Is there really a way to detect the profits of channels? If you only have to follow the lesson to know the truth.

We all know and know that the YouTube platform is one of the most powerful and best platforms for profit from the Internet, and that YouTube is the second largest site for visits in the world after the parent company Google.

Every day, we find people on YouTube watching videos from all over the world and in the millions without stopping, and this helps YouTube to take the first place in the world, and also helps YouTube and its users to profit from the Internet.

That is why we will learn about the real profits of YouTube channels revealed by a site that has become relied upon by a very large number of YouTubers.

Get to know your earnings on YouTube

There are many ways to profit from YouTube, and we mentioned to you previously entitled (How to profit from YouTube 2022), and in this place we discussed many ways, including everything related to profit from Adsense ads.

We all noticed that there are actually ads appearing in the videos, and these ads are Google Adsense ads, and because of these ads you can profit from YouTube, and from here came the idea of ​​revealing the truth about the profits of the channel on YouTube.


For those who do not know Google Adsense, it is an advertising program affiliated with Google that allows bloggers and YouTubers to place their ads on sites and channels, and these ads vary in sizes, colors, shapes and even types of ads, also either text ads, image ads, or video ads.

These ads serve advertisers who have contracted with Google in advance, so that Google displays these ads for them in return for a fee. Google profits are divided with content makers, whether on YouTube or the site, and this profit is by clicking on the Per-Click ads according to the sites, and also the profit by View and click on YouTube.

Also, AdSense ads appear on computers and smartphones, and in the end, these ads turn into money according to each content.

Best site to find out about youtube earnings

In order to find a site to find out the YouTube earnings for any channel, it is not easy, because if YouTube cannot protect your personal information for each account, this indicates that YouTube or we say Google is not safe and not worth working with, but how are these existing earnings monitored in youtube.

In fact, you cannot know 100% of YouTube's profits, and there is no site in the world that can reveal our profits, but there is a site called Social Blade that helps you identify all YouTube account information except for channel earnings.

So why is Social Blade the best YouTube earning site for any channel? The reason is that the channel information disclosure website provides an approximate percentage of the profits achieved by the channels, but it makes a very big mistake, which is that it does not differentiate between the channels that make profits and those that are not qualified to make a profit.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Social Blade site to know the profits of YouTube?

A site that revealed the profits of channels Social Blade has become relied upon by many people around the world without their knowledge of the truth. The site is a failure in terms of providing profits, and it can only offer you an estimated percentage according to the site’s estimate of the number of subscribers, interactions and views.

For example, Hisham Hashem's profits in February are $949, but the site tells you my profits are between $344 and $2,300.

For example, Hisham Hashem's profits per year are $12.763, but the site tells you my profits range between $2,700 and $27,600.

Disadvantages of Social Blade:

  • Not revealing the profits of the monthly channels
  • Non-disclosure of annual channel profits.
  • It does not differentiate between eligible and non-profitable YouTube channel.

Social Blade Features:

  • Reveal the number of views from the beginning of the creation of the channel.
  •  The number of subscribers to the channel.
  • The number of videos uploaded to the channel.
  • Channel specialization type.
  • He revealed the first day the channel was created.
  • Detect channel country.

This site provides all the information about the channel, but depends on its inability to reveal the reality of the channel's profits, meaning it has a good side to knowing the channel, and a bad side to knowing the channel's profits.

Working on the site is very easy and does not require experience.

You will find the site's search engine, put the channel link or channel name, and start the process of revealing the channel information.

Answer some questions

- Is Social Blade honest in revealing channel profits? Of course not, because YouTube will not allow it.

- Is there a site that can learn about YouTube earnings? No, there is no website.

- Does he rely on it to identify the type of successful content? It does not depend on the type of successful content.

- Is it reliable to know about profitable channels and vice versa? This is not a specialty of this site, but depends on the experience of the content makers.

- This is what I can offer you on our site and I hope you like the lesson.
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